A report on the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey on 19th August 2023

Black Pearl
127 members sent 1,050 pigeons to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 08.45CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Black Pearl pedigree

First open and first CS section was a three year old on 1958mpm over 115 miles for Mr and Mrs Waterhouse of Bedhampton. The provisional 1st Section, 1st Open Guernsey National winner, is a Lambrect hen, now named Black Pearl. She was purchased as a baby from Elimar Pigeon Auctions. Black Pearl was raced from the young bird loft

1st open
Gilbert pedigree

Mark Gilbert of Windsor was second open and second CS section with a yearling on 1914mpm over a distance of 157 miles. Mark's winner has already won the federation this season and took fourth federation twice. It was raced on the widowhood system. 

Ken Wise of Isleworth timed a two year old on 1906mpm over 166 miles to take third open and third CS section. 

Mr & Mrs Cowper & Son

Mr and Mrs Cowper and Son of Cliffe Woods were fourth open and first ES section with a two year old on 1901mpm over 189 miles. The Cowpers timed a blue hen containing Flor Vervoort and Leo Van Rign bloodlines and sent sitting eighteen day eggs. 

Fifth open and fourth CS section was a three year old on 1896mpm over 162 miles for Vic Emberson of Banstead. 

J May and Son of Chichester clocked a four year old on 1861mpm over 119 miles to take sixth open and fifth CS section. 

John Cowlin

Seventh open and second ES section was a two year old hen on 1856mpm over 202 miles for John Cowlin of Hullbridge. Her sire was bred and raced by Frans Zwols winning 5 prizes for Frans before coming to stock at Formula 1 lofts where he is sire and g.sire of winners. He is a grandson of the Intel Smeulders cock and Truke. The dam was bred for stock and is direct from the Dream pair, who are responsible for 8 x1st nationals and 5 x 1st combines. (Prince of Rekkem and Dreamy) 

Lee Jackson

P Jackson and Son of Bromley timed a yearling on 1855mpm over a distance of 174 miles to take eighth open and third ES section. This dark chequer cock is a grandson of the fantastic racing cock Black Jack. It is bred down on the sire's side out of the last son of Black Jack, himself a grandson of Jos Thone SARS bloodlines. On the dam's side the pedigree is full of winning genes of The Outlaw Cock, 1st NFC Fougeres, the Sumo Lines of Jos Thone and Silent Lady, 1st BICC Guernsey.

Ninth open and fourth ES section was a two year old on 1846mpm over 201 miles for Fagg and Pullen of Canterbury. 

Completing the top ten and in sixth CS section are M and J Adcock and Son of Croydon with a three year old on 1843mpm over 170 miles. 

Around the sections 

Wojciech Blachut

Wojciech Blachut of Trowbridge was first WS section and eightieth open with a yearling on 1560mpm over 127 miles. Wojciech's section winner was a hen bred from Brian Sheppard's family of pigeons with his Polish friend's Robert and Patryk Sulkowski. 

Dave Fare

Dave Fare of Horfield was second WS section with a yearling on 1533mpm over 138 miles. Dave timed a dark cock containing Vandenabeele bloodlines from his good friend Rodney Horner. It is inbred to Shadow x a Veenstra hen purchased from now departed friend, Dickie Evans. It was sent to Guernsey sitting seven day eggs. 

John Halstead

John Halstead of Kington Magna was third WS section with a seven year old, dark chequer hen on 1471mpm over 103 miles. Winning the section in this same race last year, this hen has now gathered four x firsts (one in each of all the national organisations) in these any age races along with plenty of seconds and thirds. Her nest condition was sitting eggs for 15 days when basketed, and she had only moulted 3 flights. Primarily sprint bloodlines, she has Figo blood through the Vulcan hen on the dam's side, to a Bertels Corneel cock which was purchased at an auction in Tipton.

P Lane and Son of Wootton was the NC section winners and thirty-seventh open with a yearling on 1743mpm over 200 miles. This hen contained Kittle x Lambrecht bloodlines and was flown the full programme on roundabout before being changed to natural for Guernsey. 

Mellonby, Knowles and Simpkin of Bridlington were second NC section with a yearling on 1654mpm over 333 miles. 

K Johnson

Third NC section with a yearling on 1593mpm over 226 miles was K Johnson of Kings Bromley. This blue hen contains Heremans Ceusters; bloodlines, being a double grand-daughter of Premier Stud's Man O Chester when he was paired to Dark Delilah and Dark Redemption. Brothers and sisters have raced and scored this season. 

D & E Ball

D and E Ball of Eyke timed a yearling on 1785mpm over 249 miles to take first NE section and twenty-third open. The section winner was a blue cock containing GWP Macaloney x M and D Evans Vandenabeele bloodlines. 

Dave Downing with Roly Rix

David Downing of Suffolk was second NE section with a two year old on 1749mpm over 229 miles. Dave timed an ex-widowhood hen containing Hardy Kruger x Vandenabeele bloodlines.

Roly Rix of Newmarket was third NE section with a two year old on 1729mpm over a distance of 229 miles. Roly's hen contains Janssen x Vandenabeele bloodlines. Earlier in the season it was a widowhood hen and was then paired and sent to Guernsey sitting sixteen day eggs. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewkesbury were the NW section winners and sixty-second open with a two year old on 1632mpm over 173 miles. Trevor and John missed their first birds home and were alerted by their Benzing timing system. 

Mr & Mrs Lewis

Bill and Beryl Lewis of Kempsey timed a five year old on 1631mpm over 182 miles to take second NW section. The Lewis' chequer hen was racing home to hatching eggs. 

John Rodway

John Rodway of Rushwick was third NW section with a two year old on 1557mpm over 185 miles. John timed a blue hen that came into his loft as a stray youngster. It was sent sitting sixteen day eggs. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey. 

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