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A report on the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey on 10th September 2022

John Cowlin
748 pigeons went to Guernsey with the British International Championship Club. They were liberated at 10.07CEST. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.

John Cowlin of Hullbridge timed a yearling on 1339mpm over 202 miles to take first open and first ES section. John had two pigeons drop together and first on the clock is a grandchild of D'Artagian, Dream Girl 200, Tip Top Fran and Francein. This super hen was second open NFC the week before. Second on the clock was another hen, one that has many national prize cards to its name, often beaten by loftmates. It is bred from Burnham Queen when paired to a full brother of Queen of Coutances. 

David Coward-Talbot

David Coward-Talbott of Chelmsford timed a two year old on 1303mpm over a distance of 201 miles to take second open and second ES section. David's blue hen is bred from pigeons from Tony Derricott of Chesterfield and contains his Janssen based bloodlines. David timed a second bird containing the Sagan bloodlines of Patrick Boeckx. 

Fagg & Nicholas

Fagg and Nicholas of Hartlip were third open and third ES section with a yearling on 1282mpm over 188 miles. The partners timed a Frans Laereman bird, bred by Colin's son and daughter-in-law, Fagg and Pullen. Both the sire and dam of this cock are direct Frans Laeremans. 

Steve & Sally Rhodes

Mr and Mrs Rhodes of Aylesham were fourth open and fourth ES section with a yearling on 1277mpm over 203 miles. 

R and P Thomas of Benfleet clocked a yearling on 1266mpm over 197 miles to take fifth open and fifth ES section. 

Lance Gunn

Lance Gunn of Southwick was sixth open and first CS section with a two year old on 1262.3mpm over 138 miles. Lance's hen contains Van Den Bulck bloodlines and was bred by Bob Fenech. 

M Symonds of Rochford was seventh open and sixth ES section with a yearling on 1262.1mpm over a distance of 203 miles. 

Freddie Hadley & Family

Freddie Hadley and Family of Leigh on Sea timed a yearling on 1258mpm over 200 miles to take eighth open and seventh ES section. Freddie's timer was blue hen, no 49 bred by Mr and Mrs May of West Ashling. As a youngster in 2021 it topped the Thames and North-Eastern Counties FC from Holmsley amongst other positions. This year it has been a consistent racer and just two weeks ago was provisionally eighth open in the National Flying Club race from Coutances. 

Mr and Mrs Hume of Rochford were ninth open and eighth ES section with a three year old on 1249mpm over 203 miles. 

Completing the top ten and in ninth ES section is Alan Annis and Son of Wingham with a two year old on 1245mpm over 207 miles. 

Around the sections 

Danny Seedwell & daughter, Connie

Daniel Seedwell of Feltham was second CS section with a yearling hen on 1206mpm over 164 miles. Racing to a large squeaker, this hen was bred by Malik and Khan of Ace Lofts and the sire is beauty Boy, a direct son of Rik Herman's Beautify. The dam is Serena, a co-bred hen with Ace Lofts and Koen Minderhoud, from his Champion Geeloger. 

Ken Wise

Ken Wise of Isleworth timed a three year old on 1185mpm over 166 miles to take third CS section. Ken's winner was bred by his friend Brian Murray. The sire came from Syndicate Lofts and is from a son of Glyndwr x Hildy. The dam is a Janssen de Klak bred off Geoff Kirkland stock. 

John Halstead

John Halstead of Kington Magna was first WS section and 40th open with a four year old on 994mpm over 103 miles. This chequer hen is a grand-daughter of Nyland Ashley and was racing back to an eight day old squeaker. 

J Thompson of Bristol clocked a two year old on 588mpm over 140 miles to take second WS section. 

Philip Boden of Frome was third WS section with a yearling on 475mpm over 120 miles. 

Kevin & Lauren Grace

Kevin and Lauren Grace of Kneesworth were first NC section and 35th open with a yearling on 1019mpm over 208 miles. Their first two home were both bred out of J and K Jellema pigeons. 

Gary Downing

Gary Downing of Smethwick timed a yearling on 922mpm over 207 miles to take second NC section. Gary timed a Janssen x Van Loon, the sire of which has bred previous winners. The dam was out of Gary's Fougeres winner, when paired back to her own father. 

Martin Wright's pigeon

M Wright and Son from Barton Seagrave were third NC section with a four year old on 727mpm over a distance of 215 miles. Martin timed a pigeon bred by Robbie Harris of Kent from his distance bloodlines. 

Dennis Ball

D and E Ball of Eyke timed a yearling on 1183mpm over 249 miles to take first NE section and 17th open. Dennis' winner is a Vandenabeele bred from the best Macaloney and Jimmy Jackson bloodlines. 

Brian Pearce

Brian Pearce of Assington was second NE section with a yearling on 1095mpm over a distance of 227 miles. Brian's red pied hen was bred from a pair of Phil Masters' Staf Van Reets. 

Chapman & Eastoe

Chapman and Eastoe of Great Yarmouth were third NE section with a four year old on 1082mpm over 286 miles. Glen's blue hen was bred from a pair of Ray Forbes stock birds gifted to him by fellow clubmate, Nigel Rivatt. 

Team Aurel

Team Aurel of Ironbridge was first NW section and 57th open with a yearling on 892mpm over 217 miles. The sire of Aurel's winner came from Sorin Florea and contains the long distance Barcelona bloodlines of Etterbak (Debusschere Roger). The dam is Silkerose, from Mark Gilbert, from a son of Zwart Goud when paired to a daughter of Zeus. 

Bill & Beryl Lewis

Mr and Mrs Lewis of Kempsey were second NW section on 876mpm over 182 miles. Bill and Beryl's first two in the clock were both bred from Freelands Gem. 

Booth & Roper

Booth and Roper of Tewksbury clocked a four year old on 791mpm over 174 miles to take third NW section. Trevor and John's chequer hen was bred from their Jan Aarden and Brian Sheppard bloodlines. 

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the British International Championship Club any age race from Guernsey.