A report on the British Barcelona Club race from Wadebridge on 15th May 2021

132 members sent 1,590 pigeons to Wadebridge with the British Barcelona Club, They were liberated at 09.45CEST into a west, south-westerly wind. The following is a report on the provisional result based on members' verifications.
Phil Newton, Steve Dickinson & John Harris

S Dickinson and P Newton of Weston Super Mare timed three pigeons in the top ten to take first, sixth and eighth open, first, third and fifth section C. The winning velocity was 1870ypm. First on the clock was a yearling, named Hillend Express, purchased from P and D Racing Stud in the Midlands. It was flown on the chaos system and as a youngster was raced as far as Truro. The partners' second pigeon, on 1836ypm was a two year old and their third, a yearling was on 1782ypm. Steve Dickinson does the majority of the birds' training whilst his father in law is in charge of cleaning out the lofts. Phil Newton breeds the youngsters and prepares the food, which is purchased as straight grains from local farmers. 

Mike Staddon

Mike Staddon of Crewkerne also timed three pigeons to take second, third and fourth open, first, second and third section B. All three were yearlings and they recorded velocities of 1848.6, 1848.3 and 1846.6ypms respectively. The second open winner is a Van Den Bulck bred by Mike's good friend Richard Goodier of Exeter. The next two to arrive were two sisters from Mike's own family of Marcel Aelbrect bloodlines. All Mike's pigeons are flown on pure widowhood. 

Steve Bennett

S Bennett of Bristol was fifth, seventh, tenth and eleventh open, second, fourth, sixth and seventh section C. First to time was a consistent hen on 1846.4ypm, and raced on the chaos system. She contains Gerritt bloodlines, originating from Nigel Templar and Mel Mayo, which have bred many winners for Steve and others. Next to time on 1804ypm was another three year old, this was a gift bird from Steve Hughes of Swindon and contains his Bosua 26 bloodlines. Tenth and eleventh open were both two year olds on 1773 and 1772ypm. 

Mel & Sue King

Mel and Sue King of Blandford Forum were eighth open, fourth section B with a two year old on 1778ypm. The partners timed a pigeon from their Vandenabeele based family, a half brother to their BICC Le Mans winner. 


Chris Lake

Chris Lake of Poole was twelfth open with a blue hen on 1764.2ypm and raced on the roundabout system. It is bred from a family of Janssens that Chris has had for many years and was raced on roundabout.

John Halstead

John Halstead of Gillingham was thirteenth open and sixth section B on 1764ypm. John timed a two year old Kees Bosua widowhood cock on its first race of the season. The grandsire is responsible for many winners. 

Phil Newton

Phil Newton of Weston Super Mare clocked a yearling blue cock on 1763ypm to take fourteen open and eighth section C. It was raced on the natural system and sent driving to nest. 

Wyatt & Gray's hen

Wyatt and Gray of Nailsea were fifteenth open and ninth section C. The partners timed a two year old hen on 1761ypm. 

Around the sections

Rod & Ang Berry

Berry and Matthews of New Milton were first and second section A on 1744 and 1733ypm respectively. First on the clock was a yearling, followed by a two year old. The section winner is now named Mary and is a great grand-daughter of Pitbull, whilst the second section winner is bred down from Scar from their Van Den Bosch family. 

Rob Jones, Jamie Wells & Jamie-Joe

Bartlett, Jones and Wells of Southampton were third section A with a yearling on 1723ypm. Rob and Jamie timed a smoky blue hen flown on a race system they call natural-hood. They sent eight hens and had them all on the day. 

Roger Lowe

Roger Lowe of Reading timed a yearling on 1546ypm to take first section D. The section winner contains My Little Diamond and Jan Hooymans' Harry bloodlines. The sire of this hen is the last offspring of My Little Diamond, which passed away recently. 

Dennis Baker

Dennis Baker of Maidenhead was second section D with a two year old cock on 1634ypm. This cock is a grandson of Main Man and Champ, whilst the grandams are a daughter of Che and a grand-daughter of Harry. 

Tony Welch

The section G winners were Mr and Mrs Welch of Chichester with a four year old on 1663ypm. The section winner was bred from Tony and Carol's old distance pigeons with a Janssen cross. 

Andy Richardson

A Richardson of Seaford timed a four year old cock on 1639ypm to take second section G. Bred from Andy's own family of pigeons, this cock was flown on the roundabout system and has previous prize cards in club and federation. 

Mark Bulled & Sharon

Mark Bulled of Harlow was first section J with a two year old, widowhood hen on 1352ypm. The sire was bought from Ray Hammond and contains Tarbes winning bloodlines. 

Micky Sontag & Bernie Whitbread

Sontag and Son of Harlow clocked a two year old on 1298ypm to take second section J. Micky timed a widowhood hen, inbred to Champion Legacy and Paddy, the NFC certificate of merit winner. 

That concludes the report on the British Barcelona Club race from Wadebridge.