„Repeat“ – Hardy Krüger his pigeons strike again

At the start of the OLR season, all eyes are on this legendary fancier. Every OLR, the name Hardy Krüger can be found in the winners' pedigrees.

It almost seems as if the 'repeat' button is pressed, as his pigeons perform time and time again. Black Pearl, Black Power, Blue Sky, Letizia, Black Energy...the list of parents from athletes who performed better than their competition is long. Also at the Europa Masters OLR Winter Race you will find the names of renowned Krüger breeders in the pedigrees of winners and ace pigeons. 

The runner-up in the Final (509km) is "Kris Mohikan". Her (half) brothers and sisters managed to win 38th Final SAMDPR 2017 and 77th Grand Average SAMDPR 2018. The father of this hen won 33rd Final Algarve Golden Race 2018. 

Her mother has ringband number "RO-20-362247" and is a full sister of "Miss Kriss", 6th Final SAMDPR 2019. Both hens descend from the black blood of Rommerskirchen of Hardy  Krüger. The father, named "Super Hardy" by the Dobrevi family, is a descendant of "Nikolay" from Hardy, who in turn was bred from "Black Pearl" x "Letizia". The OLR specialists know that the offspring from Black Power (father Black Pearl) are tough competition on every race. Beating these pigeons is near impossible! 

"Super Hardy" finished as 43rd Final Algarve 2017. He is not only the father of "Miss Kriss", but also the winner of 19th Hot Spot Averages SAMDPR 2019. 

It would be surprising not to find the Krüger bloodlines in the Top 10 of an OLR Final. The 5th Final Europa Masters Winter Race was also a descendant from the German elite loft. Again, the cross "Black Pearl" x "Letizia" forms the basis to this pigeon's winning potential. The father of "Miss Hardy Kriss" is also bred from "Super Hardy". This bloodline once again proved its class at the Europa Masters OLR Winter Race 2022/2023. 

As the offspring of "Super Hardy" are very promising, the other sister of "Miss Hardy Kriss" also competed in this OLR. This was also a great success. With the 11th place in the Final, "Hardy Miss Kriss" was added to the list of successful Black Pearl descendants. If you know that the Krüger pigeons are a fair bet in an OLR, why not send an extra athlete? The results of "Oklahoma Kriss" are impressive too: 

  • 68th Final
  • 8th Semi-final (422km)
  • 8th Hot Spot 3 (248km) 

The grandmother on father's side (AU-17-1728) is a hen bred from a son of "Black Power". She is also mother of 85th Golden Algarve against 2,123 pigeons. Another highlight was achieved by "Special Kriss". This strong hen took the 1st Prize in the "XTRA-Race" across 620km. After this race she became 2nd Ace Pigeon. In the Final she took 55th place. In the Semi-final she already showed her potential with an impressive 10th place. Of course, her father is "Super Hardy". 

With fanciers across the continent putting their faith in Hardy's pigeons, his name can also be found in the pedigree of another participant. The "Wing to Fly" team won 6th Final with their "Euro Champ". Furthermore, this hen became 10th Ace pigeon. She also won 28th Semi-final, and thereby scored the necessary points for the ace pigeon competition. The grandmother on mother's side is bred from "Blue Sky" x "Miss Black". Those who have heard of "Miss Black", may know she is on of the best OLR breeders ever. 

The team "Petar & Karil Raponski" also put their faith in the Krüger pigeons. The first ace hen "Hardy Ace" illustrates the typical Krüger pigeon. Consistency, toughness and speed. The father of this ace hen was bred from "Black Energy" x "Black Sun". "Black Energy" (son Black Power) and "Black Sun" *daughter Black Pearl) are also parents of the 2nd Ace Pigeon Sofia OLR 2020. 

With a 14th Final, 13th Semi-final and 11th Hot Spot 4 (320km) these are all results which add to the success story of this black hen. 

Bader Al Sanafi has one of the fastest pigeons from the Pattaya OLR with his hen "KT-22-1166754". She became "2nd Best pigeon across Hot Spot 2, 3, 4 and the Final". Moreover, she was 8th Best pigeon across Hot Spot 3, 4 and the Final." The genes from the German breeding loft are also in her pedigree. Again, the father from this star was bred from the cross "Black Energy" x "Black Sun. Another descendant from this top pair to be added to the list of Ace Pigeons!  

"Repeat" - Which successes are still to come from this fantastic pigeon stock?