Rens van der Zijde, Lex Udo, Steef Duijn - (NL)

Three pigeon friends race the stars of the heaven in North Holland with mostly the same sort of pigeons. I had arranged to spend a day with these three toppers at the family home of Udo in Heiloo, to talk about our joint hobby.

I will firstly briefly introduce these toppers to you.ens van der Zijde (61), lives in Anna Paulowna, which lies about 15km from Den Helder, was this year a.o. 5th national champion Middle Distance.
Rens has roughly 15 metres of lofts available to him. The front of the lofts faces east-south-east. In the brooding lofts the pigeons stand on grids. The hens reside in pigeonholes with a grill at the front.
Rens is a member of P.V. Den Helder.
teef Duijn (67) lives in Heemskerk, a gardener’s village from origin, under the smoke of Hoogovens/Corus, now grown to a medium-sized town with almost 40.000 inhabitants. Heemskerk lies in Midden-Kennemerland halfway between Haarlem and Alkmaar.
e has a pigeon loft measuring 3,60m. by 2m. The loft is divided into two compartments fro 9 and 6 widowers respectively. He has also built a loft in his shed for the youngsters measuring 1,34m. wide and 2,25m. deep. Steef also has a small breeding loft with 6 brooding boxes (he can’t even stand up straight in this loft) and a widow hen loft measuring 1,80m. x 0,90 m. Between the breeding loft and the widow hen loft there is an open aviary measuring 2m. x 1,40m, where on alternate days the breeders or the hens can use.
Steef is a member of the P.V. de Vredesduif in Heemskerk.
(A)Lex Udo, (45), lives in Heiloo, a village in the region Kennemerland. Lex is an architectural project manager in a housing corporation in Amsterdam.
Lex has a racing loft measuring 6 metres in length and 2 metres deep, divided into 1 compartment measuring 1.80m. in width for 12 widowers, 1 compartment measuring 2.40 m. in breadth for the youngsters.
he racing loft has an open roof and a half open ceiling with a sliding roof. His breeding loft is 1.80m.wide and 2m. deep. It has an open wire mesh front and a flat roof.
A loft measuring 0.80m. in width and 2m. deep with 3 brooding compartments. There is also an aviary measuring 1.80m. in width and 1.80m. deep, in which the hens reside during the season. All the buildings have grids, under which cat litter has been placed. This cat litter is used because it can absorb a great deal of moisture. The cat litter, along with the pigeon droppings, is removed a few times per year.
Lex is a member of P.V. de Toekomst in Egmond-Binnen.

How this pigeon friendship began
In 1977 Steef stopped with the pigeon sport so that he could spend more time with his children. He kept three couples.
In the winter of 1977/1978 he received a call from a pigeon friend who told him that a young fancier from Den Helder had lost all his pigeons one foggy day. Steef gave the youngster his three couples to this unfortunate fancier: Rens van der Zijde.
That was the beginning of a friendship that has now lasted 30 years.
The six youngsters, which Rens had been given were all good pigeons and there was even a SUPER amongst them: the “47”. The “47” returned to the lofts of Steef when he was ten years old and he had various good pigeons with two SUPERS: the “61” and the “62”.
In 1990 Lex Udo asked Steef to select and couple his pigeons. Steef examined the pigeons from Lex and the result was that the majority went to the poulterer. From that moment on there arose a pigeon friendship with Lex Udo which is still going strong.
Pigeons from Steef regularly move to Heiloo and vice versa (always with a closed wallet).
Lex also came into contact with Rens via Steef and after he had helped Rens in moving his pigeon loft from Den Helder to Anna Paulowna, pigeons moved from Anna Paulowna to Heiloo.
The result of all this is that these three pigeon friends own great pigeons and all three achieve fantastic achievements with mainly the same sort of pigeons. In 2008 Rens and Lex together achieved 7x the 1st prize in the CC-North or district A from province 6 with descendants of the “Super pair”, formed by the NL01-1702607 and the NL02-1796474 from Rens van der Zijde!

These seven 1st prizes in big races were achieved by:

·    “Super Boy” 07-NL-1667705, this is a son of the “Superpair”
1st Peronne                against  610 pigeons in CC Noord
1st Morlincourt           against  479 pigeons in CC Noord
·    06-NL-2076330, this is a grandson of the “Superpair”
1st Nanteuil                against  1.383 pigeons in District A
·    07-NL-1670040, this is a granddaughter of the “Superpair”
1st Peronne                against 2.068 pigeons in District A
1st Peronne                against 2.057 pigeons in District A
·    07-NL-1670039, this is a granddaughter of the “Superpair”
1st Duffel                    against  2.686 pigeons in District A
·    08-NL-1392210, this is a grandson of the “Superpair”
1st Strombeek           against 628 pigeons in CC North

Stock building Rens van der ZIJDE
Rens has created a fantastic stock of pigeons with pigeons out the “UNO” from Raoul and Xavier Verstraete and pigeons from Ad Scharlaeckens out the “Sissy-line” (Mattens) x “superstar” (Maurice Voets). The “Superpair”, formed by “De Inteelt” and “Evita”, (both Ad Scharlaeckens) has produced a whole series of superior racers which have also turned out to be excellent breeders. In addition there also came pigeons directly from Ludo Claessens, Putte. The pigeons of Ludo Claessens crossed excellently and gave Rens countless top pigeons. The pigeons from these strains are easy to tell apart, because the strain Ludo Claessens are red and the strain Ad Scharlaeckens are blue. For the last few years he has a unique collection of his pigeons.

Stock building Lex UDO
Lex started with pigeons from Jan Apeldoorn, Gert and Cor Tervoort and Ben de Jonge, all from Egmond-Binnen. Via a job as a carpenter he came into contact with Steef Duijn in 1991.
They agreed that he would be paid for his work with late youngsters
In addition, Steef also selected his pigeons with the result being that most of the pigeons went to the poulterer. The loft was also altered on the advice of Steef. The various instructions of Steef ensured that the results improved every year.
Pigeons moved from Heemskerk to Heiloo every year.
The friendship between Steef and Lex became closer over the years.
In 1994 Lex came into contact with Ep van der Ark from Utrecht, who raced with pigeons of the strain P. Gijbels from Reusel. Via Ep  the “94-343” came to the loft, and this pigeon not only raced well, but coupled with a hen from Steef, produced excellent descendants. The hens “99-735” and “99-734” came from this couple.
The 99-735 was Ace pigeon Middle Distance in District 2 in 2000 and 2001 and in 2002 after the redevelopment of the districts in the province it was yet again Ace pigeon in district A.
In 2002 joint breeding was done with fellow club member Hans Zentveld. The hen 98-028 from Hans, with a.o. Wal Zoontjes-blood in the veins, was coupled with the aforementioned “94- 343”.
This coupling produced the “02-129”, which raced fantastically and later coupled with the “03-410” brought a.o. the 06-330 “Le Chimay” into the world, a real topper!
In 2003 Steef, always on the look out for reinforcements, obtained a hen via Ad Scharlaeckens where the father is “Son Limoges” from Wouters-Coremans and the mother is a daughter of the “Sissi” from Ad Scharlaeckens. This hen was coupled by Steef with a son of his “Super breeder 02”. The pigeons were brooding for the first time when disaster struck: the hen escaped and was never seen again.
Lex was able to place the eggs under a different couple and this gave him a young cock with a fantastic lineage, but much more importantly, a cock with  magnificent charisma and a beautiful character. He never raced this cock the “Jonge Voormiddag”, he went straight into the breeding loft.
In 2003 Rens moved to Den Helderto Anna Paulowna and his friend Steef was appointed coordinator to ensure that the transfer of the lofts went smoothly. Lex was also asked to assist.

After the move he was given three youngsters to take home, wherefrom two had already been let out by Rens in Den Helder and therefore were directly placed in Lex’s breeding loft.
The three youngsters were: two daughters of his “Late Lange Vos” ( Ludo Claessens ) X “Daughter UNO Hen” ( R and X Verstraete ), the 03-449 and the 03-429 “Special”. The third 03-410 “Excellentia” is a hen who is a child of his “Superpair”.
Rens gave Lex from the best that he had!
Coupled with the aforementioned “Jonge Voormiddag”, the 03-429 “Special” produced the 04-208 “Lia”. This hen raced a first prize six times in a short space of time.
Two years later the same coupling produced the 06-310 “La Morlincourt”, the 1st Morlincourt in Province 6 North-Holland against 9.843 pigeons!
Recently another son of the “Late Lange Vos” has been placed in his breeding loft.
This time he was coupled by Rens with another pure Claessens: “Schoon Blauw 23”. A fantastic soft feathered pigeon with a fine build.
In the summer of 2004 Lex van Steef obtained the 04-356 “Ultimo”, who is a grandchild of the hen 97-415 from Steef, who is also a child of the “Late Lange Vos”. This hen is mother of more than 10 different first prize winners, a super breeder then.
The 04-356 “Ultimo”, coupled with a daughter of the “02-129”, is amongst other things, father of the 05-204 “Malou” and 05-205 “Lieke”. Two sisters with a fantastic honours list. In total, 4 children of “Ultimo” have won the first prize in the club 10 times and 17 times by the first 15 in the  District against an average of 2.800 pigeons!

Stock building Steef DUIJN
After the start in 1947 with a few pigeons he had been given and which had been raced with varying success, in the second half of the fifties a couple of pigeons were bought from Ko Nipius in Middelharnis. Steef took the train to – for him anyway – another part of the world. A hen from the “oude vetje” x the “14” (the pigeon that was bought from a colleague of his father for fl. 2,50) produced a number of handsome sons.
Starting in 1972 pigeons were regularly bought from Albert van der Flaes in the Belgian Ravels. After this, the first real success started happening.
At the beginning of 1978 Steef first met Rens van der Zijde, who gave him 6 youngsters. These included a super pigeon: the “47”.
When he was ten years old, the “47” returned to his loft and bred several good pigeons including even two real supers: the “61” and the “62”.
For a variety of reasons, Steef sold all of his pigeons in November 1992. The most important reason was that he had started his own company in1992 and this demanded all of his attention. He missed his pigeons so much that  here and there he retrieved a few pigeons or asked for a few youngsters of own sort. A loft of pigeons was gradually built up.
In 1997 Rens gave him a couple of eggs from the “24 Lange late Vos” x “10 Verstraete-hen”.
A very good cock was produced from these eggs, the NL-97-1346416, and a super hen, the NL-97-1346415. This “415” is possibly the best pigeon that the Lange Late Vos has produced. She was the mother of more than 10 first prize winners, the grandmother of multiple first prize winners and the great grandmother of several first prize winners.
The unbelievable happened: in 1998 Steef was – thanks to the “415” and the “416” – general champion of his club and ten years later he was still general champion.
In the meantime he had discovered that the material (the “415“ and the “416” out the Lange Late Vos X “10” Verstraete) crossed very well with his old sort from der Flaes, that is best represented in his “Rooie Joop”- line.
In the seventies and eighties a number of fancier raced really well with his pigeons. These included Joh. Langes, who bred a super in 1981, the NL-81-136769. Out this “769” x a hen from G. Braam, from origin also a pigeon of the strain of Steef, one good pigeon after anther was produced. Starting in1988 Steef obtained a pigeon from this couple every year. One of these, the NL-88-1577425 “ROOIE JOOP”, was a super. He raced various top prizes, including 2x a first in the province.
In 1990 Steef bought a voucher in the North-Holland championship day and in exchange for this voucher he was given two youngsters from Piet van Diemen, including the NL-90-2825873 “van Diemen-hen”. In the 9 races that this pigeon raced she was by the first 19 prize winners in the district 7 times.
He coupled the “Rooie Joop” with the “873” and a fellow club member bought the eggs from which the “Witoog” and the “Geeloog” were born. This fellow club member had done nothing in the races up until that time, but two years later  he was general champion. Brothers of the “873” had in the meantime moved from Piet van Diemen to Rinus van Bohemen, a great racer for many years.
In 1998 Steef asked him to joint breed with one of these brothers (the NL-92-2768999 ) and a full sister of the “Rooie Joop”, the NL-90-2266652. They divided the youngsters and Steef got the NL-98-2590343, who was coupled by Steef with the NL-97-1346415 (First Red) and that has brought him a great deal of success.
The best youngster from this coupling was the NL-00-1814902 (“Super “02”).
As a youngster this cock raced two first prizes and a few years later the counter stranded at nine first prizes. He was then moved to the breeding loft where he is one of the flag-bearers and father of various first prize winners.
In 2000 Rens gave him the NL-00-1785960 (Brother “86”), a brother of his famous NL-97-5730686 (“Goede Zwarte”).
These cocks were a result of coupling son ”UNO” Verstraete x daughter “DE JUF” from Ludo Claessens.
In 2002 he coupled the “60” x ”15 First Red”. This coupling produced a.o. the NL-02-1489694 “BIG MAMMA”, who he coupled in 2003 with the NL-99-2193154 (“STEEF”), a very good racer which was moved to the breeding loft in 2003. This coupling produces good to super good pigeons, so as the NL-03-2288616:

·    Ace pigeon youngsters P.V. de Vredesduif in 2003.
·    Ace pigeon old birds P.V. de Vredesduif in 2004.
·    Ace pigeon middle distance District B province 6 in 2004
·    Ace pigeon old birds District B province 6 in 2004.
·    Ace pigeon old birds P.V. de Vredesduif in 2007.
·    Ace pigeon old birds district B province 6 old birds 2007.
The NL-04-1916356 is also a son of this coupling. By Lex UDO he became the father of the NL-05-1237205 (“Lieke”) and her nest sister the NL-05-1237204. Two super hens that have already won a 1st prize in district A from province 6 three times and further many top prizes. The ‘205 (“Lieke”) was mother of a.o. NL-08-306, who won the 1st prize in District A of province 6 from Peronne against 2.685 pigeons.
The NL-05-1260558 is also a son of “Steef x Big Mamma ”. In the meantime this cock has won 4x the first prize and his son (NL-08-1417904) began the youngsters races this year with a 1st prize from Meer against 393 pigeons and 8th against 3.436 pigeons.
The NL-07-1693853 is the last son from this coupling at the moment. Coupled with NL-01-1731191 (“Madame”) he produced this year the NL-08-1417929. She was the winner of the race from Chimay against 283 youngsters and 10th against 2.212 pigeons.
Steef has always bed specifically so that there is always 12,5 % of the “Rooie Joop” in his pigeons, because he finds that this introduction means that the pigeons perform more constant.

Top pigeons from Rens van der ZIJDE in 2008
·  Mr. Blois 05-NL-1235742
This blue cock stems from real super pigeons: his father is the super breeder “Late Lange Vos” (sort Ludo Claessens), who is father of 12 different first prize winners.
Descendants of the “Late Lange Vos” have won more than 100 pure first prizes, so without doubles.
“Late Lange Vos”, who died in July of this year, had as father “Voske 54”, stock pigeon of Ludo Claessens and father of a.o.: “Voske 88” 1st Chateauroux, “Vos 91” 1st Chateauroux and ”Dream” 1st national Orleans.
The mother of “Late Lange Vos” is: “Dik Licht”, stock pigeon of Ludo Claessens and grandmother of:
*1st National Orleans 1991
*1st National Orleans 1993
*1st National Orleans 1995
*1st National Orleans 2002
The mother of “Mr. Blois” is the “Creil Hen”, who has as father the “Creil
man “from Ad Scharlaeckens. This “Creil Man” is the best and most famous son of his super couple “Mattens x Sissi”. It is almost unbelievable what this super couple have brought into the world!
The mother of the “Creil Hen” is the super breeding hen “Beauty”.
The best half-brothers and half sister of the “Creil Hen” are, Ace Four 5660145, Mr. Blois 2067230 and Supertje 5660144.
Mr. Blois races the 1-day long distance with an over race of 60 km.
In 2007 Mr. Blois raced a.o.:
Blois               13th      against  6.637 pigeons             velocity 1318 mpm.
In 2008 Mr. Blois raced a.o..:
Blois               16th      against 999 pigeons
Ablis               29th      against 13.063 pigeons            velocity 1109 mpm.
Bourges         35th      against  6.288 pigeons             velocity 1054 mpm.
Out the “Creil Hen” (mother of Mr. Blois) the comb. W. and F. Ebben have the
98-NL-2331508, a cock, who is now father and grandfather of 20
first prize winners.
A youngster out Mr. Blois, the 08-NL-1392228, raced a first prize this year from
Nijvel against 138 pigeons and a 9th against 1.664 pigeons.

·  Super Boy 07-NL-1667705
Super Boy was bred out the “Superpair” (“De Inteelt” x “Evita”).
This couple is a.o. the parents of:
*  02-NL-1460626:
1st Bergen op Zoom            against 759 pigeons
1st Houdeng                          against 357 pigeons
*  04-NL-1892331:
1st Strombeek                      against 817 pigeons
1st Orleans                            against 220 pigeons
* 07-NL-1667705:
1st Peronne                           against 610 pigeons
1st Strombeek                      against 510 pigeons
1st Morlincourt                       against 479 pigeons
This couple is a.o. grandparents of:
*   1st Chimay           against  3.827 pigeons
*   1st Duffel               against  2.686 pigeons
*   1st Peronne          against  2.279 pigeons
*   1st Peronne          against  2.204 pigeons
*   1st Hasselt            against  2.180 pigeons
*   1st Morlincourt    against 2.130 pigeons
*   1st Peronne          against  2.068 pigeons
*   1st Peronne          against  2.057 pigeons
*  1st Nanteuil           against  1.383 pigeons

“Super Boy” raced self in 2008 a.o.:
Peronne         1st   against  610 pigeons in CCN with a 3 minute lead!
3rd   against  2.057 pigeons in District A
12th  against 11.533 pigeons in province 6
Morlincourt     1st  against  479 pigeons and a 6 minute lead!
8th  against 1.636 pigeons
* 08-NL-1392233
In 2007 Rens bought the 05-NL-0526058 “Sister Kleintje 22” from Ludo Claessens, which comes out the “Blue 91” and the “Blauwke 33” from Ludo Claessens.
The “Blue 91” is a magnificent breeder and raced self a.o.:
1st Peronne    against 2.173 pigeons
1st Arlon         against 2.518 pigeons
2nd Peronne    against 2.013 pigeons

“Blauwke 33” is a full sister of the 00-0077696, who raced a.o.:
1st Arlon         against 2.518 pigeons
1st Peronne     against 1.972 pigeons
2nd Chantilly    against 8.095 pigeons
3rd Peronne     against 2.013 pigeons
4th Arlon         against 2.399 pigeons
6th Orleans      against 3.078 pigeons
6th Hensies      against 1.404 pigeons
7th Chateauroux   against 9.049 pigeons

”Kleintje 22” raced a.o.:
1st Creil      against 7.031 pigeons
1st Etampes against 4.947 pigeons
1st Houdeng against 3.383 pigeons
1st Creil       against 2.263 pigeons
2nd Creil      against 3.984 pigeons
4th Arlon      against 2.484 pigeons
4th Creil      against 1.832 pigeons
5th Chantilly    against 2.383 pigeons
16th Arlon       against 9.072 pigeons
At local level this pigeon won no less than 11x a 1st prize.
In 2008 for the first time Rens bred pigeons from “Sister Kleintje 22” and one of these, the 08-NL-1392233, raced a.o. a 1st Chimay against 1.175 pigeons and a 4th Peronne against 1.018 pigeons.

Top pigeons of the last few years from Lex UDO

·  “Lieke” 05-NL-1237205
“Lieke” is a blue band hen with as father “Ultimo” (Steef Duijn), who has as parents: “Steef” and “Big Mamma”. Her mother is: “Miss Marvin”, who comes out pigeons of the strains Comb. Hardeman/ E. van de Ark, H. Zentveld and M. Tromp (sort Steef Duijn).
“Miss Marvin” was a real crack with a.o. the following performances:
Morlincourt    4tth    against  1.896 pigeons
Peronne         4th     against  2.279 pigeons
Houdeng        5th     against  2.752 pigeons

Duffel             9th    against  2.619 pigeons
Chimay          12th    against  4.759 pigeons
Meer              14th   against  4.496 pigeons
Strombeek    20th     against  5.086 pigeons
Kapellen        24th     against  2.977 pigeons
Peronne         24th    against  2.204 pigeons

“Lieke” self raced:
Chimay          1st        against  3.134 pigeons
Morlincourt    1st        against  1.869 pigeons
Strombeek    7th        against  4.081 pigeons
Nijvel              8th        against  4.129 pigeons
Strepy Thieu  8th        against  3.699 pigeons
Strepy Thieu  10th      against  1.339 pigeons
Peronne         12th      against  2.404 pigeons
Strombeek    14th      against  5.086 pigeons
Nijvel              21st      against  1.909 pigeons
Peronne         25th      against  3.140 pigeons
Peronne         30th      against  1.731 pigeons
·    06-NL-2076330
This son out “Marvin” x “Excellentia” is possibly the best racing pigeon in the loft of Lex.
The “330” delivered a.o. the following performances.
Chimay          1st         against 268 pigeons
1st        against  3.827 pigeons
15th      against  22.183 pigeons
Hasselt          1st        against  232 pigeons
1st        against  2.180 pigeons           
18th      against  13.059 pigeons
Nanteuil         1st        against  99 pigeons
1st        against  1.383 pigeons
16th      against  8.689 pigeons
Strombeek     1st        against  343 pigeons
2nd        against  4.081 pigeons
3rd        against  23.935 pigeons
Meer              1st        against  235 pigeons
7th        against  3.682 pigeons
9th        against  22.020 pigeons
Chantilly         1st *      against  201 pigeons
16th      against 1.642 pigeons
Meer              2nd        against  339 pigeons
Morlincourt    2nd        against  194 pigeons
6th        against  2.175 pigeons
Meer              2nd        against  339 pigeons
Peronne          3th        against  149 pigeons
20th      against  1.827 pigeons
Strombeek      4th        against  329 pigeons
13th      against  4.114 pigeons
34th      against  22.857 pigeons
Duffel            5th        against  365 pigeons
15th      against  4.448 pigeons
45th      against  24.806 pigeons
* after loft companion.
2nd Ace pigeon total District A province 6 in 2007
3rd Ace pigeon total District A province 6 in 2008

·    08-NL-1394340
This hen has as father “Le Chimay”, a grandchild of the “Superpair” from Rens van der Zijde.
The “340” raced as a youngster:
Duffel           7th        against  343 pigeons
Peronne        15th      against  266 pigeons
45th      against  2.685 pigeons
Morlincourt   2nd        against  244 pigeons
30th      against  2.205 pigeons
69th      against  12.932 pigeons
Bergen op Zoom  12nd     against  269 pigeons
69th     against  3.683 pigeons
Ablis                  3rd        against  32 pigeons
4th        against  463 pigeons
Strombeek         7th        against  134 pigeons
8th        against  2.125 pigeons
55th      against  15.150 pigeons

Top pigeons of the last few years from Steef DUIJN
·   “Widower” NL-03-2288616
This blue-white pen cock has as father the “Steef” (99NL2193154) out “Blue Moonen” (100% Nellis van de Pol) x the stock hen from Steef the “Fijne”, half-sister of “Rooie Joop”. As mother he has “Big Mamma” (02NL1489694) and she is of het sort from Rens van der Zijde. In her lineage we see famous names as “Son UNO” (Raoul and Xavier Verstraete), “Schoon Laat” (Ludo Claessens), “Late Lange Vos” (Ludo Claessens), “Daughter UNO” (Raoul and Xavier Verstraete) and “First Red”.
“Widower” raced a.o.:

1st Meer            against 499 pigeons and 4th against 4.052 pigeons.
1st Peronne        against  257 pigeons and 18th against 1959 pigeons
1st Chantilly       against  178 pigeons and also 1st against 1.464 pigeons
1st Montluçon     against  80 pigeons and 10th against 909 pigeons
1st Mülheim        against  130 pigeons and 5th against 986 pigeons
1st Morlincourt    against  162 pigeons and 16th against 1833 pigeons
2nd Chimay         against  529 pigeons and 21st against 4481 pigeons
2nd Peronne        against  252 pigeons and 30th against 1800 pigeons
1* Peronne           against 217 pigeons and 34th against 1810 pigeons
1* Chimay             against  428 pigeons and 17th against 3374 pigeons
2nd Morlincourt     against  169 pigeons and 53rd against1927 pigeons
2nd Baden-Baden   against  174 pigeons and 17th against 1221 pigeons
1* Strombeek         against  486 pigeons and 85th against 4165 pigeons
3rd Strombeek       against  473 pigeons and 47th against 4947 pigeons
* after loft companion.
·    “Father Cuore” NL-03-2288632
This slate white pen cock has as father “Bonte Scharlaeckens”, a brother of the NL-93-1059834, who a.o. raced the following prizes:
St. Quentin    1st   against  3.402 pigeons
St. Quentin    1st   against  1.306 pigeons
St. Ghislain    1st   against  1.163 pigeons
Creil              1st    against  1.038 pigeons           
He has as mother a hen out the “69” (father Rooie Joop) from Joh. Langes.
“Father Cuore” raced as a youngster:
1st Strombeek    against  473 pigeons and also 2nd against 13.804 pigeons
1st Peronne        against  344 pigeons and also 44th against 17.934 pigeons
·    “CUORE” NL-04-1916320
This slate white cock has as father the above mentioned: “Father Cuore”.
The mother of “Cuore” is the NL-03-22886245, who in turn stems from “Rens” (out UNO Rens x Daughter Creilman)  X  “Yellow Eye” (out the “16” brother First Red x the “Koopman hen).
“CUORE” achieved a.o. the following magnificent prizes.
Charleville     1st        against 377 pigeons
1st        against 3.244 pigeons
3rd        against  19.861 pigeons
Meer             1st        against  388 pigeons
Duffel           1st  *      against  216 pigeons
Meer      1st       against  357 pigeons
19th      against  21.459 pigeons
Chimay  1st        against  428 pigeons
Peronne  1st        against  318 pigeons
27th      against 12.380 pigeons
Morlincourt  1st    against  175 pigeons
15th  against  10.031 pigeons
Meer            1st   against  410 pigeons
31st   against  27.750 pigeons
Meer           1st    against  377 pigeons
26th   against  23.897 pigeons
Strombeek    83rd  against  27.973 pigeons

Teletext notations Rens van der ZIJDE
5th Orleans 2001 against 14.385 pigeons
7th Bourges 2002 against 11.118 pigeons
1st Bourges 2003 against 8.994 pigeons
7th Orleans 2005 against 12.957 pigeons
9th Blois 2007 against 3.899 pigeons with the 05-1235742, son Late Lange Vos.

Teletext notations Lex UDO
Morlincourt 2006 NPO-race youngsters:
1st against 9.843 pigeons with the 06-NL-2076310
5th against 9.843 pigeons with the 06-NL-2076308

Teletext notations Steef DUIJN
5th Tours 2003 against 6.502 pigeons with the NL-99-2193154 "Steef", good racing and super breeding cock, who is father of a.o. "Widower", the “56” (Lex Udo), the “58”  etc.
7th Bourges 2003 against 8.995 pigeons with the NL-02-1489676, son of the “416” ( nest mate of "First Red" ). The “416” also comes out the "Lange Late Vos".
3rd Charleville 2004 youngsters against 19.861 pigeons with the NL-04-1916320
“Cuore” (also car winner).
5th Peronne 2005 youngsters against 15.075 pigeons

Championships 2008 Rens van der ZIJDE
5th loft champion middle distance
Province 6 North-Holland
3rd loft champion middle distance
District A from province 6
1st Ace pigeon middle distance with 07-NL-1667753, a grandson of the “Late Lange Vos”.
The “753” raced a.o.:
·  Peronne   3rd   against  654 pigeons
12nd  against  2.068 pigeons
107th  against  12.370 pigeons
·  Peronne   9th   against  610 pigeons
15th   against 2.057 pigeons
32nd  against  11.533 pigeons
·        Nanteuil    4th        against  396 pigeons
25th      against  1.383 pigeons
CC North
1st loft champion middle distance not nominated
1st loft champion middle distance nominated
1st, 2nd and 9th Ace pigeon middle distance, all three of these champion pigeons are grandchildren of the “Late Lange Vos”.

Championships 2008 Lex UDO
Province 6 North-Holland
2nd middle distance not nominated
9th late races total
10th loft champion Late races (here is also the prize percentage taken into account)
District A from province 6
7th loft champion sprint nominated
1st loft champion middle distance not nominated
4th loft champion youngsters not nominated
1st loft champion late races not nominated
8th loft champion late races nominated
3rd Ace pigeon total with the 06-NL-2076330 “Le Chimay” (in 2007 he was 2nd Ace pigeon!)
6th Ace pigeon total with the 07-NL-1670003 Annabel (sister of Lieke)
9th Ace pigeon late races with the 08-NL-1394341
10th Ace pigeon late races with the 07-NL-1670001 (son Le Chimay)

Championships 2007 and 2008 Steef DUIJN
District B province 6
Sprint  9th   not nominated 1st nominated
Middle distance  15th  not nominated 3rd nominated
Extreme middle distance  11st not nominated   2nd nominated
Old birds   3rd   not nominated  1st nominated
Old birds and youngsters  4th   not nominated 3rd nominated
General  5th   not nominated  4th nominated
Ace pigeon old birds  1st with the NL-03-2288616 (Grandchild “415” "First Red").
3rd with the NL-06-2101070 (Grandchild “415” "First Red").
Province 6
Middle distance    15th (NPO scoring).
Extreme middle distance  14th (NPO scoring).
5th Loft champion Sprint.
4th Loft champion Middle distance.
In 2008 Steef raced in reserve because in 2007he lost his “51”from Mülheim, a cock that belonged to the top of the extreme middle distance pigeons in the Netherlands. After three years he stood in the long distance competition in 5th place.
The “620" "Cuore" was raced in reserve, because this marvellous pigeon was to be sold by PiPa . His very best pigeon, the "Widower" was no longer raced in the extreme middle distance.
District B province 6
Youngsters  7th not nominated   11st nominated

References Rens van der ZIJDE
In addition to Steef Duijn and Lex Udo, L. Hoffman from Den Helder raced excellently with the pigeons from Rens. The loft of L. Hoffman consists for 90% of pigeons of the strain of Rens. L. Hoffman was in 2006, 2007 and 2008 general champion of District A from province 6.

A. Tromp, Egmond-Binnen: obtained in 2000 two late youngsters: the “625” and the “626”. He bred a youngster from the “625” which in 2001 was 8th Pigeon champion youngsters WHZB  and 10th Ace pigeon youngsters WHZB.
In 2005 the “411”, a grandchild of the “626”, was 1st Pigeon champion late races WHZB.
This “411” was in 2004 and 2005 Ace pigeon general of  District A from province 6.
A child of the “411”, the 07-955 raced a 1st prize from Meer against 3.807 pigeons.
Out a son of “Lieke” x the “626” Arie Tromp bred the 07-959, who was 1st from Strombeek 1st against 4.114 pigeons and 2nd from Peronne against 2.057 pigeons.
Comb. Ed Zentveld – Hans van de Berg, Egmond-Binnen
J.A. Molenaar, Heiloo, obtained the 04-786 from Lex in 2004. This pigeon comes out the 99-703 "Solo" x the 03-449. The 03-449 is a daughter of "Late lange Vos" from Rens van der Zijde.
The descendants of this 04-786 made Molenaar 5th Middle distance champion of Province 6 in 2007.

References Steef DUIJN
The few pigeons that he gave away performed well by:
Lex Udo, Heiloo
Lou Hoffman, Den Helder
Jos Nijman, Heemskerk
G. Twaalfhoven, Uitgeest

I had a super afternoon with three very high-performing pigeon friends. It is not often that I have been allowed to hold such well-built pigeons. I have chosen to emphasise the top quality of the pigeons in this report and – it couldn’t be otherwise – their superior performances. therefore you will miss the usual subjects so as racing system, the feeding and the medical guidance in this report. What I can tell you about these subjects is that they are no different to the majority of champions.
These three pigeon friends have proved with their performances and championships that everything mainly depends on the quality of the pigeons.
Rens, Lex and Steef, I wish you all the best for the future.