Renowned ‘Geeloger’ of Koen Minderhoud (Koudekerke, NL) continues to gain status

Pigeon fanciers across The Netherlands were excited to hear about a new super class pigeon that had won two first prizes NPO and a provincial victory in a single season. Geeloger of Koen Minderhoud attracted a lot of attention, and many expected this champion to be sold to a foreign fancier for a lot of money.

It takes a lot of common sense to reject the many astounding offers. It takes a fancier who is very economical with his best pigeons. This makes him a true Dutchman, and it explains why so many fanciers interested in buying this pigeon had to return home empty handed. The grandmaster from Westkapelle who moved to Koudekerke, has been breeding great champions throughout his career, being well aware of the fact that selling your stock pigeons will not make you successful as a fancier. That is why he kept Geeloger in his loft in Zeeland, where he started a new career as a successful breeding pigeon.

Perhaps some of you have forgotten about the achievements of NL11-3014703 Geeloger in 2013, but allow us to refresh your memory:

      1st prov. Pithiviers     – 6,340 p. 2013
      1st NPO La Souterraine   – 3,077 p. 2013
      1st NPO Chateauroux      – 2,227 p. 2013
      3rd prov. Gien           – 3,824 p. 2013
      6th prov. Morlincourt    – 6,625 p. 2013

This palmares has allowed the blue cock to win the titles of 1st Ace Pigeon Allround in The Netherlands and 3rd International Ace Pigeon Allround in the 2013 Europe Cup. He owes his strength to the bloodlines of some exceptional pigeons. His sire is Gebroken Vleugel, winner of a 4th NPO and 7th provincial, and sire of Dagfond Duifje, 3rd provincial ace pigeon with 3 first prizes. The dam of Geeloger is Fransiska, a direct Albert Derwa and a full sister of Primo and De Zoon, in other words a direct daughter of the outstanding hen Paulien.

After all the celebrations and ceremonies were over, Geeloger had to play second fiddle for a while – you cannot expect a first year breeder to make headlines right away. Still, many insiders came by to inform about Koen’s crack pigeon. Jan Hooymans even brought along his 1st NPO winner Alexia (a sister of Harry and the dam of a 1st and 7th NPO winner for Hooymans) for a joint breeding. He was confident that Geeloger had a great future as a breeding bird as well. Still, it was mainly Koen himself who bred youngsters from his favourite new breeder, and with great results.

A year has gone by and Geeloger is quite happy with his two newborns in the nest box. He feeds them with great care, seemingly unaware of the attention he attracts. The blue coloured champion is once again a hot topic in the province of Zeeland, and not without reason. The best three yearlings in Koen Minderhoud’s collection appear to be three direct youngsters of this phenomenal pigeon. Those familiar with the palmares of the fancier from Koudekerke will understand that these three yearlings must be quite talented:

- ‘304/14 Zoon Geeloger’
      1st Entente Roye          532 p.
          1st fastest of      2,435 p.
      4th St. Quentin         1,433 p.
          6th provincial of   6,005 p.
      9th NPO Argenton        2,984 p.
      34th prov. Pointoise    5,127 p.
- ‘300/14 Dochter Geeloger’
      2nd Entente Roye          532 p.
          2nd fastest of      2,435 p.
      5th St. Quentin         1.433 p.
          7th provincial of   6.005 p.
      8th Meaux                 883 p.
- ‘Den Argenton’ 280/14
      1st Argenton             249 p.
          1st Entente of       604 p.
          5th NPO of         2,984 p.

The sensation of 2013 has now become a full-blown breeding bird, and it seems certain that he will continue to gain status both at home and abroad. He is well on his way to becoming a new legend in pigeon racing in The Netherlands, as an unprecedented new stock breeder.