Remy Vantorre from Virelles ( Chimay came out the corner well once again in 2009 in the grand distance and overnight races !

Ex -Heulenion (near Kortrijk) Remy Vantorre has now lived in the Waals Virelles near Chimay for 7 years. First the pigeon lofts arrived, later a lovely new villa. Totgether with his wife Roza he enjoys the peace, the nature and the pigeons.

Remy inherited the pigeon sport from his father Gaston, who in his time was one of the better middle distance racers in the rgion of Kortrijk.
Aftger his father passed away, Remy took hold of the torch in the company (hydraulic pumps) and in th epigeon sport, but here he placed his aims higher and started concentrating mainly on the long distance. When Remy still lived in Heule, he raced the long distance at a high level and won amongst other things the provincial Cup from Limoges with the “Piet”, an especially good long distance pigeon originating from  Piet Vanderhaeghen from the West Flemish Oeselgem.  This “Piet” later developed into the stock father of the current loft and is now father and grandfather of several top racers in the lofts in Virelles.  The Georges Bolle sort from Kortemark plays a large part in the successes and a joint breed with a cock from P. Vandenburie from Harelbeke is also Bull's eye. 

Remy has the use of 34 widowers for the 2010 season, including a great number of yearlings, these latter are entered up to the national Limoges….so, as already stated, the emphasis is laid on the grand distance and overnight races, for which he baskets in Froidchapelle, about 10 km away from his home, a club where a great many long distance tenors of the region meet each other in the arena every week, so as a.o. also Nihoul P & F (champions KBDB ’09) and where Remy is also a member of the board.
He has the use of 4 lofts which he houses with 12 -12 – 6 and 4 widowers, then there is also a breeding loft (10 couples) and a loft for the youngsters, which are not basketted often in their birth year. Because the area is quite wooded, you can imagine that he is visited now and then by birds of prey.

See below the balance from 2009 in the (inter)national races.
Brive  3/3 ( Long distance club 3rd -7th and 17th prize)
Montélimar  1/3 (Long distance club 5th prize)
Cahors  1/1 ( Long distance club 15th prize)
Montauban  2/2 ( Long distance club 1st and 13th prize)
Orange  2/2 (Long distance club 4th and 6th)
Barcelona  1/3 ( = first nominated which has won Barcelona for 4 years)
Marseille  2/2 (Long distance club 1st and 2nd prize clocked in 15 minutes)
Souillac  4/4 (Long distance club 3rd -6th -8th and 11th prize)
Narbonne  2/4 (Long distance club 2nd and 10th prize)

A couple of shiners with their prizes in 2009 !
•    9031734-06 won Loris 318th/ 1283p – Bourges 228th/ 3229p – Orange 34th national – Marseille 21st national
•    3201701-05 won Loris 129th / 1283p – Montélimar 422nd national – Orange 112th national  - Marseille 47th national = cock out joint breeding with P. Vandenburie.
•    9031746-06 won Loris 12th/ 1283d – Brive 86th/6567p – Montauban 26th national, the 2nd provincial and the 11th FCW
•    9061643-07 won Nanteuil 90th / 363p – Loris 42nd/1283p – Gien 32nd/359p – Narbonne 155th national, the  30th/ 2288p FCW, the  14th prov 767p
•    9091650-07 won Loris 250th/ 1283p – Gien 119th/2181p – Gien 7th/ 275p – Montélimar 352nd/1775p –Limoges Derby  92nd/ 1118p – Narbonne  299th/2288p.
This was our look at the long distance colony of Remy Vantorre from Virelles .
Our heartfelt congratulations !