"Rebecca" from Harm Mulder - Coevorden (NL) 1st NPO Strombeek Province 10 against approx. 24.000 pigeons.

A Drents Rotterdammer or a Rotterdams Drent? The life of the now 57 year old Harm Mulder is certainly determined by Drente and Rotterdam. Born in Emmen, Harm moved to Rotterdam, where work and income could be found, with his parents at a young age.
 Harm Mulder, both his grandsons Dimitri and Ricardo and sport friend Tonnie Kampman.

Harm lived in Rotterdam for 25 years. When he was only 14 years old he started work in the port of Rotterdam in part-load transport and remained doing this heavy work until he switched over to container transport. The way of life in the port of Rotterdam has had a big influence on Harm. ‘Don’t complain, brush up’ is and was the creed  in the Maasstad. It is a red thread running through his life. Tough on himself, but also tough on the pigeons. As a child, Harm already owned pigeons in Rotterdam. He was a member of  ‘De Maas’, a club that in earlier days had 120 members. In the period 1975 to 1977  Harm raced extremely well in combination with Gerrie van Gelderen in Rotterdam-South. Gerrie van Gelderen taught Harm a great deal about the pigeon sport. In 1983 Harm returned to Drente, where he tok up pigeon racing once again. Apart from a few short breaks, he remained loyal to the pigeon sport. For the last eleven years Harm has lived in Coevorden, where he is a member of the local club ‘De Vliegenier’. His grandsons Dimitri and Ricardo also have pigeons and live in the nearby Zandpol. During his period in Drent Harm was very strong in the so-called Germany races. He was General Champion of the V.N.C. by the races Munchen, Darmstadt and Hof. Harm’s pigeons, hardened as they are, perform especially well when the going gets difficult. His performance curve over the last few years has taken an irregular course. ‘Ups and downs’ says a good humoured Harm. In a difficult short middle distance  race this year he  suddenly won 1, 4, 11 and 12 and all that with sisters of the NL 09-5915578 ‘Rebecca’, the winner of the NPO race for youngsters from Strombeek, the actual reason for our visit on this warm and clammy summer afternoon!

Small fancier– All-round racer
Harm Mulder is a small fancier, who enters as many races as possible. ‘Yes, the pigeons don’t have it easy by him’ says sport friend Tonnie Kampman from Coevorden. Tonnie supports and advises Harm and the majority of Harm’s pigeons originate from Tonnie. Harm has five breeding couples, wherefrom four couples borrowed from Tonnie, 12 couples old racing birds and 25 youngsters are bred every year for own use. The old birds reside in an attic loft in the house. The youngsters have access to a garden loft. The youngsters that are bred are born at the beginning of March. They are darkened from the time they are weaned to the longest day. They receive a great deal of training from Harm. They are raced in widowhood. The first race went extremely well, followed however by a relapse. Only 14 youngsters were left over from the original 25. Something had to be done, because the NPO races were in sight. Two weeks before  NPO Strombeek Harm, together with a sport friend, took the pigeons specially to Apeldoorn ( ca. 70 km.) twice a week. This to get them back into the rhythm.
The pigeons are fed half diet and half Turbo Sprint, an affordable mixture from Bourtange. Only on the day they return home and on the Sunday are they given plenty of sport mixture to help them recuperate. During the week it is always half and half and they are fed until they are full. They are further treated for tricho and for the airways. The hens train in the morning and the cocks in the evening. They have free training.

Winning hen ‘Rebecca’.
Harm raced 14 youngsters from Strombeek. Because of the circumstances, Harm expected his first pigeon at around 11h45. When the NL 09-5915578 dived down at 12h00 and walked directly over the antenna, Harm didn’t expect that he had won first prize.  It wasn’t until Sunday morning that there was confirmation. The ‘578’ was christened ‘Rebecca’ after Harm’s oldest granddaughter. This young hen was clocked at 11h59.27 from a distance of more than 257 km. She wins this race with a minimum advantage over  fellow townsmen Vredeveld-Leemhuis, who also had a really magnificent result. ‘Rebecca’ was not really in the picture for Strombeek . Maybe she was extra motivated due to the fact that  Harm had put a couple of old hens into her loft on the Friday afternoon before basketting. She is for 75% blood from G. Kampman and Son and  25% Krijgsman, Krimpen a/d IJssel. In her pedigree we see a.o. the 1st and 2nd National Morlincourt 2008 from G. Kampman and Son with a.o. blood from the top pigeons ‘Jordie’ ( ‘Blue Star’ x ‘Chantal’) – ‘Kannibaal ‘ Dirk van Dijck and ‘Klein Dirkje’ direct Dirk van Dijck. The first NPO race for youngsters gives Harm Mulder from Coevorden a perfect winner. Congratulations and well done!