Raets Gebr. & Kenny (Kortessem, BE) winners of 1st Prov. Orleans Limburg with fastest of 23,834 pigeons!

This is already their second provincial win this season after a first prize provincial from Gien against 6,872 pigeons.

The fanciers from Vliermaal-Kortessem have achieved a great 8/8 old birds with:

Orleans  Groot Gewest  435 old birds:
1-5-13-30-32-49-50-53 (8/8p.)
Prov  2.636 old birds: 1-48… (probable provisional top-50)

It was Raket who achieved this triumph and who was also the fastest pigeon of a total of 23,834 pigeons in the race. This is not the first major win for this champion this season:

-Raket BE09-5078794

Orleans Prov 2,636 p. 1 (fastest of 23,834 pigeons)
Gien         1,060 p. 10
Gien           466 p. 5
Sezanne        617 p. 30 etc… 

This Raket is a son of the good old top couple Crespo x Kleindochter Toury I Ritz (click here for a full pedigree)
Sire: Crespo BE99-6060119… A Jos Van Loock pigeon and winner of the 1st Orleans in Union Antwerp against 329 pigeons in 2001. He is a son of Blauwe As 835/92, which has won 12 prizes per 10 in 13 races and who became Ace pigeon Hafo club Lier 1993.
Dam: Granddaughter Toury I DV0954-06-1164… a direct H.W. & Jurgen Ritz and granddaughter of the first prize winner from toury againt 39,456 pigeons. A descendant of the Vos 74 line of the Janssen brothers of Arendonk.

It was already the second provincial win this season for the combination Raets, which consists of twin brothers Jean-Marie and Arnold and son Kenny. Their first provincial success, a first prize from Gien against 6,872 pigeons, was won by Beer. This champion has won no less than 11 prizes per ten as a yearling. But there is more:

-De Beer BE10-5148542

Gien   Prov  6,872 p. 1
La Ferté       244 p. 2
La Ferté       161 p. 2
Marienburg     327 p. 3 etc…

He is in his turn a son of Geschelpte Vandersmissen BE03-2148152 (a grandson of the 1st National Brive 25,727 p. in ’99) x Daughter Wouter Boy BE09-2155320, a direct Robert Vaneycken (an inbred hen from a son x daughter of super breeder Wouter of G.Devooght). Click here for a full pedigree!

This is very encouraging for this loft, since they will focus more on the long distance in the future. That explains why they have obtained 25 pigeons from the late Robert Vaneycken. Each one of them is a descendant of the best birds of Erps-Kwerps. This sounds very promising, congratulations!