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Queen L of Jelle Roziers-Xiang breeds national winners and ace pigeons

The number of breeding references from Queen L is quite impressive to say the least: she has bred countless national ace pigeons and national winners. On top of that, New Queen L became 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance YBs, which means the team of Jelle Roziers-Xiang has a worthy successor in its ranks.

Jelle Roziers, holding his youngest son Mil, and fellow fancier Green Xiang

It goes without saying that Jelle Roziers has had a fantastic season. He was the best in the first national young birds' race of the season, the classic from Bourges. Race winner Gust was also the fastest of 59,243 birds. Click here to reread our report on the national victory from Bourges.

And to add to that, the team also claimed the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Longer Middle Distance YBs with 'New Queen L', as well as a 10th and 11th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB. Click here to reread our report about their national ace pigeons. The fancier who claims the two most prestigious young birds' titles in a single season is obviously the most successful young birds' player of the year!

New Queen L & Gust have turned 2017 into a great season for Jelle Roziers! Will they be able to follow in the footsteps of stock dam Queen L?

The omnipresent Queen L

The main pillar behind this team's recent success is Queen L, a fantastic breeding hen that claimed a 1st Nat. La Souterraine of more than 16,000 pigeons as a young bird. But she really stood out in the breeding loft, breeding the following prize winners:

Descendants of Queen L 2006 - 2017

1st Nat. Bourges 59,243 p. – 'Gust'
1st Nat. Orleans Derby Juniors NL 56,613 p.
1st Nat.Zone Bourges 13,049 p.
1st Nat.Zone Bourges 12,400 p.
1st Nat.Zone Chateauroux 4,949 p.
1st Nat.Zone Gueret 2,290 p.
1st Semi-Nat. Issoudun 5,815 p.
1st Fastest Marne la Vallée 13,016 p.
1st Fastest Blois 6,355 p.
2nd Nat. Bourges 28,078 p. – 'Illinois'

Descendants of Queen L 2013-2017 – Nat. Ace Pigeons

 1st Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2017 - 'New Queen L'
 2nd Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2016 - 'Seven Junior'
 4th Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2014 - 'Oklahoma Junior'
 7th Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2016 - 'Tampa'
11th Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2017 - 'Helen'
13th Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2016 - 'Evita'
14th Nat. Ace KBDB LMD 2013 - 'Oklahoma'

Jelle Roziers raced exclusively with the young birds up until 2017, and his Queen L descendants were able to win 7 national ace pigeon titles. This goes to show he has plenty of talented pigeons in his collection. We are really looking forward to the 2018 season now, in which Jelle will be racing at team of yearlings as well.

Silvio Mattacchione wrote an extensive article about the Queen L dynasty. Click here for the report.