Present your family of birds to the world in PIPA Collector's Edition III

Exclusive, informative and very popular, that is what PIPA Collector's Edition stands for. In a very short period of time, this exclusive book made a name for itself worldwide. A new tradition was born and in 2014/2015 the third edition of PIPA Collector's Edition will be presented. We are delighted to offer you the possibility of being part of this year's edition.

Copies of the first two editions are still being sent to pigeons fanciers all over the world on a weekly basis. It underlines our philosophy that PIPA Collector's Edition is the perfect way to present your family of birds to a worldwide public. We're aiming high again. We want to keep excelling in layout, content and total impression. However, the most important ingredient may be the participation of the best fanciers in international pigeon racing. We therefore carefully selected a group of top fanciers at an early stage to ask for their participation. We believe your presence in the book would be a definite plus for our beautiful product as well.

PIPA Collector's Edition III will be printed in a circulation of 20,000 and just like in 2012/2013, we will make an English and a Chinese version. The book will be handed out at world's largest pigeon show in Lang Fang (China, November 2014), the Olympiad (Hungary, January 2015), the increasingly popular pigeon exhibition Fugare (Belgium, February 2015) and Houten (Netherlands, March 2015).

We are glad that participating in this year's edition costs the same as last year. You can choose one of the following advertisement options:

  • One-page advertisement in full colour for 900 euros
  • Two-page advertisement in full colour for 1,500 euros

In addition, all fanciers who choose a two-page advertisement are offered the possibility of an additional loft report, written by a renowned PIPA reporter. The cost of a two-page advertisement plus a one-page loft report is 2,150 euros. Each additional page is 700 euros. A maximum of six pages is offered to each participant. Please contact Marcel Sangers or Chantal Vredeveld for more information: or:

We would be honoured if you decide to present yourself and your family of birds in style by joining our varied group of participants. Choose quality, choose PIPA Collector's Edition III.