P.M.E. Breeding Stud & Veenstra pigeons are the new owners of All in one

P.M.E. Breeding Stud & Veenstra pigeons have become the new owners of All in one, which was obtained for a record amount. Here he will be paired to such super class pigeons like Return Flojo and Lena, and he is almost guaranteed to breed descendants with race winning potential.
The new owners of All in one: P.M.E. Breeding Stud & Veenstra pigeons

The Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race OLR takes place in Zimbabwe every year, and it has grown to become one of the most famous and most important one loft races of today. This year's final, which took place in tough conditions, was won by NL19-1244846 All in one.

All in one was bred by none other than Gerard Koopman. We spotted several pigeons in his fantastic pedigree that had already bred a number of national winners and ace pigeons. For instance, he is related to Magic Man from his mother's side. Magic Man won a 1st Nat. Reg. Le Mans (15,252 p.), and he was also a car winner. Other important pigeons in his pedigree are Annelies (sister Kleine Dirk) and Zina (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon one day long distance 2007). And he is related to the best bloodlines of Noel Peiren (the Majoor line), Joel Verschoot (Goed Koppel strain) and Rudy de Saer ('t Goedje bloodline) from his father's side.

Like we said, All in one was sold to P.M.E. Breeding Stud and Veenstra Pigeons for a record amount. He will be transferred to the lofts of Veenstra Pigeons in The Netherlands, where he will be crossbred to none other than Return Flojo, to her direct youngsters, her sisters, as well as to the daughters of her brothers Cartier and Versace, and to youngsters of her sire Shamrock Ike. Return Flojo is owned by Veenstra Pigeons and she is one of the very best pigeons ever to have raced in the SAMDPR. For instance, she was a 1st Grand Average Ace Pigeon in 2018. All in One will also be paired to Lena, 1st in the final of the 2019 Golden Algarve, and owned by P.M.E. Breeding.

In late 2021, we will host an exclusive PIPA auction in which youngsters of a number of pairings involving All in one will be offered for sale, including one youngster of All in one x Lena.