Pipa's Racing Season renewed: an overview of the changes

The first national race on the programme will take place this weekend. As is the habit, we will publish on our site all the race information and results hot off the press. To make sure everything goes smoothly we have completely refurbished the component "Racing season (Inter)National"! Here below an overview of what you can expect.

The current races are clearly marked on the front page

On the right-hand column on the front page you will see the box "Racing season 2010" which contains the current races and the latest information.

In this way you can immediately see what is going on and what information there is available.

An automatic e-mail service for the races you are interested in

You can register to automatically receive an e-mail each time we place news over a certain race. (e.g. when we place the weather charts, when the race is liberated, when the first reports come in, when there are results ...)
You can select yourself which races who are interested in so that you don’t get a flood of e-mails.

How does it work?

  1. You have to be registered on the PIPA-site. If you are not yet registered, open an account. How to do this is explained here.
  2. Go to the (inter)national racing calendar for 2010 and click on the "e-mail" banner. You will then have a page where you can register for the races!
  3. You will now automatically receive an e-mail each time we place news over the races which you have selected.

TAKE NOTE: we will no longer send news about the (inter)national races via this newsletter. Register for the automatic e-mail service to remain informed!

Live-results (announcements) on a "radar"

Here at PIPA we are not afraid to introduce new, fresh ideas. We have put all the reports on a "radar" so that you can see where and when the pigeons are landing during a race. In this way you can see the "cloud" of falling pigeons coming your way!

We have placed the 10 earliest reports for you on a separate map.

TIP: try it out with the reports from 2009! Go to the (intern)national racing calendar for 2009, click through to a race and then "Live Results". Next to the "List" and "Map" you will now also find a "Radar".

We wish you great pleasure with our new functions and of course every success in the new racing season.