PIPA visits Derby International Arona Tenerife

It has been already 10 years since Jose Ledesma founded his Derby Arona Loft Race. Today the final race took place, for a distance of 275 KM.

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This year it is the 10th time that Jose Ledesma and his family organise the Derby Arona in Tenerife. Being present as well on the first edition in 2006, we took the chance to go again this year as a visitor to the final that is organised today, 27th of March 2015; and also as a participant as we send some pigeons to participate in the race, bred by my father Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht (our pigeon wins 1st ace pigeon from Belgium and 47th in the final race today). 

From the 2100 pigeons that started, 209 made it to the final.  The final race is 275 KM and the pigeons fly from the east,  being liberated on the island of Fuerteventura.

From the moment I met Jose Ledesma and his family back in 2006 for the first time I could feel immediately that they are a warm, unique and honest family. Throughout the years Derby Arona became bigger and bigger, there were good years and some bad years, where on the day of the liberation no pigeons returned at all. 

The huge difficulty in this race is to cross the water. Only the very best pigeons can survive and will make it to the final. 

Geographical situation :

Eye of the 1st price in the final below. Pigeon bred by Roger Mertens and sent to the Belgian Master One Loft Race in 2014 by Leyen-Paloma. Having won the 90th place in the final of the Belgian Master in 2014, the owner bought it back and then sent it to Derby Arona. It is incredible to see that this pigeon now wins the 1st price in Derby Arona Final Race and won 13th price in the semi-final !!

Pedigree of the 1st place in the final Derby Arona 2015

Ledesma Family, Roger Mertens, the breeder of the pigeon, Pieter Oberholster and myself.

Pedigree of the 2nd prize winner in the final of Derby Arona (+photo of the mother):


Pedigree of the 3rd prize winner in the final of Derby Arona

Mr. Holec from Slovakia, 3rd prize winner Final Race Derby Arona

The final race was a huge success, as almost 100 procent of the pigeons returned. It is a proof that the condition of the pigeons was great. The boss and founder of the race Jose Ledesma is very happy with the result today. It is a result of 10 years non stop working and great dedication for his project Derby Arona.

The group of 10, fanciers from Belgium who form a joint team to send pigeons to Derby Arona :

Arrivals Derby Arona 2015:

Gala dinner Derby Arona 2015:

Basketing final race Derby Arona 2015: