PiPa supports Promotion of Pigeon Sport in the Netherlands and donates € 9000 !

Every year PiPa organizes a ‘Support Auction’ to close the current auction season. This year we have decided to donate the profit of € 9000 to the PPN, Promotie Postduivenport Nederland (Promotion Pigeon sport in the Netherlands)..

Every year PiPa organizes a ‘Support Auction’ to close the current auction season. So as most of you know, a portion of the profit from this goes to a ‘good cause’.. The idea arose during the time of the ‘Tsunami" which affected the areas of Thailand and Indonesia so badly at the end of  2004. In 2008 7.000 € was donated to Unicef in aid of the severe earthquake that affected China. Last year we proposed the objective of spending a portion of the amount from the ‘Support Auction’ on te promotion of our pigeon sport! Many initiatives and projects were proposed, including placing ‘pigeon lofts’ in schools. Only there was generally a problem, especially with the continuity of the project. Who would take care of the pigeons during the school holidays was an often heard question and formed a great obstacle. Especially in our country.

This is  just one example of the various possibilities that streamed into our office. All the possibilities were discussed internally, say the ‘pro’s and cons’ whereby we especially wanted the money to be used for what it was intended, namely attracting new members to our pigeon sport! You will agree with us that this is not that simple! Yet we can and will state that the Belgian fanciers that have offered pigeons for sale on the internet via our channels have already helped to promote the pigeon sport in our country by paying the 3% demanded by the KBDB.

Not only are Belgian pigeons offered for sale on PiPa, but also a good many pigeons from, amongst others, the Netherlands. That’s why we crossed the border to ask how they promote the pigeon sport. This is how we came into contact with the project "PPN": Promotie Postduivenport Nederland (Promotion Pigeon sport Netherlands), which, under the chairmanship of Ronald Geerdinck, undertakes good initiatives with the main aim being to canvas more members for our pigeon sport!  Initiating to promote our pigeon sport in the broadest sense of the word, by promoting and supporting actions that lead to more people taking part in the pigeon sport. The ‘PPN’ has the approval of the Dutch Pigeon Fanciers Organisation (NPO) and is controlled  by Supervisory Board. Interested parties can look at the website of the ‘PPN’ (http://www.promotie-postduivensport.nl/) where all the information relating to this project is  explained to the outside world in a clear and precise manner.

We thought it such an excellent idea to engage in this project as PiPa that we have now signed a "sponsor contract" with the "Stichting Promotie Postduivensport Nederland" (PPN) for a period of 3 years. Starting in 2010 PiPa will sponsor the building of 5 pigeon lofts annually which the PPN will make available to the youth at various schools and children’s farms and this then for the next 3 years. The amount, 9000 euro’s, has already been signed over to the PPN.

Let us all hope that via this road the future of our pigeon sport can be given a shove in the back… and that this project can assist in canvassing ‘new member pigeon fanciers’ in the near future or in the long term.