PIPA supports the fight against the coronavirus from Wuhan

Last year, a "mysterious" lung disease showed up in and around the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, China. Research showed that the disease was caused by the then unknown coronavirus.

China recorded the first fatality on 11th of January, and 132 people have died since then. The number of infections has grown to more than 6,000, with the number of coronavirus infections in mainland China exceeding that of the SARS epidemic from 2002-2003. SARS, which is also a coronavirus, affected 5,327 people in the mainland of China, killing 349.

Meanwhile, a gigantic hospital is being erected in rapid pace, which should accommodate for 1,5000 patients infected by the coronavirus. This virus is rapidly spreading but there appears to be great solidarity across the Chinese population, and that also includes the Chinese pigeon fanciers. For instance, the Chinese pigeon racing federation has already collected 3,533,917 RMB (465,000 euro).

And the city of Wuhan means a lot to PIPA well. PIPA has paid numerous visits to this city over the years, for instance during the China trip in November 2019, which was our most recent visit. PIPA is determined to support the fight against the coronavirus, so we decided to donate 10% of the revenue of our "Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive" auction to the Red Cross Society of China and to the province of Hubei.

Our “Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive” auction ends on Sunday, 2nd of February 2020, at 4:30pm Belgian time.

We thank you for your support!

Wuhan, be strong!