PIPA refreshes its Testimonials page

Our Testimonials page has always been the place for suppliers and buyers to say thanks. Over the years, this page has seen so many entries that we decided to only publish those testimonials that are most interesting to potential buyers and sellers. At the same time, we wanted to give this page a new look.

Customer is king

PIPA has always aimed to deliver high quality and a professional service in order to reach its ultimate goal: customer satisfaction. We want everybody to be satisfied with their purchases and sales on PIPA, not only the famous fanciers but the ones less known as well. For both regular and occasional sellers, we want every auction to be perfectly organised. This includes a very interesting and informative loft report, razor-sharp images of the pigeons up for auction and detailed, correct information on these pigeons. In this way, we want to keep potential buyers closely informed about pigeons they might be interested in, whether or not the buyer is on a budget. All content is available in different languages to address fanciers interested from home and aboard. In other words, the customer is king.

Testimonials from all around the world

Our customer-oriented approach has resulted in many buyers and sellers being very grateful to PIPA for delivering excellent service today and in the past. Sellers are very satisfied with the professional presentation of the pigeons, the quick finalisation of the sale and the excellent cooperation that allows for a streamlined process. The buyers were really happy with the clear communication after their purchases, the good caretaking of the pigeons prior to delivery and the excellent results they achieved with descendants of their newly acquired pigeons. How do we manage to streamline the entire process? This is thanks to the dedication and enthusiasm of all employees, from the first contact via our supply agents all the way to handing over the pigeons by the loft managers. Many of our clients really appreciate the efforts from everybody at PIPA, the human side of the sale story.

A new layout

To keep potential buyers and sellers better informed about PIPA's way of working and of course to convince them to do business with us, we have given our Testimonials page a new look while also eliminating quite a few, often irrelevant testimonials. We have created a separate category for sellers and buyers, which are the two parties involved in auctioning. We have only kept the most interesting testimonials. Every visitor will get to see the testimonials that are most relevant to him, for instance, from fanciers of his own country. We have also added a picture of the fancier involved and a separate frame for each testimonial. Here you can have a look at our refreshed Testimonials page.