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We are probably not telling you anything new, when we state that PiPa has grown to be the ‘Nr 1’ medium in pigeon land. Something that we are very proud of… although we wern’t given this status on a plate… and we are working hard with our staff day in, to continue this, and if possible, develop further.

A fact that also hasn’t escaped the attention of other media… who have put certain activities of PiPa in a positive light. We have often been contacted by various media to give our opinion or ideas on certain occurrences in the pigeon sport, we are thinking of the record yield of the Ludo Claessens pigeons… but also unpleasant things so as the pigeon thefts. We also support our activities with press releases and advertising in other (foreign) media.

A compendium of these newspaper clippings, press articles and advertisements can be found under the category ‘extra’. Under the icon ‘press’ you can feel free to browse and read everything in the categories ‘press articles’ and ‘advertisements’!

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