PIPA is planning a new charity auction - meet the donors and the 3 charities

Since 2005, PIPA has been giving a lot of attention to charity. In 2005, with the support of many fanciers, we collected 100,000 Euros for the Tsunami. Since then, PIPA has regularly supported charities that are close to our hearts.

Because we feel it is our duty in society to give something back to the people who are struggling in one way or another. This year we will also do an auction and count on the support of a number of pigeon fanciers for donating a pigeon.

The proceeds will go to 3 beautiful charities 

1 - As Prescribed ; For over fifty years, doctors have prescribed benzodiazepines. Mostly as a sleep aid or anxiety inhibitor. These medicines have well-known names like: Ativan, Clonazepam, Temesta, Tranxene, Valium, Xanax,... They are often considered safe. However, the documentary "As Prescribed" documents a strikingly different story. Through personal stories and examination of the growing evidence, the film reveals the errant medical culture that promotes these drugs. The result is the story of an epidemic that is destroying lives worldwide.

The documentary was produced by Holly Hardman, an American filmmaker. PIPA has been in contact with her for a long time and she is a wonderful person who is very passionate about completing this documentary and getting it in front of the public. The funds we raise will help to complete and distribute this documentary.

A dedicated website has been created for "As Prescribed": https://www.asprescribedfilm.com/

2 - The rainforest in Brazil. Wim Hof, better known as The Iceman, is putting his shoulders to a wonderful project in which he wants to buy a part of the rainforest and give it back to the natives to save thousands of animals and plants from extinction. In the last 50 years, 1/5 of the rainforest has been cut down and this must stop. Nikolaas got to know Wim by visiting him regularly on weekends that Wim organised. Nikolaas believes that Wim is someone who will start a very important counter movement worldwide, against war, disease, cruelty, ... he wants to give people back their health by providing them with the tools. And his greater goal is to ensure happier people in a better world! With PIPA, we now want to support this project in Brazil.

Wim Hof wants to thanks the people who donated a pigeon

3 - Surviving Antidepressants. Adele Framer lives in California, USA. She has a long personal experience of withdrawal from antidepressants, having had 11 years of persistent symptoms after taking 10mg of paroxetine (seroxat) in 2004. In 2011, she founded a community : Surviving Antidepressants.org which currently has 15,000 members. She created taper charts to make it much easier for people to get off many psychotropic drugs. People are supported in word and deed in this community. Adele became a real expert and is a much sought-after speaker on this subject. PIPA also wants to support this community through a charity auction.

These people donated a pigeon, we have now 35 special pigeons :

  • Alpdag Brothers
  • Bastogne-Henry
  • Batenburg - Merwe VOF
  • Blank Thorsten
  • Brinkmann
  • Carlo Gyselbrecht (dokter)
  • De Cock Marc
  • De Heijde Cor
  • Deroose Dirk
  • Derksen-vd Keuken
  • Elzinga Family
  • EPW - Will Brouwers
  • Ganus Mike
  • Geerinckx Bart
  • Great Wall
  • Hardy Krüger
  • Hooijmans Jan
  • Irmer FJ
  • Jellema Jelle
  • Jelle Roziers
  • Kaier
  • Leideman Brothers
  • Liliane Demely
  • PIPA Breeding
  • PIPA Elite Center
  • Sangers Marcel
  • Sorin Florea
  • Tom Van Gaver Pigeons
  • Vandenheede Pigeons
  • Veenstra Family
  • Velghe Dominique
  • Vercammen Jos & Lars
  • Vermeerbergen-Wilms
  • Verschoot Joel
  • Wakker KJ

The auction will be held in October on PIPA.