PIPA launches Fixed Price Pigeons!

PIPA launches a new category: 'Fixed Price Pigeons'. Here pigeons are regularly offered for a fixed sale price.

Why Fixed Price Pigeons?

As from today, 17 November, PiPa has a new brainchild that we would like to introduce to you. You will be aware that one of our PiPa-activities is offering and selling pigeons via the internet, where we have strived not to offer just any old pigeons, but only the best pigeons… say the very best what is available on the international pigeon market. An activity that has not gone unnoticed in the international media, and today the day has proclaimed us as market leader. A title that didn’t just happen, but is the result of an intensive search and investigation… a lot of comparing, deliberating over the potential sellers and their material offered… to finally come to a selection of exceptional top material which we have presented to a world wide pigeon public via our website, with the option to buy. We receive tens of messages and telephone calls every day from people who want to offer their pigeons for sale. The offers more than exceed the available space that there is left over after our very strict selection… meaning that we have to refuse a great deal of interesting pigeons and often disappoint fanciers.
Up until now the pigeons that were offered in our auctions on the internet were always available via bidding for a predetermined set period. The pigeon eventually went to the highest bidder on the internet. However, we have often noticed that there is a category of fanciers that would like to sell a pigeon, but prefer to name their own asking price… The majority of pigeons sell for more than was expected, but of course a pigeon can also sell for less than the fancier had hoped or expected. Simply because the sale price depends on so many external factors which no-one can influence so as: performance, photo, eye, pedigree, results… and also a bit of the reputation of the fancier that is offering the pigeon for sale.
On the other hand there is without doubt a group of fanciers that have their eye on a certain pigeon, but for whom the asking price is beyond their budget, especially by the real toppers, the real super pigeons! The competition on the internet is world wide and so immensely huge.

That is why we looked for a solution for both categories of the above mentioned fanciers… searches and studies which finally, after a great deal of consultation and  consideration, has led to the result… from which a new brainchild is born, a new category: the Fixed Price Pigeons.


How does it work?

Direct sale of pigeons: first come, first serve
When a pigeon is offered in this category on the internet for a predetermined price, any interested buyer can immediately proceed with the purchase of this pigeon. Whoever clicks "BUY" first has a purchase option on the pigeon. The buyer has to register his personal details with PiPa first (create an account). We can then immediately see who the potential buyer is and assign the pigeon to him straight away, and indicate it as sold.

Focus on quality for a reasonable price
Of course it's not our intention to offer any pigeon here, we proceed on the basis of our name and reputation, faithful to our objective: offering the best pigeons. Now at a fixed, reasonable price that's in line with the market.

Regular new additions
This way of working means new pigeons can be offered for sale much quicker than in an auction, as auctions are always planned many months in advance. This new category offers the possibility to add new pigeons daily.

Automatic email message using a personalised 'filter'
When you browse through the fixed price pigeons, you can make your personal filter to fit the pigeons you're interested in (eg. Blue cock in the price range 250-1000 euro). When you're logged in on our website, you can save this filter in your account. Like that, you will be notified automatically every time a new pigeon is added that fits the criteria of your filter. This means that you don’t have to go through the whole list of pigeons on offer, and you have the advantage of always being informed as soon as a new opportunity occurs.

Pigeons offered for a maximum of 30 days
It is not our intention to leave a fixed price pigeon for sale for a long time. Any pigeon will be online for a maximum of 30 days, or until the pigeon is sold.


Where can I find the Fixed Price Pigeons?

- on the homepage you can see the latest additions in the right hand column
- click "Pigeons for sale" in the top menu, and then "Fixed Price Pigeons" in the left hand menu.


More information?

For any further information email fpp@pipa.be or call +32 486 388 261