PiPa invited by Hans Eijerkamp - June 2008

On Monday the 9th of June Nikolaas & Thomas Gyselbrecht, together with author Joep Bodelier and his wife Mieke, were expected in Brummen by Hans Eijerkamp Sr., the distinguished silver haired gentleman of the Dutch pigeon sport. The 2-day trip began around 1pm in the Cortenoeverseweg 82 in Brummen, the house where Hans Eijerkamp lives together with his wife Hilma...

The photos are in chronological order, except for the first photo, which was taken on Monday the 9th of June in the evening from Engelenburg Castle.

This 2-day trip was a unique experience for us...we were guests for 2 days by one of the most exceptional individuals in the whole of the pigeon world. What an honour !

This text/photo report was written by Joep Bodelier ( who follows the pigeon sport in the Netherlands for PiPa ) in association with Nikolaas Gyselbrecht.

The photos were taken by Joep Bodelier/Mieke Bodelier/Hilma Eijerkamp.