PIPA invests in its personnel with Drupal training in Chicago

The PIPA website was redeveloped a few years ago in Drupal technology. That's why the PIPA-management found it advisable to send a delegation of our IT-team to the US for a training at DrupalCon Chicago.

Every 6 months the Drupal-association organizes a "DrupalCon", a mega congress which attracts thousands of Drupal developers and users to learn, discuss, ... Last year the DrupalCon was held in Sweden, and now in the United States. We noticed that the Drupal-community in the US is much bigger than in Europe. There were 3000 attendees from all around the world, and the quality of the trainings and sessions was high.


During the Dries Buytaert "keynote", the Belgian that developed Drupal, it appeared that the PIPA-management made the right choice by choosing Drupal for the website redevelopment. There is a clear vision for the future, and the company behind Drupal, Acquia, opened its first European office in London. 

Due to these developments it will be possible for PIPA to attract new people for our IT-team, and enable us to keep supporting and expanding our website.