PIPA has a soft spot for charity

Every year, the 4th of February is "World Cancer Day", an international day to raise public awareness on cancer. On Sunday 22nd of March, a group of PIPA employees will be running 2 x 100km in two groups of four.

By having two groups at the start, PIPA can raise 2 x 2,500 euro for the Fight against Cancer. In addition, PIPA put their shoulders under two other charity projects: the fight against the coronavirus and Pigeons for Life.

The fight against the coronavirus

In late 2019, a "mysterious" lung disease emerged in and around Wuhan, in the Chinese province of Hubei. Research showed that the disease in question came from the then unknown coronavirus.

China recorded the first fatality on 11th of January, and 425 people have died since then. The number of infections has grown to more than 20,000, with 2,000 of them in mortal danger. The number of coronavirus infections in mainland China now exceeds that of the SARS epidemic from 2002-2003.

The virus is rapidly spreading but there appears to be great solidarity across the Chinese population, and that also includes many Chinese pigeon fanciers. For instance, pigeon fanciers from across China have already collected more than 1 million euro.

And the city of Wuhan means a lot to PIPA well. PIPA has paid numerous visits to this city over the years, for instance during our China trip in November 2019.

1. Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive auction

PIPA decided to donate 10% of the revenue of their “Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive” to support the fight against the coronavirus.

The auction raised 112,700 euro, and youngsters of Harry Junior (Jan Hooymans) and New Laureaat (Hugo Batenburg) were eventually sold for 21,000 euro and 17,000 euro respectively.

The pigeons were sold to fanciers from China, Taiwan, Japan, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Ireland.

2. Pioneer Beijing x PIPA

PIPA and the Pioneer Club in Beijing, China's leading derby race, have been working closely together since 2014. Earlier this year, PIPA got involved in a partnership for the charity fund that was raised by Pioneer Club.

With the coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan spreading with rapid pace, it was agreed with mister Su, chairman of Pioneer Beijing, to auction 13 pigeons and to donate the revenue to a good cause.

The pigeons were offered for sale yesterday evening, 3rd of February, through the Kuaishou video platform of Mr. Xiao Xiong, one of China's most renowned auctioneers in pigeon racing. They were sold for a total of 65,000 euro.

The most expensive pigeons in this auction are a youngster of Porsche 911 (PIPA Elite Center - 14,250 euro) and a grandchild of Limoges (Vandenheede - 9,050 euro).

The following fanciers donated a pigeon for charity: Bart Geerinckx, Jan Hooymans, Davy Tournelle, Hugo Batenburg, Tom Van Gaver, Pieter Veenstra, Rudi De Saer, Hardy Krüger, Joël Verschoot, Dirk Deroose, Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede, PIPA Elite Center and Stefaan Lambrechts.

Pigeons for Life

For the third consecutive time, PIPA committed to hosting a charity auction during the Warmste Week, at the end of the year. As many as 44 renowned fanciers from across the globe were willing to donate a pigeon.

The 44 pigeons raised 85,925 euro together, which will be donated or six good causes:

  • vzw Kleine Held
  • Coda vzw
  • vzw Kruiskenshoeve
  • Hand in hand, together against rheumatism
  • Aalternatief vzw
  • 100 km run Fight against Cancer

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all the fanciers involved for donating a pigeon, as well as all the interested buyers from across the globe for their support!