PIPA has formed an editorial board

Time doesn’t stand still, things and business change, evolve, as a company, PIPA can’t avoid this either. At editorial level, amongst other things, where we found it necessary to respond to certain situations faster. We hope to have found the answer with the formation of an editorial board.

Growing, expanding, professionalising, looking to the future, ... they are terms which every modern company is faced with. It is a process which companies have to respond to this… have to act, if they want to stay ‘ahead’. Growing is not only daring to ‘undertake’, it means doing the right thing at the right time. Whoever experienced the starting years of PIPA, knows that at the time all the activities  were in the hands of just a handful of people. It is thanks to these people that the ‘first hour’ of PIPA has grown into the ‘PIPA’ that everyone knows today. A modern company based on a ‘healthy entrepreneurship’ led by a professional team. Admittedly, it has all taken place rather quickly… possibly faster than expected, but, the fitting conclusions were made, the necessary measures taken. The team was extended where necessary, the work was rearranged and redistributed in terms of the managing board, the ‘sales team’, the ‘administration’, the ‘IT-team’, the ‘management’  and so on.

Time didn’t stand still at editorial level either, resulting in overcrowded ‘mailboxes’ daily, a tidal wave of news and reports, which all had to be read, controlled, processed and/or translated and posted. That’s why within PIPA we came to the conclusion that the time was ‘ripe’ was to give the editorial section a ‘new look’. A PIPA ‘editorial board’ was formed, whereby the editorial tasks will now be divided over several people included in this ‘editorial board’. This in order to serve you, as reader, faster…  to keep you ‘up to date’ with fascinating and current reports and news items concerning our pigeon sport, and this in several languages.  We wish you great reading pleasure in advance!

You can still contact the people of our ‘editorial board’ via e-mail under: redactie@pipa.be