PiPa grows in visitors and in number of employees

Barcelona 2010 was in all aspects a special flight. As for us at PiPa. The visitors record was again pulverized and eventually almost doubled! Our dedicated server couldn't handle the peak in visitors and went down.

Peak on the PiPa webiste on Saturday

When you wanted to visit the PiPa-website on Saterday morning, you will have noticed this sometimes failed. The number of unique visitors increased from about 30,000 to 70,000 per day! Our webserver couldn't handle this load and went down. After several interventions by our IT'ers, we got the website "back in the air". Even in the afternoon the website was sometimes slowly, due to the high load. We had anticipated a massive interest and many visitors, but not to this extent.

New employee at the PiPa offices

PiPa has descided to translate more news that is published on our site and therefore, after a long search and many interviews, we have chosen to work with Nan Liu.

Nan Liu (° 1982) was born in Changchun in China and lived in Belgium since 2002. She is fascinated by languages and therefore studied Oriental Languages and Cultures at Ghent University. Nan had also very good reviews/referneces from her professors.

Since July 1, 2010 she is working as a full-time translator to translate all the important news and reports from the pigeon sports. Her tasks will also include translations of ancient reports of Belgian and Dutch champions. This will give the forieign visitors a better picture of the "pigeon world" in Belgium, the Netherlands and the rest of the world.