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Nikolaas was born in 1980 as a son of Dr. Carlo Gyselbrecht (a passionate pigeon fancier and veterinary surgeon). Both his father, his two grandfathers (Remi and Valère), one great-grandfather (Maurice), and three uncles (André, Luc and Georges) are involved in pigeon racing. It is no surprise that Nikolaas developed a passion for pigeons as well.

As a youngster, Nikolaas would always go to his grandfather Remi to wait for his pigeons to arrive home. He was also there when Remi clocked his international winner from Barcelona 1995, which was one of the hardest Barcelona races in history. Nikolaas was running his own pigeon loft as a teenager but his father Carlo wanted him to focus on his studies before spending time in the pigeon loft.

Still, Nikolaas never lost his passion for pigeons, and he founded PIPA in his student room. PIPA quickly became the largest auction house for exclusive pigeons, as well as the most visited pigeon website worldwide. There was a lot of work that had to be done in the first few years of PIPA, which is why the pigeons had to play second fiddle for a while. This had to change, and the PIPA team came up with the idea of founding a PEC, to breed a superior strain of pigeons.

Pigeons are raced in 2 top lofts in Belgium : RACING TEAM ADK (Pascal Ariën) and Casaert-Sénéchal (Sébastien Casaert); we also participate in one loft races.

Founding pigeon New Freddy, great grandfather of the current Icon "Porsche 911"

Breeding Loft

Current icon "PORSCHE 911" - One of the best pigeons ever raced

"Porsche 911"

Click here for the full pedigree

Ludo Claessens after handling Porsche 911:
"This is just a perfect pigeon, like there are only very few in the world..."


Click here for the full pedigree

Father "Porsche 911" & "Boxster"

Mother "Porsche 911" & "Boxster"

Grandfather "Porsche 911" & "Boxster"

Grandmother "Porsche 911" & "Boxster"

Brothers/Sisters/Children "Porsche 911" and Brother/Sister father "Porsche 911"

Mating hen "Porsche 911" : "Amalia"

Mating hen "Porsche 911" : "Louise"

Father Louise

Mother Louise

Father Dali

Mother Dali


PiPa Elite Center
Pigeons from paradise, available on earth
E-mail : Nikolaas Gyselbrecht