PiPa & Duivenblad party '09

Salons ‘Waerboom’ burst at the seams: ‘PiPa’ and ‘Het Duivenblad’ provided an exciting afternoon party

Will Saturday the 19th of December go down in history as a new landmark in the history of our pigeon sport? The fact is that the biggest pigeon website worldwide and ‘nr 1’ in pigeon land, ‘PiPa’… and the pigeon magazine with the highest circulation and subscriber base in Belgium, ‘Het Duivenblad’ with at the head 2 generation and contemporaries, youthful enthusiasts and ‘almost 30’ers’, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht and Kevin Roosens, put their heads together in order to organize their ‘pigeon party’, which had its first ‘joint edition’ last Saturday in the Salons ‘Waerboom’ in Groot Bijgaarden. A party that will be talked about for a long time to come.

Despite the first serious winter weather, freezing cold and landscapers that were snowed under, more than 300 people joined in the banquet for an unforgettable afternoon. Under the guidance of party leader Thomas Van Cauwenberghe a new party formula was opted for... you could call it a new approach that would give more ‘inscription’. Because between the delicious dishes of the party feast… which by the way was beautifully served… many top champions from the championships of  ‘Het Duivenblad’ and the ‘PiPa IATP-ranking’ had to be awarded. Champion honours which can become long-winded, as a result of which the necessary attention in the room begins to ‘fade’ after a while…

But with this ‘new formula’ they had found an answer to this, and adopted a lighter approach. They had booked Luc Verschueren to come to Groot-Bijgaarden who, together with ex Miss Belgium Virginie Claes, took care of the honours. You know Luc Verschueren, denunciator by the shows of Jacques Vermeire, but also famous as a radio presenter from the then popular ‘Ochtendkuren’ on Radio2. And for the ‘roguish note’ Luc brought with him an old colleague from his radio show, namely Armand Schreurs. The ‘top champions’ from the various championships were then not only called on to the podium to collect their prize of trophy, but Luc Verschueren subjected them to an interview that not only approached themes from the pigeon sport, but also the daily life of the  ‘topper’ in question. Short interviews which were each time rounded off with a humorous act by the puppets and the comical voice of Armand Schreurs. Honouring champions in an appropriate manner in combination with humour and laughter in the room. Admittedly it gave a great deal of enjoyment, and importantly ... the necessary attention remained until the last champions as a result of which each champion was given the honour he deserved.

It was then time for the ‘moments supreme’, the highlight of the afternoon. Firstly there was the absolute cracker of the afternoon with ‘Guido Loockx’ from Tessenderlo as winner of the top prize from the ‘Duivenblad’… the ‘Cock’s Flanders Flying Cup 2009’… the best middle distance racer of Belgium in 2009 ... for Walter Depever and Saelens-De Boelpaep) who in addition to a giant trophy, were also handed the sum of 1.250 euro by André Moonens, as representative of the firm Cock’s meats. Also the winners of the ‘PiPa IATP ranking 2008’, the duo Janssens-Hausoul were honoured as best fanciers in the international races from the previous racing season by Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, founder from the start Frans Hermans, and the firm ‘Jaegerson’ with CEO Freddy De Jaeger, as main sponsor!

After the many champions had been honoured it was time for the ‘showbiz-moment’ of the evening. Last year Eddy Wally had ensured a great spectacle and atmosphere by the ‘Het Duivenblad’ party. So he was allowed to get out his best suit for this first ‘joint edition’ and bring some ambiance to the party. The ‘voice of Europe’ opened with his top hit ‘Valencia’, and then he once again jumped out of ‘zijn vliegmachine’. Immediately the signal for the entire room to let go and fill the dance floor for a few of his new songs, alternated with the greatest hits from his richly filled repertoire so as ‘Cherie’, ‘Als marktkramer ben ik geboren’…  etc. There was a good atmosphere in the room… and the DJ on duty entertained further until the early hours! Nothing but happy and smiling faces, people who had enjoyed a real spectacle a ‘wonderful’ pigeon party which was perfectly organized up to the smallest details. The first comments and reactions don’t lie… with superlatives so as... 'super', 'marvellous', 'monument', 'magnificent', 'just fantastic', 'party from another dimension', 'sparkling', 'beautiful event', 'unique party'. Words that speak volumes! This is just a selection of the many e-mails and thank-you’s that have come into our office!

Short and sweet… Kevin & Nikolaas, congratulations on this perfect organisation ... a magnificent party ... one certainly worth repeating! On to 2010!