PIPA Collectors Edition III: available online

Pigeon fanciers from around the world have really been looking forward to the release of the PIPA Collectors Edition III. You might remember the incredible images of Chinese copies being handed out at the Lang Fang pigeon exhibition. Today we bring you the English version of our latest edition!

PIPA is very proud that our third edition of the PIPA Collectors Edition has been a great success. It appears that many international fanciers and companies consider our Collectors Edition to be the perfect tool to present themselves to an international audience. We had so many interested fanciers that our latest edition has over 280 pages!

The Chinese version was officially released at the Lang Fang pigeon exhibition a few weeks ago - you can watch the video of the release here. Today we present to you an exclusive online version of the PIPA Collectors Edition in English, which will also be one of the highlights at the pigeon exhibition Fugare in Kortrijk (BE) and the spring pigeon show in Houten (NL).

Click here to download the English version of PIPA Collectors Edition III.