PIPA attends fanciers' meeting in Hjørring (Denmark)

At the beginning of 2013 I was invited by the Northern Jutland pigeon club in Hjørring (Denmark) to come over in October and talk about my life as a pigeon fancier. This happened during the weekend of 12 October.

Hjørring is the largest city in Northern Jutland with 24,982 inhabitants. By tradition Hjørring was a city with many pigeon fanciers and today the meeting place "Brevduehuset" in Hjørring is by far the most visited place for pigeon fanciers in Denmark. During the Winter 5 to 6 meetings take place here. It is thanks to the duo Ove Bæk and Frank Juul Nielsen that 80 to 100 fanciers attend these meetings every time. This weekend a lot of fanciers found their way to to club as well.

Frederik ready to start the show, Martin Hansen ready to translate into Danish
and Ove Bæk ready to listen

First I discussed my years in Holland and then I talked about my time at PIPA. I made a powerpoint presentation about my life as a fancier. They were all very interested in hearing what I had to say. Thank god I had a translator because my Danish was not that good. I would like to thank Martin Hansen for helping me out.

It was a very nice trip and the people over there were very hospitable! After my presentation we visited some local fanciers and they were happy to show me their pigeon lofts. It was a short trip but I had a great time and i’m sure I will visit them again in the future!

Some of the fanciers present at Hjørring

I would like to give a special thanks to some fanciers who took the time to show me around the nice Jutland area: I would like to thank Ove Bæk and his wife, Frank Juul Nielsen and his wife and Kurt Larsen and his wife for their hospitality!

I would also like to thank Poul Stærkær (PIPA agent Denmark) for arranging the visit. I will remember this visit for a long time…