Pioneer Beijing and PIPA join forces in the fight against the coronavirus

PIPA and the Beijing Pioneer Club, the leading derby race in China, have been working closely together since 2014. Earlier this year, PIPA got involved in a partnership for the charity fund that was raised by Pioneer Club.

With the coronavirus quickly spreading in Wuhan in China, it was agreed to auction off 13 pigeons, of which the revenue will be donated to the Red Cross society of China in Wuhan.

The pigeons will be auctioned off next Monday, 3rd of February, at 8pm Chinese time on the Kuaishou platform of Mr. Xiao Xong, one of the most renowned auctioneers in the Chinese pigeon racing community.

Ian (PIPA), Su (Pioneer) and Nikolaas (PIPA)

The following fanciers agreed to donate one of their pigeons:

Bart Geerinckx

Hugo Batenburg

Jan Hooymans

Rudi De Saer

Dirk Deroose

Davy Tournelle

Tom Van Gaver

Freddy & Jacques Vandenheede

PIPA Elite Center

Hardy Krüger

Joël Verschoot

Pieter Veenstra

Stefaan Lambrechts

We would like to thank the fanciers involved, and we hope that their pigeons will be raising a lot of money for charity!