Pigeons For Life supports Zwembad Dolfijntje and Care Centre GID(t)S

Our Pigeons For Life Auction takes place from 8th until 18th of December, the revenue of which goes entirely to a good cause. We will financially support four different charity organisations by selling eight pigeons with exclusive origins. Two of those good causes are Zwembad Dolfijntje and Care Centre GID(t)S

As with the other good causes, both causes will be answering a few questions as a means of introduction. The first good cause is Zwembad Dolfijntje:

What is Zwembad Dolfijntje?

"We are a heated swimming pool (34°C) for people with an impairment, both adults and children. We deal with people who suffered a brain injury due to oxygen deprivation during birth, a stroke, fibromyalgia, rheuma, an accident, and so forth. We also welcome elderly and cancer patients. We offer two options: you can get in the water alone or with your family, which will  cost 5 euros for 40 minutes, or you can ask for us to guide you. For 8 euros our team will spend 40 minutes in the pool with you, mainly focusing on craniosacral therapy, a type of relaxation therapy. Besides 150 individual swimmers we also welcome 25 institutions from across Belgium. They bring their own assistants."

How many employees does Zwembad Dolftijnje have?

"We have a team of five: Ludo Deferme, the driving force and manager of the swimming pool, who goes in the water fulltime, two parttime swimming pool assistants, a fulltime employee who responsible for maintenance, and an administrative assistant, who works fulltime as well."

How and where can you reach Zwembad Dolfijntje?

"Our swimming pool is located in Willebroek. You can learn more about our organisation on our our website and our facebook page."

How can you support Zwembad Dolfijntje directly?

To this day we have not been officially recognised, so we organise events regularly to support our case. Ludo Claessens raises money every year by walking the Dodentocht, a 100km walking race. In addition, we are currently holding our annual marzipan, chocolate truffle and speculoos sale. And we receive donations from a variety of organisations and private persons. We can provide a tax certificate for donations of at least 40 Euro."

The second good cause is Care Centre GID(t)S. They will invest the funds coming from our pigeon auction in their Samen Kansen Bouwen project, which is part of the Dominiek Savio school. As with the other good causes, care centre GID(s)T will introduce itself by answering a few questions:

What are Dominiek Savio and the Samen Kansen Bouwen project?

"Dominiek Savio supports more than 1,500 children, youngsters and adults with a motor neuron disease or multiple disabilities in such areas as residence, care, and education, both in our centre in Gits and in their own living and learning environment. The goal is to give them every opportunity to play a full role in society. Our Samen Kansen Bouwen project is aimed towards young people. Together we work hard every single day to create a bright future for young people with a motor neuron or multiple disabilities, because they deserve to discover and develop their own talents just as much as anybody. We provide tailor-made education and specialist care, and our high quality and adapted school will further improve our pupils' future. They live and study in a converted warehouse. Together we are working on a bright future with the necessary funding and with modified and modern study and therapy rooms."

How many employees does service centre GID(t)S have?

"Dominiek Savio employs quite a group of people, an equivalent of 600 full-timers. They are responsible for care counselling, they organise residence, day planning, counselling at home and therapy based education."

How and where can you get in touch with Care Centre GID(t)S?

"Children, young people and adults can get guidance both on our premises in Gits and in their own learning and living environment. For more information please visit our website.

How can you support Care Centre GID(t)S directly?

"You can make a donation for our Samen Kansen Bouwen project on our website. Every donation is highly appreciated. A general donation to Domniek Savio would be more than welcome as well. Your donation allows us to realise numerous projects, which you can find on our website.

Pigeons For Life Auction starts: Friday 8th of December 2017
Pigeons For Life Auction ends: Monday 18th of December 2017

A charity event in collaboration with …

  • donors Gaby Vandenabeele, Bart Geerinckx, Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, Jan Hooymans, Joost De Smeyter, Jelle Jellema, Gino Clicque and Cor De Heijde
  • Pigen and Pigeon Photography, who provided their services for free
  • Ilse Vandenabeele, who launched the initiative