The pigeons of Carlo Gyselbrecht shine in 2022 with an endless list of top results

With 5 pigeons in the ‘National Top 10’, many more within the Top 100 on the extreme long distance and a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2022 as the cherry on top, this was once again a great racing season for the Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeons.

Master breeder Carlo Gyselbrecht

The whole world knows that Carlo Gyselbrecht can breed top pigeons like no other. He is a supplier of winners, ace pigeons and cracks up to the international level. 

Carlo lies at the base of racing pigeon history that was made by the old Gyselbrecht stock. This strong pigeon stock was built by long distance legend, the late Remi Gyselbrecht. Remi was known for his great eye for top pigeons. A gift he passed on to his son Carlo. You couldn't wish for a better teacher. The breeders were kept by Carlo, and he supplied top pigeons for the racing lofts of father Remi and brother Andre. Father Remi Gyselbrecht always put his faith in pigeons that had 'proved themselves'. Working with cracks, winners and/or their direct children. A breeding philosophy that was taken over by Carlo Gyselbrecht. With success! 

The icon of the Gyselbrecht breeding lofts - Laureaat Barcelona, winner 1st International Barcelona 1995 - was bred on the Eentveldstraat. The mastermind that Carlo is, made this Laureaat Barcelona one of the biggest breeding stars. He was worth more than his weight in gold. Breeding gold that still plays a role in international pigeon sport, on the international extreme long distance classics. This Laureaat Barcelona is a descendant of the old Vanbruaene stock, crossed with descendants of the inbred stock from A. & L. van der Wegen he has brought forth winners, ace pigeons, powerhouses and many Barcelona stars. 

The noble Vanbruaene breed

Carlo has managed to sustain the quality of his pigeon stock. With inbred breeding, as well as crossing descendants of old inbred stocks from other lofts back into his breed. The best example of this are the pigeons of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene, who owns the old inbred stock of his grandfather André Vanbruaene. Results were immediate with descendants of Iniesta, Gouden Vleugel, and the bloodline of stock hen Juweel. The results from 2022 make this very clear: 

-Julia Laureaat BE21-4151294

3rd Nat. Agen 6,162 YL in NL
20th Nat. Narbonne 6.257 p. in NL

She is a daughter of Inbred Iniesta (direct son Iniesta x his own daughter) x Sophia (from grandson Laureaat Barcelona). With these results Julia Laureaat is one of the best yearlings of The Netherlands, and a candidate for a National Ace Pigeon title for Sander Dijkema. 

Inbred Iniesta: father of a.o. Julia Laureaat

Other top references in 2022 from the Iniesta bloodline are: 
23rd Nat. St.Vincent –Tarbes 2,899 p.: bred from Rieu (son Iniesta)
35th Nat. Marseille 2,326 p.: bred from Fleur (daughter Iniesta)
51st Nat. St.Vincent-Tarbes 2,899 p.: also bred from Rieu (son Iniesta)

Another quality input came form the descendants of New Laureaat - 1st International Barcelona 25,382 p. in 2013 (on the lofts of Luc Wiels, bought by Batenburg - vd Merwe - PEC), which was bred by a granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona. No surprise that Carlo bought several descendants of this New Laureaat, besides offspring of other Barcelona stars at his sporting friend Hugo Batenburg in Klaaswaal. 

Carlo doesn't have the time to test the results from his sensational breeding work himself. Therefore, these are tested at friend's lofts or pilot lofts, where they are raced up to the international extreme long distance classics. The results are astounding! 

3rd National Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2021

A nice example of the success of this breeding philosophy was seen last year...the extreme long distance crack New Barcelona II. A super athlete that took 'bronze' on the national podium of the KBDB ace pigeon title extreme long distance. 

- New Barcelona II BE19-4195255

3rd Nationale Asduif Grote Fond KBDB 2021
6th Nat. Marseille 1.882 d.
23rd Nat. Agen 6.938 d.

Raced on the lofts of friend Martin Degrave-Gyselbrecht, bred by Carlo Gyselbrecht. This crack is a descendant from the old Vanbruaene stock of Carlo Gyselbrecht, a son of Niki BE10-3080395, direct Delrue-Vanbruaene (from Gouden Vleugel x stock hen Juweel, mother 2nd Nat. Barcelona) x Gerbera BE18-4190592 (crossing Vanbruaene x daughter Romee – Jelle Jellema).

This Niki is also father of 90th Nat. Agen 10,634 p. in 2022 on the lofts of Joël Verschoot.

Crossing with Jellema pigeons, a perfect match

The inbred stock of Carlo Gyselbrecht is well suited for crossing other stocks. This is something that is seen on the own breeding lofts. Extreme long distance specialist Jelle Jellema offered several pigeons to Carlo, which proved to be a perfect match. The descendants of these pairs are very successful: 

-NL14-1559903 daughter Romee: grandmother of New Barcelona II, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Extreme Long Distance 2021

-NL13-1755970 daughter Zwart Goud: grandmother of
5th Nat. St-Vincent-Tarbes 2,899 p. at Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene
Nest brothers Duroc and Arcole, on the lofts of Wilson Dekens from Kruisem
      Duroc winner 25th Nat. Barcelona  6,560 p. in 2022
     Arcole winner 66th Nat. Barcelona 6,913 p. ’21 and 108th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. ‘22
97th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. at Christiaens-De Smedt                 

Carlo is very thankful that Jelle Jellema helped make the successes mentioned above possible, but there is more... 

End of 2016, a direct daughter - Eline NL16-1163868 - of super hen Silke was bought after having won 3rd Nat. Narbonne 7,811 p. as a yearling in 2016. That this Silke would go on to win 1st Nat. Barcelona 4,480 p. and 2nd Int. Barcelona 12,009 p. in 2020 was extraordinary. 

Eline quickly became a golden breeding hen at the Carclo Gyselbrecht Breeding Loft. She is mother of the following extreme long distance stars in 2022: 

- 4th Nat. Barcelona at Jeroen & Stijn Rans
- 5th Nat. St-Vincent at Delrue-Vanbruaene (full brother Duroc and Arcole)
- Duroc (nest brother Arcole): 25th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. at Dekens Wilson
- Arcole (nest brother Duroc): 66th Nat. Barcelona 6,913 p. ’21, 108th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. ’22 at Dekens Wilson
- Elina: won in ’22 – 120th Limoges 7,653 p.,  134th Nat. Perpignan 4,865 p. and 165th Nat. Marseille 4,314 p. at Jelle Jellema


Top breeders from own old stock

There are too many to mention them all. Although it is clear that there is a main role for Nathan and his direct children, especially his sons Roderik and Tobias. Neo (son Roderick x Adele) for instance, has grown out to become one of the stars on the lofts of Kristof Mortelmans. 

- Neo BE17-4063226

91st    Nat. Agen 4,078 p. ’18
146th  Nat. Narbonne 3,017 p. ’18
147th  Nat. Perpignan 3,766 p. ’22
148th  Nat. Perpignan 3.901 p. ’21
191st  Nat. Pau 2,797 p. ’19
241st  Nat. Barcelona 6,176 p. ’20
292nd Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. ‘22
584th  Nat. Barcelona 6,913 p. ’21

He is a son of Roderick x Adele. Without doubt a true marathon crack. 

Roderik, een mighty top breeder and father of  Neo, Katrien, Nathan Junior... and so many more. 

3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2022

Roderik is (paired to Eline, see above) also father to Katrien, a super hen that took 'bronze' at the National KBDB Extreme Long Distance ace pigeon title. She is winner of: 

- Katrien BE19-4195080

3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB 2022
4th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p. in 2022
42nd Nat. Perpignan 3,766 p. in 2022
36th Nat. Narbonne 4,108 YL in 2020
raced on the lofts of Jeroen and Stijn Rans…

Roderik is also father to Nathan Junior, winner of 15th Nat. Barcelona 3,912 p. (as a 2 year-old)...and already grandfather of 9th Nat. Agen NL in 2022 at Sander Dijkema. Pure class. 

Tobias is father to extreme long distance crack Dieter, winner of 6th Nat. St. Vincent '21 and 96th Nat. Pau-Bordeaux in '22 at Joël Verschoot, as well as 35th Nat. Marseille '22 at Luc Wiels. Kisten (daughter Nathan) is in turn mother of 94th Nat. Agen '22 at Joël Verschoot. 

Top results that clearly illustrate the impact of the Nathan lines in the breeding philosophy of Carlo Gyselbracht. 

Lastly, we would like to mention one other top breeder form the old Gyselbrecht stock, namely St. Vincent 439/10, who is father of 20th Nat. Narbonne (at Pascal Ariën), having previously brought forth cracks such as Britta, winner of 12th Nat. Limoges 7,653 p., 21st Nat. Perpignan 4,865 p., 63rd Nat. Marseille 4,314 p. as well as winner 3rd Nat. Perpignan 3,915 p. (at Peter Gyselbrecht). Furthermore, this St. Vincent 439 is grandfather of 5th Nat. St-Vincent '22 at Delrue-Vanbruaene, and of the the nest brothers Arcole and Duroc at Dekens Wilson. Noble extreme long distance blood! 

The day to day care of the breeders at Carlo is in the hands of Frederik Leliaert. Also his pigeons can be found back in some stars, a.o. with Julia Laureaat, with 3rd Nat. Perpignan, etc.

An endless list of top references from 2022 show the quality that is currently housed on the breeding lofts of Carlo Gyselbrecht. We have summed up the highlights of 2022 below: 

Top references 2022

3rd National Ace Pigeon Extrme Long Distance KBDB 2022: Rans Jeroen and Stijn (with Katrien)
3rd Nat. Agen NL 6,162 YL – 14. Int. 16,932 YL: Dijkema Sander (with Julie Laureaat)
4th Nat. Barcelona 6,60 p.: Rans Jeroen and Stijn  (with Katrien)
5th Nat. St.Vincent-Tarbes 2,899 p.: Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene (full brother Duroc en Arcole)
6th Nat. Pau-Bordeaux 3,734 p.: Team Carrette Johny & Kristof 
9th Nat. Agen NL 6,162 YL – 29th Int. 16,932 YL: Dijkema Sander
20th Nat. Agen 7,331 YL: Verschoot Joël
20th Nat. Narbonne NL 6,257 p.: Dijkema Sander (with Julia Laureaat)
23rd Nat. St.Vincent-Tarbes 2,899 p.: Team Carrette Johny & Kristof
25th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p.: Dekens Wilson (with Duroc)
35th Nat. Marseille 2,326 p.: Wiels Luc
42nd Nat. Perpignan 3,766 p.: Rans Jeroen and Stijn (with Katrien)
51st Nat. St.Vincent-Tarbes 2,899 p.: Verschoot Joël
54th Nat. Marseille FR  958 hens: Cressin Sébastien
68th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p.: Dekens Wilson (with Arcole)
71st Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p.: Poussart Daniel
90th Nat. Argenton 10,634 p.: Verschoot Joël
91st Nat. Agen NL 6,162 YL: Jellema Jelle
94th Nat. Agen 6,657 p.: Verschoot Joël
96th Nat. Pau-Bordeaux 3,734 p.: Verschoot Joël
97th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p.: Christiaens-De Smedt
97th Nat. Agen NL 6,162 YL: Dijkema Sander
108th Nat. Barcelona 6,560 p.: Dekens Wilson

For those who are interested in can find the links to the pedigrees of these crack at the bottom of this article. 

A fantastic 2022

Results which Carlo Gyselbrecht can be very proud of. They show that his breeding colony is world-class. They give insight in the potential of certain bloodlines, and make clear which pairs are a success and fit into his breeding stategy. The Gyselbrecht pigeons belong to the best on the extreme long distance, and looking at the results above, this is still the case in 2022. These results are delivered by pure extreme distance cracks, bred by the breeding mastermind Carlo Gyselbrecht. These pigeons are ready to write even more racing pigeon history. Wait and see!