The pigeon world held in the spell of the ‘Thoné mania’ for one more week! - Dec 2010

Everywhere you go at the moment, everyone is talking about next Saturday, the 18th of December… because that’s when it’s going to take place… the auction of the country’s ‘nr 1’ All Round Champion…

Jos Thoné from As. The ‘preparations’ are going smoothly on PiPa (up to and including Thursday the 16th of December nota bene)… the ‘Thoné mania’ will be keeping its grip on the international pigeon world for another week, that much is clear.
It is not just any old auction… because Jos Thoné won’t be just taking any old basket full of pigeons to Thorn in the Dutch province of Limburg, where i twill all take place... no, Jos is coming to Thorn with his ‘thoroughbreds’, with his ‘blood horses’… with the ‘very best’ from what he possesses. A colony on which he has built up and worked on for 20 years in a row… in other words, his ‘life’s work’… with which he has achieved endless triumphs so as 

6 x 1° National victories
2 x 1° International victories
1° National Champion KBDB Youngsters
Winner of  6 Olympiad pigeons
4 x World champion
5 x ‘Golden Pigeon’-winner
12 x 1° National Champion BDS
13 x 1° National Champion LCB
55 x 1° Provincial
257 x within the ‘Top – 100’  ‘Top – 100’ National

Almost inconceivable! Look… we have also been on this earth for 20 years… and over the years we have assisted and directed many auctions… but this… this is probably unprecedented… and will be difficult to mimic, let alone… equal. Simply because ‘all’ 134 pigeons, which will pass the revue in Thorn are all pigeons which can be labelled as ‘exceptional world class’… nearly all pigeons with proof of their breeding or racing worth… or with a lineage to make you ‘lick your lips’. As stated in the introduction of the auction… they are the ‘crown jewels of As’ which will be going under the auctioneer’s hammer next Saturday… pigeons with an almost boundless guarantee of ‘success’… after ‘success’.
The signboard of our PiPa-auctions are those of the ‘Jewels of the Sky’… then we dare say here that this collection of Thoné pigeons with all his real ‘JOS-pigeons’ (what’s in a name)… are all pigeons which belong in this ‘Jewels of the Sky’ collection. If we are to believe the insiders, ‘records’ could be broken next Saturday… although we prefer not to sell the skin until the bear has been caught… after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! Although some comments within the international pigeon sport are already speaking of the ‘sale of the century’… a slogan which is also used as the heading for this unique auction!
The majority of the fanciers will firstly think of the profits… that is human… although there is definitely another ‘myth’ hiding behind this slogan… a different explanation which leans closer to our philosophy in using this ‘slogan’! With ‘sale of the century’…  we want to express more the ‘uniqueness’ of this one-off occasion… an auction of this ‘calibre’ has never yet taken place, and will probably never be repeated! Because, admit it… what will soon be taking place is not commonplace. Just the name Jos Thoné conjures up a certain pattern of expectation… because he is not only seen as THE ‘pigeon ambassador’ of our country, but also as the ‘absolute topper’…the ‘signboard’ of our sport… in other words ‘the best’ that Belgium has to offer at pigeon level… simply because he knows how to shine in the sprint, middle distance, grand middle distance, long distance up to ‘extreme long distance’… in short, in all disciplines of our sport… with glorious victories up to national and international level, even up to Barcelona… with Olympiad pigeons and so much more… Jos Thoné simply won everything there was to win within the international pigeon sport… no-one has ever done it before him… and we can rightly ask ourselves whether anyone will ever manage to copy him, it seems to be almost … impossible! The name Jos Thoné is known in even the furthest corners of the earth… his name is pronounced perfectly, even spelt correctly… and above all…  they ‘win’ with his pigeons! Thoné became and is a world citizen, thanks to his pigeons and their immense performances !

The 'speed freaks’ from As 

-Cavendish: is a grandson of ‘Full Try’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon Grand Distance KBDB). His father comes out ‘Full Try’ x line Napoleon and Superman… mother is a coupling  Napoleon x Sumo

-Botox: stems on father’s side out the Sumo x Avril (= Superman x Napoleon)… whilst his mother ‘Avrila’ is a full sister of wonder hen  ‘Avril’!


And then of course, the most important link in the chain… the ‘Thoné pigeons’ themselves… which will later appear in public in all their regalia! We’ve already heard and hear many comments about this coming Jos Thoné auction… whereby many fanciers proclaimed… why we should come to Thorn, it’s not meant for us! Well people… we are in COMPLETE disagreement with this! When we took our first steps in the pigeon sport as young fanciers, we also skimmed many public auctions… not with the intention of buying… but with the intention of learning something… in search of the real ‘top pigeons’… what did they look like, how do they feel, what are their characteristics. These are chances, chances a fancier doesn’t often get… to hold real ‘toppers’ in your hands… and in the case of Jos Thoné… letting the ‘best pigeons’ of our country glide through your hands! It is an event which in the Jos Thoné case, in normal circumstances… can, and will, only experience once in a lifetime! Many people in our pigeon sport believe in too many ‘side issues’ and ‘peripheral phenomena’… whoever has been fortunate enough to have held real ‘national toppers’, real ‘Ace pigeons’, real ‘wonder breeders’… will immediately see why men of the calibre Jos Thoné are ‘outstanding’ in our pigeon sport, can  control the national pigeon happenings… and lay down years of domination! The difference is the mile long difference in the ‘QUALITY’… of that surplus of ‘CLASS’ present in their lofts! By chance, we spoke to someone from the area at the party of the ‘Belgische Verstandhouding – Entente Belge’… and certainly not the least… who were lucky enough to visit the Thoné colony last week and examine the pigeons. The man was perplexed … and humbly admitted that he had now discovered the real difference between the ‘real national top’ and his own colony, which, by the way, is not just any old colony. In As he didn’t hold one, not a single one, pigeon in his hand which had any defects… they were all pigeons with a perfect build and structure qua body, ‘bullets’ for eyes in their brainy heads (as he described it), with wings which split the air like ‘oars’… with a perfect group of 4 last quills, in short, dream wings… and their ‘silky soft’ feather quality was especially notable! As we have already written, the Thoné colony is the result of years of work… of racing at the absolute international top… of a lot of breeding, selecting even stricter… to then finally come to that perfect pigeon… that modern ‘all round pigeon’… which has dominated the international pigeon sport for years! These pigeons make an ‘impression’ when you take hold of them… and don’t let there be any doubt about the question… why such a ‘national grandmaster’ like Jos Thoné ‘wins’ so easily… and keeps ‘winning’! There have been a whole load of fanciers who have followed in his ‘slipstream’ and been very successful with… or thanks to these Thoné pigeons. Because these pigeons breed very easily, pass on their ‘domination’ to their descendants! Anyone who has introduced Thoné pigeons into his lofts… knew within the shortest space of time what ‘winning’ means in our pigeon sport! It has to be the dream of every pigeon fanatic to be able to admire these pigeons, to be able to hold them. This fact alone is worth going to Thorn for… being able to see and feel the difference between the ‘world top’ and your own pigeons … and where possible printing it on your retina for the rest of your life! Because the pigeon sport never lies… the ‘best horses’ are still given the best oats in the long term, and logically also win the ‘best prizes’ or the ‘biggest money prizes’ !

The chaps of the ‘hard labour’… the marathon men 

-Goor: on father’s side the old stock lines Pegasus x Mooiste Reus x Gerda… and on mother’s side a daughter  ‘Arnold’ 1° Intnat Barcelona ‘97

-Bundi: the Barcelona topper and winner from 2010… stems via father’s side out Arnold x Gerda… and on mother’s side out Poco x Diego… in other words the ‘roots’ of the Thoné colony !


-Nightflyer:  is a crossings product… with as father a pigeon from Henri & Guy Baerts (Harinck-Poelmans x Wijnands)… and on mother’s side the old basis lines Mooiste Reus x Boeing from father-in-law Thomas Peeters  Thomas Peeters.

And of course there are also the men who want to get ‘ahead’ in our sport… who are hoping to get a good deal somewhere. Because people talk of sometimes high amounts or ‘a lot of money’ which has to be paid out for real ‘top pigeons’. But what is ‘a lot’, when you are later successful with them can reach the long awaited successes in the pigeon sport, can provide your colony with ‘added value’ … maybe even winning back double what you invested.  Sport friends who come to an ‘exclusive auction’… call it a ‘sale of the century’.. as this from Jos Thoné with the intention of reinforcing their colony, knowing in advance that this is not going to happen… if they go looking in the ‘sale period’ in the first ‘poundshop’ they find… they have to go looking for the ‘Versace’, to the ‘Harrods’, and other « Chanel’s »… or should we say the ‘haute couture’, but then of the pigeon sport ! In other words for ‘exclusive pigeons’, for exceptional ‘top quality’… because they know better than anybody that ‘TOP QUALITY’ is essential, to achieving top performances, to getting into a higher gear… in short, to be successful in the pigeon sport! The difference in the price class between a ‘2 HP’ and a ‘Porsche’, ‘Ferrari’ or a ‘Bentley’… a ‘Lionel Messi’ and ‘Christiano Ronaldo’ as opposed to a topper in our Belgian football… compare the price tags in any other top sport…  it is no different in the pigeon sports. ‘Luxury’ and ‘top quality’ have their price… it has grown this way in all branches of our society, also by the pigeons!
The life’s work of  Jos Thoné will now come under the auctioneer’s hammer.

Moreover, through their ‘all round’ character the Thoné pigeons offer an extra range of possibilities, they are pigeons we can all use… and profit from… from sprint to’ extreme long distance’, to Barcelona! Jos showed everybody how it should be done… his starting basis were the 650 to 900 Km pigeons… in other words the ‘long distance pigeons’ from his father-in-law Thomas Peeters! When Jos Thoné started independently in 1991 with the pigeon sport he did indeed have the great advantage of being able to draw from the rich breeding well which he had built up and expanded by his father-in-law Thomas Peeters, the sort based on the world famous ‘Gouden Grijze’. For the long distance and ‘grand distance’ he couldn’t have imagined better starting material… they were also pigeons which he knew inside out, which held no secrets for him. He knew all the best breeding couples like the back of his hand, and also the capacities of these pigeons. Because look at it whichever way you want, success in the pigeon sport is based on ‘good pigeons’, and these are produced from a ‘classy’ breeding loft! Not every shot is Bull’s-eye, everybody knows that… but top successes in the long term, over several years, find their origin in the ‘classy basis’ … in an excellent breeding source. There is no doubt that this is the ‘most important link’ in the chain. Toppers of the calibre Jos Thoné know this better than anybody. When they discover a ‘defect’ or ‘short coming’, or when this threatens to arise, they are there directly to supplement this… or to get rid of it! Understanding the ‘art‘ of getting rid of a ‘defect’ with a ‘gift’ or a ‘value’ straight away… it’s no stranger to real toppers! As already stated, Jos wanted to shine in all disciplines of our sport, from sprint to Barcelona. That’s why he went in search of fitting breeding material which could satisfy his demanding approach.
Especially for sprint and middle distance there was a supply of ‘fresh blood’ necessary. For this the purchase of the ‘Superman’ 253/82 (1° Nat Ace pigeon Middle Distance KBDB’86) was without doubt a ‘direct hit’ and lies at the basis of the widely-acclaimed ‘Sumo-line’, which over the last few seasons has sometimes sown ‘terror’ in the pigeon platoon.  There were also pigeons from ‘taskmaster by far’ Jan Grondelaers, from Gust Christiaens, Pros Roosen and of course the Clerinckx-pigeons… all this for the middle distance. For the grand distance Jos visited ‘Van der Wegen’ in Steenbergen and ‘Gebr Kuijpers’ in Neer! Later the ‘Sars’ via Gebr Herbots  (direct son of the ‘Nationaal I’ Karel Schellens, winner 1° Nat Bourges) joined the rich breeding loft .

The middle distance legion from As 

-The Artificial Jutta: wonder hen out the combination of the lines  ‘Sars’ x ‘Sumo’

-Dora Mar: daughter of ‘Jutta’ (read Sars x Sumo)… with on father’s side the lines  Napoleon x Sumo


-Chloë: granddaughter of  ‘Dora Mar’… with on father’s side the lines Napoleon x Superman… and on mother’s side no less than 3 x Sars and 1 x Sumo in the pedigree !


-Pro Freddy: is then again a crossing of the ‘Super breeder Freddy’ De Rauw-Sablon (owned by Pros Roosen) with as mother a Jos Thoné hen out Sumo x Napoleon !


Times change, and… racing and keep racing successfully with the pigeons, is also responding to the current times. Over the years Jos introduced not only the ‘total widowhood’ into his colony, there was later also the changing game with darkening and lighting… a method which was also used in the Netherlands… whereby the pigeons were basketted almost every week. Not all pigeons are made for this, or can handle this… certainly not when the 500-600 Km races start! For this, the input of the ‘Sars’ was so important, which brought extra ‘power’, so that the pigeons fit perfectly in the system of ‘racing weekly’! This once again proves that ‘real toppers’ don’t only respond to the current times, but that sometimes they are forced to make changes to their pigeon stock! It is no longer possible to be successful with 1 strain of pigeon, you have to have ‘supers’ in all disciplines to count, as Jos knows.
Pigeons are becoming faster in all disciplines, that’s why a selection per discipline (sprint + middle distance, long distance, grand distance) and per racing system is necessary. If Jos discovered that there was a gap threatening somewhere… then he went in search of ‘reinforcements’ to get rid of the flaw… whereby he responded to the market… whereby Jos especially had an eye for ‘National winners’ and ‘Ace pigeons’, exceptional ‘front racers’ and ‘1° Prize winners’, or exceptional ‘breeders’ which lie at the basis of a ‘rich family’ of descendants! Often ‘painful’ for the wallet or the bank account… but that has to be accepted!
A few examples to illustrate this are the ‘Superman-line’ which was originally ‘sprint’… so as stated, lies at the basis of the ‘Sumo line’… and this ‘Sumo line’ x long distance, produced excellent long distance racers. Striking example of this is the wonder breeder ‘Emperor 968/98’ (son of Sumo 042/94 x Eva 023/93) which is father of the 1° Intnat Dax 19.400 p, 2° Intnat Dax 17.000 p, 1° Nat Dax, 6° Nat Saintes against approximately 5000 p etc…! ‘Sedna I’ and ‘Sedna II’ winner 1° + 2° Intnat Narbonne 5.870 p. in ’05 respectively, both have the ‘Sumo’ as grandfather!
The ‘Napoleon-line’ (the ‘Napoleon’ won 1° Prov Reims 6.459 p, 1° Marne 1.514 p… and is Grondelaers blood) for sprint and middle distance, gave, in crossing with the ‘Sars’, excellent racing and breeding pigeons for the grand middle distance to light long distance. And for the 400-700 Km races Jos has this excellent ‘Sumo’ x ‘Sars’-line to couple against each other, whilst over the last few seasons the line ‘Nationaal II’ Turlinckx (property Thoné/Bifs) was imparted with overwhelming success. Pigeons which offer great possibilities from sprint to say, 600 Km.
Where the pure long distance is concerned, these lines are based on the ‘Gouden Grijze, ‘Poco Diego’ (Poco won 1° Int Barcelona YL ’93 and 1° Nat Barcelona Hens ’95) or the line of Jos’s favourite pigeon at the time in the lofts of Thomas Peeters, namely ‘Diego Armando Barcelona’! Here the line of ‘Full Try’ (1° Nat Ace pigeon ‘Grand Distance’ 2004 from Jozef Bracke), and ‘Nadira’  (the best ‘extreme long distance hen in the world, with 2 x 1° International victory within 2 weeks by Lothar Lessmeister) was successfully introduced, in addition to the classy ‘Brockamp pigeons’ which moved from Boppard to Niel bij As… the success lines of Euro Diamond, Mistral etc… which in 2010 immediately ensured 1° Prov victory from Tulle (4° National) in the lofts of bosom friend Henri & Guy Baerts!
The last acquisition of format was without doubt the ‘Kleine Figo’… the wonder breeder of Kees Bosua and full brother of the famous ‘Figo’ from Antoon & Hilde Reynaert… winner of the 1° Prov Ace pigeon middle distance and 1° Nat Bourges  12.266 p.! This ‘Kleine Figo’ is self a.o. father of the ‘Kerkduifje’ (1° Nat Le Mans) and the ‘Kannibaal’  (Olympiad pigeon ‘All Round’ in Dortmund)… a new ‘exponent’ of world class which joined the rich Thoné loft !

All these ‘success lines’ are still multiply represented in the pedigrees of the Jos Thoné colony… a mix of these basis lines allowed Jos to shine in all disciplines of our sport week after week….. to crown him as the absolute  ‘nr 1’ All-Round colony of our country! ‘Excelling’ and ‘dominating’ for years… the ‘characteristic’ of the modern Thoné pigeon! ‘Better’ can’t be found anywhere! On Saturday the 19th of December at 14h00 it will be taking place in Thorn (pigeons are available for viewing from 12h00)… this exceptional ‘public auction’ Jos Thoné… which in fact no single pigeon fancier… in the true sense of the word… should miss for all the money in the world… because, as stated above, this is not only ‘never known before’, but may never come back again ! See you!

The stars of the ‘extreme middle distance’ 

-Sedna I: the breeding jewel from As… stems on father’s side out the ‘extreme long distance blood’ Poco x Gerda x Arnold or 3 x 1° Internat Barcelona winners… and on mother’s side a daughter  ‘Sumo’!

-Girder: son of super breeder ‘Sedmos’ … and is on father’s side the lines Sumo x Sedna I… and on mother’s side Arnold x Polanova… international winners blood from  Barcelona.

-Faro: later Olympiad pigeon in Poznan, Poland… stems on father’s side out Poco x Gouden Grijs.. whilst the mother stems out the line Sedna I  (Sumo x Gerda).