Pigeon loft of Geert Vanrenterghem (Deinze, BE) makes an impressive rise to the top at national level

The pigeon family of Geert and his wife Annick Vanrenterghem has been able to gain an excellent reputation at national and international level over the past three years, winning several first prizes at provincial, zonal and national level. Their achievements can be attributed to a solid pigeon breed based notably on the bloodline of Gaby Vandenabeele.

Many pigeon fanciers would go on about racing methods, performance enhancing products and vice versa, but they tend to forget one thing: the success of any approach depends entirely on the quality of your pigeon collection. Even the best approach will not give good results if your pigeons cannot compete with the strongest pigeons in the race. Many of our colleagues tend to over-think things. They often look in the wrong direction.

Pigeon racing at top level obviously requires a team of top level pigeons. Basically every pigeon fancier that has been able to perform at a top level for an extended period of time owns a collection of highly talented pigeons based on a strong breed. Those that know how to maintain the level of quality of that breed with the help inbreeding, pairings etc. will continue to play a key role in the major races and competitions.

The pigeon family of Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem from Deinze in East Flanders is a perfect example: this is a fairly young pigeon family with great potential, ready to reach their peak. This is an impressive pigeon breed that has been able to play an important role at national level. Founded in 2006, they gained national recognition for the first time in 2011, with a 1st National Gueret against 14,262 young birds. A long list of great results was to follow, including (inter)provincial victories from Tours and Blois, a zonal first prize from Tulle (2013) and an interprovincial victory from Vierzon (in 2014), making it hard to overlook the value of this pigeon loft. Keep in mind we have not yet discussed their numerous first prizes at club level and their top results at provincial and national level.

These impressive results are mainly founded on a limited number of excellent bloodlines that really define this breed. We have stock pigeon Tauber, golden stock dam Lieske, the amazing pair Tsaby x Kim 1 and Orlando, each of which are 100% Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons from Dentergem. They are related to the lines of Wittenbuik and his son Bliksem.

Lieske, the golden stock dam of Geert and Annick Vanrenterghem

A solid breed that leads to great results

You can tell from the pedigrees of their greatest champions that the majority of this breed is based on the same bloodlines. We take a closer look:

-Tauber: a direct Gaby Vandenabeele and a grandson of Wittenbuik (via his father Iron Wittenbuik). He is a great stock sire.
-Lieske: an excellent stock dam and a direct Gaby Vandenabeele as well, bred from Captain Blue x Nancy. This Captain Blue was a top class breeder and an inbred pigeon: he is a direct son of Bliksem x Daughter Wittenbuik.

Tauber was paired to Lieske, and together they bred Kim1, which died in early 2014. This brings us to stock pair Tsaby x Kim1, the parents of the 1st Nat. Gueret and the 1st interprov. Tours, and the grandparents of Super Romeo, winner of the title of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance yearlings KBDB 2013 for Gaby Vandenabeele. Tsaby is a direct Vandenabeele pigeon, bred from top racing bird Tsaar (1st-12th-18th Prov.) paired to Betsy (daughter of 1st nat. Brive 16,007 p. for A. D’huyvetter).
Tauber x Lieske are also the parents of Memphis, a rising star in the breeding loft in Deinze. He is the sire of Chardon, Durango and Patriek (winner of a 1st interprov. Vierzon in 2014).

Lieske soon developed into a true stock dam, which is why Geert and Annick were quick to pay another visit to Gaby, hoping to obtain another pigeon of Captain Blue x Nancy. They managed to introduce another phenomenal breeder in their loft: Orlando, a full brother of Lieske. Nancy herself was eventually transferred to the loft in Deinze as well.

-Orlando: he became the sire of supercrack Orlandor, Orlandia and many others.

You can say that the Vanrenterghem pigeon family is based on a solid foundation of pigeons closely related to each other. This is a very strong group of breeders and racing pigeons which almost every prize winner is related to.

Orlando x Nicofelia: a super class breeding pair

In addition to Tsaby x Kim1, the combination of Orlando x Nicofelia proves another source of top quality pigeons.

The number one racing bird in this loft is Orlandor: he won no less than 4 top 100 prizes and 9 top 100 prizes in the zone (against between 2,110 and 8,476 pigeons) between 2012 and 2014. This impressive pigeon has now been given a comfortable spot in the breeding loft.

-Orlandor BE11-4245806

In 2012:
Tulle       Nat 10,251 p. 39
Argenton    Nat 22,384 p. 120
Bourges     Nat 16,859 p. 159
Limoges     Nat 17,735 p. 771
Chateauroux Nat 15,907 p. 1377
In 2013:
Arras       Club   203 p. 1
Tulle       Zone 2,572 p. 1
            Nat  7,350 p. 12
Argenton    Club   277 p. 2    (behind loft mate)
            Zone 3,455 p. 15
Cahors      Club   188 p. 8
            Zone 2,801 p. 50
Chateauroux Club   350 p. 9
            Zone 4,390 p. 72
In 2014:
Cahors      Club   242 p. 7
            Nat  7,140 p. 63
Limoges II  Club   269 p. 7
            Nat  7,221 p. 85
Tulle       Club   101 p. 7
            Nat  5,976 p. 142

Sire: Orlando BE09-4280780
A direct Gaby Vandenabeele and a full brother of stock dam 'Lieske'. He is a son of Captain Blue 555/05 x Nancy 698/03.
Moeder: Nicofelia BE10-4275172
An inbred hen; she is a daughter of Nicolas 627/08 x Fidelia 102/09, two direct youngsters of Fideel 504/03, winner of the ‘Gouden Ring’.
Click here for the pedigree of  Orlandor.

One of Geert and Yannick’s greatest stars in the team of one year old hens is Orlandia, a full sister of Orlandor. This is her list of achievements:

-Orlandia BE13-4035500

Fontenay    Club   182 p. 1
Gueret  I   Zone 3,274 p. 8
            Nat 11,894 p. 18
Montluçon   Zone 3,408 p. 5
            Nat 19,296 p. 19
Bourges II  Zone 1,319 p. 17
            Nat 10,141 p. 197
Vierzon     Prov 3,848 p. 116

Click here for the full pedigree

This is, in short, a bloodline that is playing an increasingly important role in the loft of Geert and Annick.

Memphis, a new star in the breeding loft

As we said, the successful bloodline of Lieske has a significant influence on this breed, not only via the stock pair Tsaby x Kim1 and her full brother Orlando, but also via Memphis, the second important breeder in Deinze (click here for his breeding references).

- Durango BE11-4245809

In 2014:
Tulle       Zone 2.295 p. 18  (Club 101 p. 3)
            Nat  5.976 p. 28
Cahors      Zone 2.110 p. 77  (Club 242 p. 12)
            Nat  7.140 p. 133
Limoges II  Club   269 p. 17
            Nat  7.221 p. 201
Limoges I   Club   366 p. 35
            Nat 18.390 p. 879
Vierzon     Prov 8.394 p. 412
In 2013:
Tulle       Zone 2,572 p. 9
            Nat  7,350 p. 64
Chateauroux Zone 4,390 p. 400
In 2012:
Tulle       Nat 10,251 p. 204
Chateauroux Nat 15,902 p. 256
Bourges I   Nat 16,859 p. 271

He is a half brother (bred from the same sire) of Patriek, winner of a 1st Intprov. Vierzon 8,394 p. in 2014.
Sire: Memphis BE08-4281549
Full brother of Kim 1 (the dam of 1st Nat. Gueret and 1st Prov. Tours). He is a son of the outstanding breedin pair Tauber BE06-4377103 (grandson Wittenbuik) x Lieske BE06-4352099 (a granddaughter Bliksem). They are both direct Gaby Vandenabeele pigeons.
Dam: Asken BE06-4157571
A direct Raoul & Xavier Verstraete (Oostakker). She is a magnificent breeding dam and a daughter of Ferrero BE05-4105168 (half brother of 1st Nat. Bourges and 2nd Intnat Dax) x Mannequeen BE05-4105179, a sister of Xtra (1st Nat. Cahors and bred from Topstar 129/03 x Kathy 502/01).
Click here for the full pedigree

-Patriek BE12-4176424

Vierzon 2014 Prov 8,394 p. 1  (Club 895 p. 1)
Angerville   Club    85 p. 1
Blois 2014   Prov   762 p. 2  (Club 52 p. 1)
Tours      I.Prov 1,252 p. 2  (Club 147 p. 1)
Clermont     Club   566 p. 2
Argenton     Zone 1,036 p. 11 (Club 91 p. 3)
Orleans      Prov 3,790 p. 23 (Club 303 p. 3)
Angerville   Club   133 p. 3
Clermont     Club   247 p. 5
Arras        Club   282 p. 7
Angerville   Club   116 p. 7
Chateauroux  Zone 4,503 p. 69 (Club 407 p. 10)

Sire: Memphis BE08-4281549
Full brother of Kim 1, and sire of Durango (see earlier). A son of Tauber x Lieske.
Dam: Patricia BE10-4073509
A super class breeding dam from the pigeon family of Steyaert-Vd Meerschout, bred from Hubert BE00-3154607 (2nd Tours 190 p., 3rd Tours 182 p. etc. and sire of four different first prize winners) x Blauw Provinciaalke BE03-4360550 (3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon middle Distance KBDB East Fl.).
Click here for the full pedigree.

You can reread the report that we published after the victory from Vierzon in 2014 by clicking here.

His list of references gets even more impressive when taking into consideration that Memphis is also the sire of supercrack Chardon BE09-4280751, a great prize winner with 3 national top 100 prizes including a 20th nat. Tulle 8,246 p. (first prize at club level), a 28th nat. Souillac 7,760 p., a 63rd nat. Tulle 6,817 p., a 161st nat. Argenton 19,816 p. etc. This pigeon really illustrates the impressive breeding value of Memphis.
He is a great looking breeding cock with great appeal, and he is one of the pigeons behind this success story!

The super class stock pair Tsaby1 x Kim1

Earning your place in this crowded breeding loft

It must be a dream to have so many talented breeding pigeons at your disposal, including Tauber, Tsaby, Memphis, Orlando, Orlandor. Many more excellent breeding cocks can be found in their loft:

-Vertigo: sire of 1st Prov. Blois, and a grandson of both Wittenbuik and Turbo
-Gaby I: sire of Cartier ( 2nd Prov. Limoges, 25th Nat. Souillac…)
-Brother Gabor: winner of 1st Prov. Blois 4,094 p., and a son of Vertigo x stock dam Lieske
-Witpen Gaby: a son of 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon long distance KBDB
-Super Condor: a direct son of Condor Vandenabeele

Several direct youngsters of stock pair Tsaby x Kim1 can be found in the breeding loft as well. It is clear that Geert and Annick can rely on a well balanced breeding team that originates for 90% from pigeons of Gaby Vandenabeele, which are paired to some great breeding dams from Raoul x Xavier Verstraete and a few other fancier friends.

A pigeon really has to earn its place in this high quality breeding loft, and that is what makes this team so valuable. They have so many top class pigeons to choose from when selecting a team, which explains their weekly top results, including top prizes at national level. This pigeon family has everything it takes to become a nationally or even internationally renowned breed!

Some of the highlights of 2014

11/5 Blois 196 yearlings:   5-7-15-35-36-60-61 (7/10)
     Prov 1,572 yearlings:  60-91-137-276-277 (5/10)

17/5 Vierzon 895 olds:      1-19-95-96-161-173-195 (7/20)
     Prov  8,394 olds:      1-63…

24/5 Chateauroux 342 p:     1 (1/3)
     Prov  3,842 olds:      11 (1/3)

31/5 Limoges 366 olds:      4-12-26-34-35-38-61-98-104-115 (10/13)
     Nat. 18,390 olds:      150-317-680-870-879-1004… (10/13)

07/6 Chateauroux 349 YL:    9-10-11-25-29-114 (6/18)
     Nat. 21,515 yearlings: 118-124-135-375-501-4221 (6/18)

14/6 Poitiers 300 olds:     1-3-28-60-96 (5/9)
     Nat. 12,379 olds:      5-35-697-1664-2588 (5/9)

14/6 Cahors  242 olds:      7-10-12-13-26-30 (6/7)
     Nat.  7,140 olds:      63-124-133-137-456-512 (6/7)

21/6 Montluçon 313 YL:      6-8-26-80-88 (5/14)

05/7 Argenton 171 olds:     2-8-13-42-48 (5/8)
     Zone  1.630 olds:      24-129-201
     Argenton 183 YL:       5-58 (with 1+2e get en 2/5)

07/7 Limoges 269 olds:      3-7-17-25-42-72 (6/6)
     Nat.  7,221 olds:      70-85-201-303-451-781 (6/6)
     Limoges 241 yearlings: 6-24-70 (3/3)
     Nat.  6,907 yearlings: 43-275-969 (3/3)

12/7 La Souterraine 162 p:  11-34-35 (3/6) 

26/7 Blois    52 olds:      1-5 (with 1+2nd nom. and 2/5)
     Prov    762 olds:      2-50 (2/5)
     Blois   108 yearlings: 7-10-11-27-33 (5/8)
     Prov  1,327 yearlings: 110-118-133-294 (4/8)

27/7 Jarnac   42 yearlings: 2-5 (2/5)
     Nat.  3,741 yearlings: 174-412 (2/5)

01/8 Tulle   101 olds:      3-7-18-29 (4/8)
     Nat.  5.976 olds:      28-142-719-1390 (4/8)
     Tulle    69 yearlings: 3
     Nat.  5.731 yearlings: 72

02/8 Bourges 106 yearlings: 6-15-22-31 (4/8)

09/8 Chateauroux 19 p.:     2-3 (2/3)
     Zone    543 olds:      9-12 (2/3)
     Nat.  4,316 olds:      210-231 (2/3)
     Chateauroux 45 YL:     1-5-14 (3/9)
     Zone    805 yearlings: 27-39-175 (3/9)

23/8 Tours   694 youngb.:   1-14-16-19-22-25-36-37-46-55-63-65-71-76-79… (26/58)
     Zone  6,327 youngb.:   8-161-168-225-252-268-384-390-488-575-673… (20/58)