Pigeon family of L-B-J Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) in great form with two zonal wins and one provincial victory

The pigeons of Geerinckx demonstrated their talent once again by winning the first prize old birds and yearlings from Bourges, while also claiming a provincial win from Châteauroux old birds.

The racing lofts of Jurgen and Bart

You can tell by their recent results that Bart and Jurgen have everything in control. However, they were very careful with their team of pigeons in recent weeks, given the bad weather. They know that a single race in bad weather conditions can ruin your team’s form, and this should be avoided, particularly in the middle of the season. There is a lot that can go wrong in the course of a season (some races can have disastrous results), and the fanciers from Wommelgem do not want to put their hard work at stake. We could not agree more.

That is why Bart and Jurgen would rather focus on one single race with their entire team, and that has been going very well this season. Several victories and top results have been won this season, including two victories in the zone from Bourges, in the old birds’ and yearlings’ category. They claimed a provincial first prize from Chateauroux old birds just one week later.
We take a look at the list of achievements of the 2014 season so far:

03/5 Sourdun (308 Km) 1,051 yearlings:
5-12-16-20-22-25-33-37-42-66-67-70-71-82-90-93-100-105… (30/42)

04/5 Noyon (211 Km) 373 olds:
2- 15- 18- 21- 24- 27- 28- 29….(22/41)

10/5 Souppes (360 Km) 770 yearlings:

10/5 Souppes (360 Km) 484 olds:
7- 8- 10- 12- 18- 28…(10/41)

25/5 Noyon (211 Km) 410 yearlings:
2- 5- 9- 16- 24- 24- 29- 30…(20/27)

25/5 Noyon (211 Km) 231 olds:
1- 3- 6- 7- 8- 10- 11- 14- 17- 20…(12/35)

31/5 Bourges (483 Km) Zone B1 against 3,750 olds:
1- 7- 14- 17- 24- 33- 36- 89- 117-199-200-319-357… (18/23)

31/5 Bourges (483 Km) Zone B1 against 4,130 yearlings:
1- 2- 5- 12- 62- 78- 88- 119…(12/32)

07/6 Chateauroux (530 Km) Prov 1,958 olds:
1- 7- 11- 94- 102- 144- 159…(11/22)

07/6 Chateauroux (530 Km) Prov 2,664 yearlings:
6- 46- 62- 99- 124- 170- 230- 231…(10/33)

21/6 Montluçon (558 Km)  Prov 2,366 yearlings:
5- 7- 9- 35- 93- 123- 140- 147- 164…(18/25)

21/6 Montluçon (558 Km) Prov 1,400 olds:
2- 56- 80- 81- 91- 106- 111- 114…(21/30)

It is remarkable that their most successful pigeons of 2013 have been the key names in the 2014 season as well. Acy and Sweety have been the great champions of 2013 and 2014. We take a closer look:

Acy: 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2013, 1st Zone Bourges 3,750 old birds 2014

-Acy BE12-6042459

2nd National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013
In 2014:
Bourges   Zone  3.750 p. 1
          Nat  22,663 p. 8
Montluçon Prov  1,400 p. 2
Souppes           484 p. 8

In 2013 she won:
Chateauroux       865 p. 1
Montluçon       3,721 p. 2
Argenton        3,519 p. 3
Argenton          832 p. 3

Sire: Fast Boy BE07-6229105
A racing pigeon with a proven record, and winner of an 11th Orleans 4,281 p., 53rd La Souterraine 4,459 p., 82nd Argenton 9,901 d. etc. He is a son of Rapido I BE04-2298053 x Witpen Bourgeske BE04-6202172
Dam: Glamour BE08-6259134
An outstanding racing hen and winner of a 3rd Chateauroux 2,611 p., 23rd Argenton 5,763 p., and 72nd La Souterraine 4,459 p. She is a direct daughter of Superstar Gladiator BE03-6460062 x Schoon Witpen Willy (a daughter of top class pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke).
You can find the full pedigree here

Sweety: 9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2013

-Sweety BE12-6042332

9th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013
In 2014
Bourges   Zone  3,750 p. 7
          Nat  22,663 p. 120
Vierzon I.Prov 10,480 p. 49

In 2013, she won:
Angerville      1,389 p. 2
Argenton II       832 p. 2
Argenton I      3,519 p. 4
Bourges   Nat  11,883 p. 28
Chateauroux       865 p. 9
Gueret          2,593 p. 35

Sire: Lion BE07-6229056
Winner of a 1st Melun 565 p., 1st Noyon 256 p., 72nd Nat. Bourges 11,756 p. He is a son of Leeuw BE03-6277418 x Bourgeske BE01-6179491.

Dam: Zus Fantasy BE08-6259132
Winner of a 1st Noyon 432 p. She is a daughter of Geschelpte Kannibaal BE05-6054247 x Super Willy BE03-6460054 (a daughter of the amazing breeding pair Wittekop Sylvester x Willyke).
You can find the full pedigree here

-Amazing 374 BE12-6042374

In 2014:
Chateauroux Prov  1.958 p. 1
Bourges     Zone  3.750 p. 24

In 2013 she won:
Chateauroux         865 p. 13
Issoudun            636 p. 14
Melun             2,096 p. 19
Argenton            832 p. 21
Bourges           3,750 p. 24

Sire: New Limoges BE10-6143387
A full brother of the 1st Nat. Limoges 2009! He is a son of Wittekop Gladiator BE05-6052111 (from Gladiator x Willyke) x Blauw Steveninck BE05-4323802 (a direct daughter of stock sire Chipo for Benny Steveninck).

Dam: Fast Lady BE06-6346080
Winner of a 1st Noyon 644 p. and a daughter of Last Son BE03-6460015 (the last son of top class breeder IJzeren 044/94 x Laat geschelpt van 709) x Diamantje BE6354135, an excellent racing hen and winner of a 5th Vierzon 3,240 p., 5th La Souterraine 2,026 p., 12th Argenton 1,707 p., 72nd Montluçon 9,300 p.
You can find her full pedigree here

To conclude, we also have the talented one year old Lucio, winner of a 1st Zonal Bourges, who originates from this loft's main bloodlines.
-Lucio BE13-6143406

Bourges   Zone   4,130 p. 1
          Nat   24,019 p. 44
Montluçon Zone   3,494 p. 9
          Nat   19,298 p. 93

Sire: Last Son Limo BE10-6342802
Outstanding breeder and sire of Lucy (1st Prov. Chateauroux 2,151 p.) and Jessy (2nd Zone Argenton 3,521 p.) He is a direct son of Nationaal BE07-6229156 (1st Nat. Limoges 11,869 . and a son of Wittekop Gladiator x Blauw Steveninck) x Witpen Wouters BE05-6118235 (a full sister of Leeuw and a direct M.Wouters).

Dam: White Lady BE08-6259263
The last daughter from the amazing breeding pair Wittekop Sylvester BE02-6354241 x Willyke BE98-6185637.
Click here for the full pedigree

You have probably noticed how each of these champions in the Geerinckx breeed is related to at least two of their stock pigeons Gladiator, Wittekop Sylvester, Willyke, or Nationaal. These pigeons have bred quite a collection of first prize winners and ace pigeons at provincial, zonal and national level! These stock breeders have allowed the Geerinckx pigeon family to make it to the top and to become one of the most successful pigeon lofts at national and international level!