Pieter Woord & Louw van den Berg (Urk, NL) are targeting the Barcelona international classic

For the past several years, Pieter and Louw have been working to develop an unmatched team of marathon birds. Today, they are aiming for the Barcelona classic, in an effort to put the icing on the cake, having already won two international races earlier on.

A lot has happened for Pieter Woord and Louw van den Berg in recent years. The two fanciers are highly motivated, and they are trying to get the best marathon bloodlines to Urk. In 2014, they began to focus on the most difficult competition in pigeon racing: the ZLU races. Pieter was convinced that their breed could excel in this competition, despite his birds having to cover a relatively longer distance.

2017, their first great success

And the combination promptly claimed a coveted 1st International Perpignan of 14,851 pigeons in 2017! Their racing hen Leontine, with chequered plumes and a special eye, arrived home at 1:27am. That's right, in the middle of the night. You can tell from her pedigree that she was up for the job: she stems from several renowned marathon birds. Check her pedigree here.

Leontine, 1st International Perpignan

A second international victory in 2018 - a uniqe feat

And they were victorious again in the first ZLU race, this time with racing bird NL16-1124556, winner of a 1st International Pau of as many as 11,739 pigeons, across a distance of 1129km. This is an unparalleled feat! Never before has a fancier managed to claim two international wins in a row.

In an effort to take on an even more professional approach, the team decided to take DNA samples of their birds, in order to gauge their breeding potential. A DNA sample was taken from the parents of Powerboy, and they also requested a DNA certificate for Powerboy himself. But the results were not what they expected: the sire of Powerboy was not his sire after all. They did not panic, and they ended op taking DNA samples of all the cocks older than Powerboy, in order to trace his real father. They succeeded, and they now know the one and only correct pedigree of Powerboy.

Powerboy, 1st International Pau

2019, close to victory in Barcelona

Pieter and Louw have never made it a secret that they would love to claim a 1st International Barcelona one day. They put a lot of time and effort into this project in recent years, and they claimed many early arrivals in the ZLU competition along the way. They eventually sent a selection of pigeons to Barcelona in 2019, and they did quite well: NL16-1508442 was able to claim a 5th National Barcelona across 1285 km! This bluewhite hen was obtained directly from Ad Fortuin, and she stems from a direct son of New Laureaat, the 1st International Barcelona of 2013. He was paired to a daughter of the 2nd best Barcelona pigeon 2006-2010. And on top of that, she is also related to New Witbuik from her mother's side, winner of a 1st National Barcelona. This is a magnificent pedigree for a marathon bird. Click here for the full pedigree.

NL16-1508442, Miss Urk Laureaat, 5th National Barcelona  

2020, Miss Urk Laureaat goes to Barcelona

The team from Urk has set a high bar. Their main goal is to race with good quality birds, and this means Miss Urk Laureaat is repeatedly put to the test as well. She will be one of the pivotal players for the 2020 race from Barcelona. They already know the drill: they obtain good quality pigeons, they put them to the test and the best ones are picked out.