Pieter Veenstra & Son (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) - a strong and future-proof team

Drachtster Kompenije is the Frisian name for Drachtstercompagnie, and it is the home base of the pigeon Paradise of Pieter Veenstra and family. This is the loft that has outperformed its opponents on numerous occasions with a group of fantastic birds, and they will continue to do so in the future.

The achievements of this team were of course no lucky shots; you can tell from the countless championship titles and championship prizes won by the Veenstra family. Pieter and Gea had passed on their passion to Aant Arjen, and Gerrtit is next up apparently. This horse whisperer has already made a name for himself, and he is now playing a prominent role for Team Veenstra.

The Veenstra family

A solid foundation of breeders leads to yearly top results

We talk you through some of the leading breeding birds of the Veenstra family, just to give you an idea.
First up is the NL08-2021383, called Seiko. He bred several top quality racing birds, including most notably Esmée. She wins the title of 1st national ace pigeon WHZB & TBOTB, 1st national ace pigeon one day long distance NTAK Topwings, 2nd national ace pigeon NPO one day long distance, and olympiad pigeon allround Budapest, and she wins a 1st NPO Chalons & Champagne of 11,319 pigeons with a 23 minute lead. Seiko is a son of Rolex, a 1st national ace pigeon WHZB 2009, 2nd national ace pigeon middle distance 2009 and 3rd national ace pigeon sprint/middle distance in the Best of the Best competition.

Another superstar is King Rolex, a direct son of breeding pair Rolex x Chanel 05 - a combination of a 1st national ace pigeon and a 1st international ace pigeon. He is a half brother of Seiko. King Rolex clearly deserved his place in the breeding loft, having bred an impressive 8 top 10 NPO prize winners over the course of two generations. This is quite an achievement.

And there is more. We wrote in an earlier report that this combination has also won a title of 1st ace pigeon in the SAMDPR 2017-2018 with a record lead of 2 hours and 16 minutes. This pigeon is now part of the breeding team in Drachtstercompagnie as well. And that same breeding pair also bred Jappeloup NL13-5305268, winner of three first prizes and four second places. In addition, this champion wins three top 16 prizes of 18,000 pigeons on average at provincial level.

CHN 17-0227000, 'Return Flojo'

Return Flojo features in the following youtube video:

A top tier racing team claims championship title FFC East not nominated

The team sold their entire collection of breeding birds early last year but the Veenstra family did not panic. After all, they had kept their entire racing team, which basically continued to get great results this season. And they also had a few pigeons left that were offered for sale in bis, so they did have something left for the short term future. This season the team was back to its old self, with a new selection of top class birds ready to take over. We now take a look at the stars of the team today.

We begin with NL17-4289324, a one year old cock and a son of Sister Dolce Vita. This breeding hen was auctioned in bis with Miss Overegge, and she stayed in Drachtstercompagnie. She is a sister of the world famous Dolce Vita, and she is now the dam of an incredible 15 first prize winners! The 17-324 has three first prizes to his name, and he is not done yet. His sire is a direct son of Torres of Davy Tournelle, winner of a 1st Olympiad Pigeon title middle distance and a 1st national Chateauroux of 4,690 pigeons.

You can take a look at the full pedigree of NL17-4289324 here.

Those of you that have scrolled through the pedigree will have seen the name of Return Flojo. Well, the 324 is in fact a half brother of this champion that became 1st Ace Pigeon in the prestigious Million Dollar Race. The combination repurchased their Return Flojo, and he is now back in Drachtstercompagnie. If you want to refresh your memories, click here to reread our report.

NL12-5200222, 'Sister Dolce Vita'

The second of three top class birds that are worth taking a closer look at is NL17-4289366. This one year old hen has four first prizes to her name, and she won two provincial top 10 prizes as well, from Chimay and Quievrain, two middle distance races. She claimed a 6th and 8th respectively of 7,083 pigeons and 4,852 pigeons. Her sire was inbred to Dolce Vita, and her dam is NPO Queen, winner of six first prizes.

Click here for the full pedigree of NL177-4289366.

NPO Queen, the dam of NL17-4289366

And then there is NL17-4289378, the blue band hen that was born to excel in bigger races, just like her dam. She wins a first prize in the Northern Union of as many as 2,932 pigeons over a distance of 700km. Her dam is none other than Miss Overegge, which was sold for 158,000 euro. To see the full pedigree, just click here.