Pieter Veenstra (NL) 2x1st International Ace pigeon W.E.N.C. 2010 in Dortmund with full sisters “Dolce Vita” & “Chanel N°5”

The top season of Pieter & Gea Veenstra is crowned with a very special achievement, namely winning the European Cup 2010 in the high ranking competition West European Nations Cup in Dortmund with 2 full sisters (both out “Da Vinci” x “Special Blue”) !!

Homage W.E.N.C. 2010 in Dortmund 

 1st International Ace-Pigeon -Long Distance- à Dolce Vita  
1st International Ace-Pigeon  -Allround-     à Chanel N°5 

It is extraordinary that these two top hens both come from the new top couple:
“Da Vinci” x “Special Blue”.  With this we can confirm that this couple belongs to the greatest breeding couples in the world. It is possibly the best breeding couple at the moment! In addition to these 2 top pigeons, other toppers have also been produced  by this couple which was only coupled for the first time in 2008. In 2010 a grandchild of this couple also won a 1st prize against 2.631 pigeons. This proves once again that good pigeons soon prove themselves ……….


"Dolce Vita" (= daughter Da Vinci x Special Blue)

 2010        1st    International Acebird W.E.N.C. 2010  -Long Distance-  
2010        1st    National Olympic Bird Allround (probably!)
2010        1st    National Acebird  + National Ace-Hen     (probably!)
2009        1st    Gennep             against        7.890 pigeons   (164 km)
2010        1st    Hazeldonk          against        2.657 pigeons   (208 km)
2010        1st    Pommeroeul         against        1.456 pigeons   (343 km)
2009        1st    Chateauroux (NPO)  against        1.418 pigeons   (773 km)
2009        1st    Vilvoorde          against        1.129 pigeons   (278 km)
2010        1st    Sezanne            against        1.047 pigeons   (521 km)
2010        2nd    Signy Signetz(NPO) against        8.664 pigeons   (518 km)
2010        4th   Sens        (NPO)   against        6.740 pigeons   (586 km)
2010        6th    Boxtel             against        1.875 pigeons   (343 km)
2009        8th    Ablis        (NPO) against       11.945 pigeons    (597 km)
2010        9th    Pommeroeul         against        1.201 pigeons    (343 km) 


"Chanel N°5" (= daughter Da Vinci x Special Blue)

 2010        1st    International Acebird W.E.N.C. 2010  -Long Distance-              
2010        1st    Isnes              against  6.544 pigeons (310 km)
2010        4th    Signy Signetz(NPO) against  8.664 pigeons (518 km)
2010        5th    Meer               against  2.469 pigeons (208 km)
2010        6th    Pommeroeul         against  7.698 pigeons (343 km)
2010        15th   Sens        (NPO)  against  6.740 pigeons (586 km) 

In addition to being mother of these two international Ace pigeons, Special Blue is also mother of Rolex
(Golden Wing x Special Blue ) 1st National Ace pigeon W.H.Z.B-competition 2009. This means that she is already mother of three different National Ace pigeons !!!!