Pieter Veenstra - Drachtsterscompagnie (NL)

No less than 4 pigeons originating from the exclusive breeding stables of Pieter & Gea Veenstra will represent the Netherlands in the Olympiad in Poznan on the 28th to the 30th of January 2011 !

No less than 4 pigeons originating from the exclusive breeding stables of Pieter & Gea Veenstra will represent the Netherlands in the Olympiad in Poznan on the 28th to the 30th of January 2011  !

It concerns the following 4 pigeons :

 1° Olympiad Pigeon All-round "Dolce Vita” = granddaughter “Dirky”
1° Olympiad Pigeon Youngsters “Patrick” = great grandson “Dirky”
1° Olympiad Pigeon Middle distance “Hanne” = granddaughter ½-broer “Mr.Blue”
3° Olympiad Pigeon All-round “Artemis” = granddaughter  “Dirky” 

This once again displays the dominant breeding of these top lines from Pieter Veenstra. This not only in his own loft, but also by others. “Dolce Vita” was born and raced by Pieter Veenstra himself. The other 3 Olympiad pigeons “Hanne” , “Artemis” and “Patrick” were born and raced by no less than 3 different fanciers. All these pigeons have the noble blood lines of Pieter & Gea Veenstra in their pedigrees.
All in all a marvellous reference !

“Hanne” , “Artemis” and “Patrick” were recently moved to the breeding lofts of Pieter & Gea Veenstra. Once again Pieter Veenstra was very successful in the transfer market of reinforcements for his already very valuable breeding loft .

Here they will come across a.o. “Dolce Vita” & “Chanel N°5”.
These two full sisters ( out “Da Vinci” x “Special Blue” ) recently won :

 1° International Ace pigeon All-round W.E.N.C. 2010 in Dortmund        
1° International Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance  W.E.N.C. 2010 in Dortmund 


"Dolce Vita"

This absolute top hen had already won 3x a 1st prize in big races in 2009 and was classed as 16th National Best Hen in the W.H.Z.B.-competition of 2009. In 2010 she confirmed her class once again by racing 3x a 1st in big races yet again and winning a total of 19 prizes. This season she even earned more points than “Sissy” and almost as many as “Rolex” last year. With this fact, “Dolce Vita” is then one of the absolute top favourites for the titles;  1°National Best Hen W.H.Z.B. 2010 & 1°National Ace pigeon W.H.Z.B. 2010.
In addition she will also end high in the category extreme middle distance pigeons .

‘‘Dolce Vita’ is then one of the most appealing pigeons which will represent the Netherlands in the Olympiad as 1°Nat.Olympiad Pigeon All-round. Here a short summary of the best performances ;

 2009        1st    Gennep         against     7.890 pigeons        (164 km)
2010        1st    Hazeldonk      against     2.657 pigeons        (208 km)
2010        1st    Pommeroeul     against     1.456 pigeons        (343 km)
2009        1st    Chateauroux    against     1.418 pigeons        (773 km)
2009        1st    Vilvoorde      against     1.129 pigeons        (278 km)
2010        1st    Sezanne        against     1.047 pigeons        (521 km)
2010        2nd    Signy Signetz  against     8.664 pigeons        (518 km)
2010        4th    Sens           against     6.740 pigeons        (586 km)
2010        6th    Boxtel         against     1.875 pigeons        (343 km)
2009        8th    Ablis          against    11.945 pigeons        (597 km)
2010        9th    Pommeroeul     against     1.201 pigeons        (343 km) 

The other 3 Olympiad pigeons ( now owned by Pieter & Gea Veenstra )  won a.o .


 Nijvel        1/  2347
Chimay        1/  1989
Strombeek     2/  2806 
1°Nat.OlymOlympiad Youngsters 


 Morlincourt    1/  8634
Pithiviers     1/   915
Nanteuil       4/  7431
Peronne        7/  5373
Peronne        7/  3800
1°Nat.Olympiad Pigeon Middle distance 


 Wavre         1/  1511
Boxtel        1/   534
Duffel        1/   395
Isnes         1/   356
Pommeroeul    1/   354
Chantilly     1/   237
Moeskroen     1/   197
Signy-Signetz 1/   157
Blois         1/   151
Troyes        1/   128
3°Nat.Olympiad Pigeon All-round 

Artemis is also a niece of “Dolce Vita”
The importance of very good basis material in the breeding lofts is a solid basis for the later successes in the races. Thuis is something that Pieter Veenstra has known for years. The “old” basis lines of a.o. “Dirky” , ”Darryl” , “Mr.Surhuizum” , “Superkweekster” , “Phoenix” etc. are now firmly anchored in the current generation of enriched breeding pigeon .

The new generation consists of a.o. the super couple  Da Vinci” x “Special Blue Also, we mustn’t of course forget the following pigeons, so as  “Mr.Blue” ,
“Rolex” , “Dolce Vita” , “Chanel N°5” , “Golden Wing” , ”Golden Blue”, ”Sissy”
not to mention “Olympic Artemis” , “Olympic Patrick” & “Olympic Hanne”

All these pigeons are mostly related to each other!
An extra classy breeding loft wherefrom Pieter & Gea Veenstra will pick the fruit for years to come