Pieter Veenstra (Drachtstercompagnie, NL) shows early form with a 1st Province 11 from Deurne against 21,116 pigeons

The racing season in The Netherlands has started just a few weeks ago, and yet Pieter has already won his first important result. He had the fastest pigeon in the race from Deurne in province 11, claiming victory against 21,116 pigeons with a lead of 4.5 metre per minute.

Pieter and his family

Quite a lot has been said about Pieter Veenstra. Every season an impressive number of top prizes are won across the world with pigeons that originate from the pigeon family in Drachtstercompagnie. The descendants of the outstanding Mr. Blue dynasty and of the iconic pigeons Special Blue, Dolce Vita, Chanel no. 5 and Rolex have achieved brilliant results for Pieter Veenstra and for many other top fanciers in The Netherlands and abroad. The outstanding Dolce Vita won an impressive five national ace pigeon titles, and a 1st, 2nd, 4th and 8th NPO, making him an iconic pigeon in The Netherlands. The bloodlines of these pigeons can be found in many Olympiads as well. In the last Olympiad in Budapest two Dutch and two Polish pigeons were heavily based on the Veenstra bloodlines, most notably the lines of Mr. Blue, Special Blue and Dolce Vita. These achievements resulted in a record breaking auction on PIPA in 2012.

The descendants of his exceptional basis, combined with some of Belgium's greatest champions (Van Oeckel, Geerinckx, De Saer) have enabled Pieter to come up with a new pigeon breed that proved just as strong as his previous pigeon family. In 2013 he won the title of 1st Not Nominated General Allround Old Birds in the entire Friesland province with a team that consisted mostly of yearlings. He was very successful last year as well, winning teletext prizes in the NPO one day long distance NPO races from Sens (5th against 8,211 pigeons) and Souppes-sur-Loing (3rd against 6,888 pigeons). He did two important investments in 2015 as well: Miss Overegge, winner of 3 first prizes in th entire Province for Johan Halman (Zuidveen, NL) joined Pieter's team last year, and he also obtained the 1st National Pigeon Champion One Day Long Distance 2015 of Berrie v.d. Brand & J.R. (Boxtel, NL).

BE15-3110326, fastest of 21,116 pigeons

The second race in Province 11 (Friesland) took place last Saturday 16th of April. The race took off in Deurne, and Pieter had to cover 189km. A total of 21,116 pigeons had been basketed for this race (from 906 different fanciers), and 59 of them came from Pieter, who clocked his first pigeon at 10:16'51" with a velocity of 1777 m/min. His pigeon '326' took a comfortable win with a lead of 4.5 metres per minute over the second pigeon. Pieter not only claimed an impressive victory, his pigeons did great overall:

Deurne     Province 11     189 km     21,116 p.: 
1-51-73-87-167-183-312-452-484-589-604-634-etc. (31/59)

Results: 6 pigeons 1 per 100, 23 pigeons 1 per 10 and 53% prize 1/4.

The victory goes to a one year old cock that comes directly from the loft of Rudi De Saer (Ruiselede, BE). In fact, Rudi claimed a first prize in a race from Arras (254 pigeons) last weekend, with a son of his renowned New Jens.

Back in business

The racing season in The Netherlands began just a few weeks ago, and yet Pieter has already added an important win to his palmares. Pieter managed to become a nationally and internationally renowned fancier with the help of many renowned pigeons, including Mr. Blue, Dolce Vita, Special Blue, Chanel no. 5 and numerous other prize winners. After his total auction in 2012 he quickly managed to create a new top class breed, using descendants of these same iconic birds, paired to other renowned bloodlines. It is thanks to this new breed that he can continue to play an important role in the national and international competitions in the seasons to come.