Pieter Veenstra - Drachtstercompagnie (NL) - Best fancier National Competition W.H.Z.B. 2009

The greatest fanciers of the Netherlands in 2009 are without doubt Pieter & Gea Veenstra from Drachtstercompagnie. With the winning of no less than 4x a 1st National Title in the tough competition Wie Heeft Ze Beter (W.H.Z.B.), they have performed something which is unequalled!!

4 x 1st National Titles W.H.Z.B.-competition in 2009

An absolute crowning of an up to now very impressive career in the pigeon sport.

·    1st NATIONAL BEST FANCIER (NL)                  -    PIETER & GEA VEENSTRA
·    1st  NATIONAL  BEST ACE PIGEON                  -     “ROLEX”
·    1st  NATIONAL BEST HEN                               -     “SISSY”      


Top sporters
We can best compare Pieter & Gea Veenstra to top sporters. Everything here is really all about achieving absolute top performances. They are then, just like top sporters, only focused on one thing: acquiring the honorary metal and of course preferably GOLD! The top of the pigeon sport is no different to the top sport. The following statement from Pieter Veenstra really typifies his passion  ‘I only go for the highest attainable, less is just not good enough’.

Importance of good pigeons
Here in Drachtstercompagnie they like extreme middle distance and 1-day long distance races. In Pieter’s opinion, races where the wind has the least effect. The basis pigeons for these races come mainly from C. & G. Koopman, Ermerveen and Anton van der Veen, Drachten.  An absolute top breeder at the moment is “Mr. Blue”, he can be found in the pedigree cards of nearly all the current top pigeons as father, grandfather and/or (great) grandfather.
 “Mr. Blue” was even one of the best racing pigeons from the entire Netherlands for two years and won two titles in the national W.H.Z.B.-competition;

·    1st  NATIONAL BEST COCK  W.H.Z.B.-competition 2004
·    3rd  NATIONAL BEST COCK  W.H.Z.B.-competition 2003



Pieter, who is always looking for better pigeons, buys a number of proven top pigeons practically every year, which are coupled with the best basis pigeons. Examples include the phenomenal ‘Golden Wing’ 8x 1st  prize , ‘Terminator’ 1st  Best Long Distance pigeon WHZB 1998, ‘Gladiator’  1st Best Long Distance pigeon WHZB 2002, ‘Champ 49’ 1st Best Long Distance pigeon 2005 WHZB  (in joint breeding with M.A. van der Wal), ‘Onne’ 1st Nat. Ace pigeon Grand distance WHZB 2007 etc......

The most sensational purchase of Pieter & Gea Veenstra over the last few years is a sister of the ‘Harry’ and at the moment it is the most expensive youngster in the world.
She originates from Jan Hooijmans from Kerkdriel  - 1st  National Champion 1-day Long Distance 2009.
During a public auction Pieter & Gea bought, for a world record amount of € 96.000,=  a very exclusive youngster, a sister of the ‘Harry’, one of the best extreme long distance pigeons ever. He won in 2009;
1st NPO Blois      against 5.653 pigeons (also fastest of 37.728 pigeons)
1st NPO Chateauroux     against 5.979 pigeons (also fastest of 22.340 pigeons)
3rd NPO Chateaudun     against 8.781 pigeons (also fastest of 21.520 pigeons)
The ‘Harry’ also won the following official titles in 2009;
1st National Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance W.H.Z.B.-competition
1st National Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance The Best of the Best
and unofficially ‘Harry’ is actually also the moral winner  of 1st European Cup Dortmund 2010 - cat. C (Long Distance), however, due to the fact that Jan Hooijmans did not want to physically present this absolute world topper during the European Show 2010 in Dortmund, the ‘Harry’ was unfortunately disqualified as first delegate for the Dutch team. Something which luckily had no repercussions for the final score of the country rankings for the Netherlands, because without the best Long Distance pigeon of the Netherlands the country team of the Netherlands was still European Champion!
Also partly due to the introduction of a pigeon, namely ‘Sissy’ from Pieter & Gea Veenstra. In addition to 1st   Nat. Best Hen W.H.Z.B ’09 she was also 2nd European Cup Dortmund 2010 - cat. C (Long Distance).

That their approach has paid off where the purchase of absolute top pigeons is concerned has been proved by Pieter & Gea Veenstra, because they have bred many top pigeons out the crossing old basis x bought topper. We are especially curious about the youngsters for 2010 out the new couple “Mr. Blue” x sister “Harry”.
Top-10 notations 1-day long distance ( Nat./NPO) in 2009
1st   NPO  Ablis                - 597 Km       11.945 pigeons    “Sissy”        = daughter ½ brother Mr. Blue
1st   NPO  Chateauroux    - 772 Km          1.418 pigeons    “Dolce Vita”    = granddaughter “Mr. Blue”
2nd   NPO  Ablis               - 597 Km        11.945 pigeons    “Blue Burry”    = grandson “Mr. Blue” 
2nd   NPO  Pithiviers        - 619 Km          8.510 pigeons    “Sissy”               = daughter ½ brother Mr. Blue
3rd   NPO  Pithiviers        - 619 Km           8.510 pigeons   “Ultima”    = granddaughter “Mr. Blue”
4th   NPO  Chateauroux    - 772 Km          1.418 pigeons            
5th   NPO  Chateauroux    - 772 Km          1.418 pigeons   = daughter “Brother Mr. Blue”  
5th   NPO  Blois                - 707 Km          6.926 pigeons   “Chloë”    = granddaughter “Mr. Blue”  
6th   NPO  Ablis                - 597 Km        11.945 pigeons   = grandson “Mr. Blue”   
7th   NPO  Ablis                - 597 Km        11.945 pigeons   = daughter  “Mr. Blue”    
7th   NPO  Chateauroux     - 772 Km         1.418 pigeons   - granddaughter “Mr. Blue”
8th   NPO  Ablis                - 597 Km        11.945 pigeons    “Dolce Vita”    = granddaughter “Mr. Blue”
8th   NPO  Chateauroux    - 772 Km          1.418 pigeons                    
9th   NPO  Ablis               - 597 Km         11.945 pigeons    “Golden Blue”     = grandson “Mr. Blue”   
9th   NPO  Chateauroux   - 772 Km           1.418 pigeons     “Sissy”              = daughter ½ brother Mr. Blue
10th NPO  Blois                - 597 Km          6.926 pigeons                 


In 2009 the best cock in the loft of Gea and Pieter Veenstra. His best prizes are:
1st Isnes against 1.318 p. – 2nd Vilvoorde  against 1.125 p. – 2nd Isnes against 1.958 p. – 2nd Hasselt against 1.386 p. –
4th Maaseik against 1.185 p. – 5th Achene against 1.630 p. – 6th Boxtel against 2.741 pigeons etc.

‘Rolex’ is a son of ‘Golden Wing’, that fantastic cock with 8 x 1st prizes. The mother of ‘Rolex’ is ‘Special Blue’, the best breeding hen of the loft of Veenstra. She in turn is once again a daughter of the legendary ‘Mr. Blue’ x ‘Yzra’, a daughter of ‘De Kannibaal’ from Dirk van Dijck (B).
With a.o. the following performances this ‘Rolex’ was 1st Nat. Ace pigeon W.H.Z.B. 2009 etc.

Isnes        310 km.        1st    1.322 p.
Isnes        310 km.        2nd    1.963 p.
Hasselt     252 km.        2nd    1.386 p.
Vilvoorde  278 km.        2nd    1.129 p.
Achene     330 km.        5th    1.630 p.
Boxtel      181 km.         6th    2.741 p.
Maaseik   229 km.         7th    1.429 p.
Wavre     291 km.        12nd    1.501 p.
Achene    330 km.        28th    2.211 p.
Wavre     291 km.        34th    2.609 p.
This means over ten races an average 5th prize against 1.000 pigeons.

 ‘Sissy’, the best hen of the last season with 19 prizes from 19 baskettings, with ca. 7.000 prize kilometres! How further the distance, how better she performed. She raced a.o. 1st NPO Ablis against 11.945 p. – 2nd NPO Pithiviers against 8.510 p. – 9th National NPO Chateauroux against 1.418 pigeons. ‘Sissy’ is a daughter of ‘Son Darryl’. This is a son of ‘Darryl’ (son of ‘Kleine Dirk’) x ‘Super Kweekster’ Anton van der Veen. The mother is ‘Daughter Champ 49’. A daughter of  ‘De Champ 49’ from M.A. van der Wal (Best Long Distance pigeon  2005 WHZB) x ‘Goed Laatje’.  

In 2009 ‘Sissy’ performed in a truly inimitable way.  Through her good performances in the 1-day long distance she was recently 2nd European Cup Dortmund 2010 - cat. C (Long Distance).
With a.o. the following performances ‘Sissy’ achieved her title 1st Nat. Best Hen  W.H.Z.B. 2009:

Ablis              597 km.        1st     11.945 p.
Pithiviers       619 km.        2nd      8.510 p.
Blois              708 km.        7th       2.168 p.
Achene          330 km.        8th       1.630 p.
Chateauroux  773 km.        9th       1.418 p.
Hasselt          252 km.        11st      2.103 p.
Achene          330 km.        17th      2.211 p.
Boxtel           181 km.        22nd      6.506 p.
Gennep         164 km.        44th      7.890 p.
Heteren        135 km.        39th      2.648 p.
Hasselt         252 km.        67th      2.740 p.     
La Ferte        514 km.        81st      5.120 p.

‘Chanel’ is a very special hen, who achieved her best performances in the late races.
According to Pieter Veenstra, the reason for this is the fact that she became very motivated for a nest.
She is normally raced in widowhood during the season, something which she doesn’t do without merit.
But every year she thanked her owners for the nest that she was allowed to build. In 2008 and 2009 she was 1st Provincial Ace pigeon. In 2009 she beat her Dutch opponents with numbers after the comma, and was 1st National Best Pigeon Late races W.H.Z.B.

Father is ‘Brother Golden Energy’, directly from G. & C. Koopman and a son of ‘Blue Energy’ x ‘Golden Lady’, a daughter of ‘De Kannibaal’ from Dirk van Dijck (B). ‘Brother Golden Energy’ is half-brother of a.o. Kleine Dirk, Judy, Annelies, Yi-Min, Mighty Man, Last Lady & Miss Mukdahan.
‘Golden Energy’ is the grandfather of 'Eus', the marvellous  1st Ace pigeon & 1st Prize winner in the Final Race (Tours) of the Belgian Masters 2009 and with this won € 33.000,= in prize money.
Mother of ‘Chanel’  is ‘Blue Sapphire’, a daughter of ‘Double Delights Sapphire’ x ‘Shyri’.
‘Double Delights Sapphire’ was 1st  National Best Middle Distance pigeon  W.H.Z.B. in 2003 and won a.o. Houdeng 1/ 1561, Houdeng 3/ 1930 and St.Quentin 5/1391. ‘Shyri’ is a.o. mother of ‘Prima Donna’  1st  National Ace pigeon Long Distance in 2007.
Here a summary of the performances of ‘Chanel’:
Boxtel            181 km.        1st      6.506 p.
Hasselt          252 km.        1st      2.103 p.
Heteren         135 km.        4 e      2.635 p.
Boxtel            181 km.        8th      4.425 p.
Boxtel            181 km.        9th      2.437 p.
Heteren         135 km.       10th    26.020 p.
In total ‘Chanel’ won 38 prizes in just 3 years.

‘Dolce Vita’. A summer youngster from 2008, who performed marvellously in 2009 and won 16 prizes from 19 baskettings, including three first prizes. She won a.o. 1st National NPO Chateauroux against 1.418 p.  – 8th NPO Ablis against 11.945 p. – 1st Gennep against 7.890 p. – 1st Vilvoorde  against 1.125 pigeons. A marvellous talent! Father is ‘Davinci’, a son of stock couple ‘Dirky’ x ‘Daughter Phoenix’. ‘Davinci’ also raced a 1st NPO Ablis against 7.946 pigeons. Mother of ‘Dolce Vita’ is once again ‘Special Blue’, the best breeding hen in the Veenstra loft. She is a daughter of ‘Mr. Blue’ x ‘Yzra’, a daughter of ‘De Kannibaal’ from Dirk van Dijck (B).
 ‘Dolce Vita’ performed as follows:
Gennep            164 km.        1st    7.890 p.
Chateauroux     773 km.       1st    1.418 p.
Vilvoorde          278 km.       1st    1.129 p.
Ablis                597 km.        8th  11.945 p.
Achene            330 km.       11st    1.630 p.
Boxtel              181 km.       41st    6.506 p.
Chateaudun      658 km.       36th    2.668 p.
Hasselt            252 km.       33rd    2.103 p.
Wavre             291 km.       45th    1.501 p.
Pithiviers         619 km.       66th    2.387 p.

‘Amazing Star’  is also a real crack in the Veenstra-lofts and over the last 2 years won 26x prize.
He is a son of ‘Son Branco’, a direct C. &. G. Koopman bred from Couple ‘Branco’x ‘Showpiece’ . This ‘Son Branco’, is a marvellous breeding cock and is a.o. grandfather of ‘Evita’ by Pieter Veenstra. ‘Evita’ won a.o.  Duffel 1st / 2341, Boxtel 3rd / 4425,
Menen 9th / 26380, Pommeroeul  11st / 19682,  Pommeroeul  12nd / 24949 etc.
Mother is ‘Germany’s Star’, she was bred from ‘Witpen Crack’ x sister ‘Pilot’s As’ (Lucking).

The best performances of ‘Amazing Star’ up until now:
Strombeek    279 km.        3rd     22.152 p.
Boxtel          181 km.        3rd       2.571 p.
Hasselt         252 km.        3rd      2.760 p.
Wavre          291 km.        4th      2.609 p.
Ablis            597 km.        6th       9.293 p.
Achene         330 km.        8th       2.211 p.
Lessines       317 km.        10th     2.372 p.
Orleans         653 km.        10th    1.651 p.
Heteren        135 km.        15th    5.322 p.
Duffel           255 km.        24th   15.489 p.
Duffel           255 km.        24th   11.692 p.
Heteren        135 km         37th   26.020 p.

‘Armani’ also a real super racer and a half-brother of  ‘Rolex’. ‘Armani’ is a son of ‘Golden Wing’, that fantastic cock with 8 x 1st prizes. The mother of ‘Armani’ is ‘Daughter Dirky’, a marvellous hen. She comes out ‘Dirky’ (a son of ‘Kleine Dirk’ from C. & G. Koopman) x NL 00-1122230 ( ‘Favoriet’ C. & G. Koopman x ‘Juweeltje’ Anton van de Veen).  In the National Competition ‘Wie Heeft Ze Beter’ 2009 ‘Armani is also one of the trendsetters with two titles
15th Ace pigeon W.H.Z.B.´09 and 16th Best Cock W.H.Z.B.´09.

Here the most important performances of ‘Armani’:
Achene        330 km.         2nd    4.621 p.
Boxtel          181 km.         3rd    2.741 p.
Isnes            310 km.        3rd    1.963 p.
Hasselt         252 km.       14th    2.740 p.
Wavre          291 km.       14th    1.501 p.
Ablis            597 km.        15th    4.173 p.
Isnes           310 km.        19th    1.322 p.
Achene        330 km.        21st    2.211 p.
Heteren       135 km.        44th    2.635 p.
Hasselt        252 km.        46th    2.103 p.
Boxtel          181 km.        56th    6.506 p.
Chateaudun  658 km.      104th    2.668 p.            

‘Chloe’ shined in 2009, namely in the 1-day long distance.  Her father is ‘Davinci’ a son of the stock couple ‘Dirky’ x ‘Daughter Phoenix’. ‘Davinci’ self also raced a 1st NPO Ablis against 7.946 pigeons. The mother of ‘Chloe’ is the NL 05-1909331. She is a daughter of the super crack ‘Mr. Blue’ x ‘Diamond’s Promise’. Here the performance of ‘Chloe’ in the category ‘Best Long Distance pigeon W.H.Z.B.’:

Chateaudun    658 km.         13rd    2.668 p.
Blois              708km.            2nd    2.168 p.
Pithiviers      619 km.          12nd    8.510 p.                   

In conclusion
Next weekend is the honouring of the champions of the National Competition Wie Heeft Ze Beter 2009. It will be an impressive moment for Pieter & Gea Veenstra. We would like to congratulate Pieter & Gea, but also all the other winners in this tough competition. Peter recently underwent a serious back operation. The operation seems to have been successful, but Pieter will have to take it steady for a while to come. Very difficult for such a passionate fancier, but he understands that he needs time to recover. Yet, when possible, he tries to show his face in the lofts daily. Because the beginning of the new  2010 season is rapidly approaching.