Pieter Oberholster wins the Midlands National Flying Club young bird race from Weymouth

The final race of the season for the Midlands National Flying Club was sponsored by Ropastore.com when 2,137 Young Birds were liberated from Weymouth at 8:00am in a west wind, turning south-west on route.
Pieter with the national winner (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

This also included the clubs gold ring race with 1,321 special rings being sold at £6 each raising a total of £7,926. The pigeons enjoyed sunshine and blue skies for the race to their home lofts with the winning velocity of 1683 yards per minute being recorded to the lofts of Pieter Oberholster in Keysoe, Bedfordshire who entered 5 birds. His second bird GB21-Z59231 from a brother of Best Kittel II arrived minutes later to also claim a top provisional position in the gold ring classic.

Pieter is a well-known figure in the pigeon sport in his capacity of UK PIPA Agent and it is with his “Super Blue Best Kittel” that Pieter wins one of the most prestigious young bird races in the UK.

His sire is a son of “Espoir” which was 4th National Sprint Ace KBDB in 2019 when he was paired to his half sister, both being bred from the “National Ace Hen” which in turn was sired by 1st National Sprint Ace KBDB in 2015 herself and is one of the key hens in the “Best Kittel” family direct from the loft of Dehon-Demonseau.  The mother of “Super Blue Best Kittel” is direct from Hans Paul Eesser from Dusseldorf in Germany. She has proven to be one of the best breeding hens in the loft of Pieter Oberholster having also bred federation winners for the loft of Shaun McDonough in the West Midlands.

Sire of the national winner

Both the parents of 1st Open MNFC “Super Blue Best Kittel” were purchased in PIPA’s online auction and with “Espoir” now being a top candidate to win a top 3 position in the National Ace Sprint KBDB this 2021 season to accompany his 4th position in 2019, Pieter certainly invested very well. For the loft of Dehon-Demonseau “Best Kittel” is one of the most gifted pigeons ever to have raced in Belgium. He won the title of 4th Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB as a yearling in 2016, showing a first hint of his enormous potential. Then he gave it everything he had in 2017 and outperformed the rest of Belgium to win the title of 1st National Ave Pigeon KBDB outright. Super sprint pigeons indeed, but Pieter also knows the exceptional qualities of those birds which excel in the most competitive one loft races in the world and this was his motivation to also buy his super breeding hen bred by Hans Paul Esser in 2015. As well as achieving fantastic national results in his home land of Germany, Hans Paul Esser pigeons have also won top positions against the best in the biggest one loft races, proving his birds can and will express their exceptional qualities under the management of other lofts.

The dam of the national winner

Pieter bred his first round of pigeons for the loft of Shaun McDonough so “Super Blue Best Kittel” was bred from his second round and with the covid lockdown period extending well into the summer, it gave him more time to spend with his pigeons as he was prevented from travelling to his PIPA office in Belgium on a regular basis. He purchased a few gold rings from the MNFC and knowing the qualities his parents would bestow upon him, one of them was placed upon the leg of “Super Blue Best Kittel” which proved to be a knowledgeable decision as he also wins 1st Section and 1st Open MNFC gold ring.

The two which were raced in the McDonough loft won respectively: GB21-Z57107; 1st Club Bath 111b, 2nd Club Blandford 121b, 33rd Fed Blandford 2,764b, 40th Fed Bath 2,072b and 5th Super Ace club Bath. GB21-Z57106; 1st Club West Bay 103b, 10th Worcester Fed West Bay 1,682b and 7th Super Ace Club form Bath. Another half-sister “Durkan Claddah” was entered into the prestigious Victoria Falls Millon Dollar Race and won 1st UK, 14th  Open Hotspot 5 competing against 1,913 birds 442km, 189th Open Hotspot 3 competing against 4,224b at 318km, 281st Open Hotspot 2 competing against 4,598b at 235km, 234th Open TR10 competing against 4,610b from 103km and 173rd Open TR14 competing against 1,943b at 45km.

Domonic Gruzelier from Houghton Conquest in the UK also had an outstanding YB season with Best Kittel stock birds purchased from Pieter and PIPA achieving 3 x 1st, 1x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 2 x 5th with seven of the 10 Best Kittel young birds remaining after the season.

Team Oberholster

“Super Blue Best Kittel” was placed on the darkness system quite late in the spring and only for 2-3 weeks, which was just enough to have the desired effect on his moult and following an extensive training program on both the north and south routes, he had raced south winning 2nd club from Stoney Cross against 207b before being allowed to run with the hens and he was building a nest as he was going to the Midlands National FC Weymouth young bird race, a perfect preparation by Pieter who had a nail biting few hours after verifying with him expecting faster velocities further up in the country with the wind conditions, but the quality of breeding, conditioning and motivation was sufficient to win and he did find it a lot easier to smile for the camera this time.

Sponsors are very important for our racing and on this occasion the Weymouth race was sponsored by Ropa Pigeon Products which was established in the Netherlands in 1995 and pioneered the use of essential oregano oil to improve animal health. Ropavet produces these successful feed supplements on a smaller scale for pigeons, birds, chickens, horses and dogs. Over the years they have acquired a solid experience in the production of veterinary feed additives, offering customers the best quality natural products. We give our thanks and appreciation for their valued support.