Pieter Goeree (Driewegen, NL) takes 1st National Barcelona with his Catalana

Last year, Pieter Goeree already made a remarkable debut in the queens' race from Barcelona and now with his second year of participation, he has won again, this time with a 1st National (4,842 p) and 4th International (16,897 p).
Pieter holding winner Catalana

On Friday the 8th of July at 8.00 a.m., the convoy of a total of 16,897 pigeons was released just northwest of the Catalan capital Barcelona. In France, the pigeons had to deal with extremely high temperatures and a weak headwind. In Belgium and the Netherlands the wind was more northwesterly and stronger, and later more westerly. All in all, we can speak of a heavy but fair race. The first Dutch Barcelona pigeon was clocked at 10.30 a.m., by Pieter Goeree from Driewegen in Zeeland. He clocked his two-year-old hen at a distance of 1102 km and she managed to reach a speed of 906 m.p.m.

Newcomer Pieter Goere

Pieter has only been active in the pigeon sport, based in his native village Driewegen, since 2019. He bought a house there and a beautiful pigeon loft was placed in his father's former orchard. This loft, taken over from Koen Minderhoud, is no less than 17 metres long and has all the necessary sections. Before his move, Pieter lived in Kruiningen and in 2018 he also took part in a number of ZLU races with only yearlings. However, due to the move to Driewegen, this long distance adventure was short-lived.

Pieter has a total of around 110 racing pigeons (70 old birds and 40 yearlings) that are all raced on a nest. In addition, about 100 youngsters from the 30 breeding couples are bred for his own use. These breeding pigeons, and the top pigeons from Barcelona, ​​such as Catalana and her nest sister are not housed in Pieter's lofts but are housed elsewhere. When he started in the extreme long distance, Pieter made a number of targeted purchases. In the autumn of 2017, for example, knocked on the door of Grandmaster Herman Brinkman (Tuk, NL). Here Pieter produced a number of (late) youngsters from his toppers. He was also very successful with pigeons from Barcelona specialist PWA van de Meulen (Sirjansland, NL). The first purchases of these came through Toppigeons, but in the meantime there is also a good, direct relationship. In addition, Pieter was also very successful with pigeons from Chris Paauwe (Kruiningen, NL) and Willem Mulderij (Vinkenbuurt, NL).

In 2020 Pieter competed with yearlings in Driewegen for the first time and he basketed 54 of them at Agen and of those, won 11 prizes. So a year later 31 of this team went to Barcelona with the following result:

Nat.Barcelona 1,102 km 4,838 p.: 73-134-189-233-317-409-420-441-449-etc (19/31)

Last year the yearlings went to Agen and Narbonne and again big groups were basketed. The winner of Barcelona 2022 was also there every time and flew the 735th Agen against 6804 pigeons and the 464th Narbonne against 8188 pigeons.

NL20-1544052 Catalana, 1st National Barcelona 4,842 pigeons

The 2-year-old hen, Catalana, is the glorious winner of National Barcelona 2022. With a total of 59 pigeons at this Barcelona, Pieter had, in addition to the 1st National, a fantastic result as you can see below:

Nat.Barcelona 1102 km 4,842 p.: 1-12-50-58-69-119-138-154-298-343-354-398-etc. (24/59)

The father of Catalana is from 2017 and comes directly from Herman Brinkman. The mother comes from Walter van de Meulen and was bred from parents who themselves performed well in the extreme long distance.

Barcelona is the only long distance race that has been raced this year and the yearlings are also only raced in the one day long distance. All perennial pigeons were raced from Barcelona and almost all couples left with youngsters of 3 to 6 days (including Catalana). The Barcelona pigeons reside in three departments that are connected to each other. There are 50 boxes in those departments, but 'Catalana' and her nest sister looked for another place. 'Catalana' had her nest on the ground, under a slanted plank. Her nest sister had sought it higher and started breeding in the sputnik. Pieter let the two birds have their own way because they really wanted to have those places to themselves. This nest sister won the 58th National in this Barcelona. In addition, Pieter also bred two children from Catalana's father in 2019. One child went on a voucher and the other, a hen, won the 134th National Barcelona in 2021, so 2 sisters won the 1st and 58th National Barcelona '22 and a half sister the 134th National Barcelona '21.

I want to think like a pigeon

We can rank Pieter among the fanatic fanciers in our sport, but rather, a fancier with a pigeon in his heart. He tries to practice the sport in an uncomplicated way. Observe a lot and act afterwards, for example, during training, education, etc ... because this can differ every year, he has said about this. "Thinking like a pigeon", "keeping sense and nonsense separate" and "basing things on own experience" are some of the guidelines he uses in the daily practice of the sport. As a self-employed person in the construction industry (specialised in the laying of mono-floors and cement finishing), he has a lot of work. Aside from that, he is also busy renovating his own home. Therefore, practising pigeon sport at a high level is not always easy. Pieter takes care of the pigeons by himself, with the occasional help from Tineke van der Ven (neighbour) who feeds the pigeons when he is not able to himself. Partly because of all this, there was only one flight this year that mattered..... Barcelona. In 2020, for the first time, a team of yearlings, including Catalana, was raced  at Agen and Narbonne, in 2021 Barcelona was raced for the first time with a series of 19 prize pigeons and now in 2022, in 3 years, a 1st National Barcelona ...... A dream come true.