Photo’s of the new lofts G&S Verkerk & comments Bas Verkerk

A few months ago we published the photos of the new “Pigeon Mansion" which was under full construction at the new address of Bas & Gerard Verkerk in Reeuwijk.

Now the lofts are as good as finished we deemed it wise to publish some more recent photo’s with commentary from Bas Verkerk .

Gerard & Bas Verkerk - In Reeuwijk a new “Pigeon Paradise” under construction! Click here

Overview in the corridor for the 5 widowers’ lofts (pigeons were still with a nest on the 20th of April )

An inside view of one of the compartments. The brooding boxes stand in a U shape. Despite the large accommodation they automatically build up a band with the pigeons and the pigeons sit "cosily". That’s why there are no conveyor belts here either .

As the lofts are identical, the pigeons are ushered inside per loft and here and there posters are hung for distinguishing reasons .

Ventilation comes through the slates, nock and the connection of the slates to the light boards. The security of this was ingeniously taken care of .

Blinds ensure darkness if necessary .

Sliding doors which ensure extra ventilation and also a wooden sheet for darkness .

The total accommodation offers room to 90 racing couples in total widowhood
(in the future 54 couples 60-700km and 36 couples >800km) and 45 breeding couples 

The pigeons come inside via the roof of the aviary. In combination with: 296: if there are late comers they can also get inside with the inside sliding door in front .

The roof. By 1 compartment the blinds are already hanging .

A large aviary for all the pigeons. The lockers also enjoy it. All the aviaries can be divided as wished .

View of the temporary loft from the aviary, from which super results were achieved in 2010. The 2010 pigeons first flew outside from the new loft on the 3rd of April. Not one pigeon entered the temporary loft.
A sign that they appreciate the new loft .

1 blind per compartment and individually adjustable .

Compartment for the breeding hens when they are separated from the cocks .

9 brooding boxes per compartment for the breeders. Two more lattices will be added to lock up the pigeon above and/or below .

By the breeders also a door with wind breaks gauze. At the bottom there is a walkthrough to the aviary measuring 70m2 (not present on the photo, as it has not yet been delivered) 

2 large catering sinks next to each other for the bigger cleaning work .

16 containers for 25kg food/grit, etc .

In the central area all the lamps can be regulated via a time switch. There are also individual switches per compartment .

The boxes for the youngsters. In the future 1 or 2 lofts from the 6 will be used for nest pigeons (grand distance) or feeding pigeons .

In total 3 compartments for the widow hens, which are split up.
Here no flying either through (too) big a loft .

In the partition there is a hatch for transferring hens
(e.g. by lesbian tendencies )

In every door there is a hatch in front of which a basket can be placed. Also ideal for hanging water on the basket for the youngsters .

Every loft has a removable gauze ceiling .

Ventilation comes through the slates, nock and the connection of the slates to the light boards. The security of this was ingeniously taken care of .

Any latecomers can also enter the loft with the inside sliding door in front .

The pigeons enter through these ports .

The various positions of the widowers’ boxes. Cosy and effective 

Per large aviary an outside tap for hosing down the loft and filing the baths .

The concrete floor slants slightly so that the water soon drains away in the gutter .

Every compartment has an extra entrance/exit in the roof of the aviary .