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Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) wins the zonal race from Bourges

A dream start of the national racing season, with victory in Zone A2 against 2,433 yearlings from Bourges. The Dobbelaere pigeons did not miss their start!

With both the old and yearling pigeons, Philippe Dobbelaere won the race at the local level, with 1. Bourges from 377 old birds (25. N.Zone 3,192 old birds) and 1-3-5 Bourges 320 yearlings... resulting in places 1-55-173 N.Zone from 2,433 YL and a 6. Nat Bourges against 18,785 yearlings. Being able to start the 2024 national race season with a top level win, who didn't dream of it... it was only for the few.

A zonal win with a descendant of the Super Jan bloodline

Philippe Dobbelaere's pigeons have been racing themselves into the national spotlight in recent years. With 1st National, 1st Zonal and 1st Provincial wins, in addition to 1st National Ace Pigeons KBDB and numerous other podium places and ace pigeons up to national level at the KBDB. Proving that he has a very strong strain of pigeons... besides the ‘skills’ and the craftsmanship of the man in charge. Above all, it is the Rocco dynasty that claims a big share in all these wins and titles. Names like Robby, Robin and especially Super Jan found international resonance, and meanwhile enjoy world fame as champion makers and suppliers of superior 1st prize winners at the highest level. The brand new winner 1st N.Zone Bourges - Janus - is another proof of this, as he too has the blood of this success line flowing through his veins. 

-Janus BE23-4038107

1. Nat.Zone Bourges I 2,433 YL ‘24 - 6. Nat Bourges 18,785 YL
2. Clermont 282 YL ‘24 - 3.Clermont 505 old p.
5. Clermont 603 p. ‘23 
61. Prov Orleans 9,231 p. ‘23 (July 22)
264. Prov Orleans 7,138 p. ‘23 (July 29)

Janus is a half-brother (same father) of Super Jan: 1. Nat Asduif Allround KBDB ‘21... who became the new stock breeder of the Philippe Dobbelaere loft, in a very short time.

Father: Jan BE19-4099341
Father of Super Jan: 1. Nat Ace Allround KBDB ‘21, 5. Nat Ace GHF KBDB ’21.
Jan himself became 14. Nat Ace Pigeon short middle distance KBDB ‘20 and is bred from the Geschelpte Jan BE18-4233151 (co-breeding of Philippe with Jan Pappens, with the Pursang: winner 1. Prov Orleans and fastest of 7,080 p. and sister Camillo: 1. Prov ace KHF young KBDB ‘17 with Philippe) x mother Jan BE18-4076045
Mother: Daughter Robby-Evita BE20-4128561
A full sister of ‘Moeder Super Jan’ and of ‘Father Wout’: 1. Prov Montoire 3,781 p....
She is a descendant of 2 breeding icons from the Philippe Dobbelaere colony with topbreeder Robby BE17-4197527: 7. Nat Ace Pigeon Fond KBDB 2019 (full brother of Rocco, Father Robin: 1. Nat Ace Pigeon Fond YL KBDB ‘19... and therefore a descendant of the mighty Rocco dynasty) x Evita BE13-4063110: 1. Best YL of Belgium Great HF over 5-6-7 Nat flights KBDB.

Video Janus

This Janus is a winner with a lot of superior winner and ace pigeon blood... a pigeon with a dream pedigree. Bred from just about the very best currently living in Philippe Dobbelaere's lofts.

The breeding gold of the Super Jan and Robby bloodlines

Nobody can ignore it anymore. With the breeding line of Super Jan (himself a grandson of Robby), Philippe Dobbelaere has clearly found a new source of gold. Because during this last weekend of May there was not only the zonal victory from Bourges by Janus, a half-brother of Super Jan... also on Chateaudun on which Philippe had basketed 12 yearlings, the 2 first pigeons that clocked in were direct children of Super Jan.

-BE23-4038127 (out of Super Jan)

s-Prov Chateaudun 2,020 p. ‘24 - 3. s-Prov 887 old - 2. Club 121 p. 
4. Toury G.Verbond 2,393 p. ‘24 - 2. Toury 1,121 YL

-BE23-4038027 (Super Jan x Marijke: mother 1. Prov Montoire with Bernard Lefebre)

4. Prov Orleans 9,231 p. ‘23 (after 3 loftmates)
s-Prov Chateaudun 2,020 p. ‘24 - 6. s-Prov 887 old - 3. Club 121 p. 
8. Clermont 603 p...

The overall loft performance from Chateaudun led to the following results:

Chateaudun local 121 p. 2-3-6-8-12-16-30-37 (8/12) 
    s-Prov 2,020 p.: 7-15-44-54-74-100-235-317 (8/12)

Chateaudun local 71 YL: 2-3-4-6-9-11-17-20... (9/12)
    s-Prov 1,204 YL: 6-12-26-34-48-62-131-179-393 (9/12) 


It is a clear sign that Philippe Dobbelaere's colony has certainly not missed the start of the short middle distance season, as 2 weeks earlier they also delivered exceptional results on the provincial Toury:

Toury local 537 p.: 2-3-7-8-11-18-20-24-29-36-39-54... (26/33)
Prov O-Vl 21,248 p.: 27-34-60-61-94-130-157-234-326-425-517... 
With 16 prizes per 10 and 26 out of 33

In recent years, Philippe Dobbelaere presented us with pigeon racing at top level, from the short middle distance to the national long distance. Despite the fact that Philippe decided - for physical reasons - that from 2024 he would only play cocks on widowhood (the hens are not played on widowhood for the time being)... this does not seem to affect the performance curve. Doing what you can handle, and attacking the competition with dominant pigeon play, remains the challenge. May already proved that Philippe is well on his way to succeed in this challenge again in 2024. The zonal victory from Bourges confirms this.

Proof that the pigeons are in top condition, allowing their natural talent to reach its full potential. And with Philippe Dobbelaere pigeons in top condition, you can always expect fireworks. Curious to see how they will surprise us in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for Olsene... for new stunt work!