Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) wins 1st Nat Zone A2 Bourges against 4.566 old birds

After four weeks of middle-distance, 5 x 1st prize. Repeated chain result victories and Bourges as the highlight, concluding an incredibly strong series in May.

The 1st prizes do not stop coming at the Nieuwlandstraat in Olsene where Philippe Dobbelaere lives. Since the start of the middle distance in May, the Philippe Dobbelaere pigeons brought the laurel home 5 times. Not just at the club level but at the grand competitions against thousands and more pigeons.

This week, after weeks of domination, does not only show that the condition at the lofts is excellent but also the incredible quality that lives inside those lofts. Though the latter is hardly a secret; Philippe has already won the 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Allround Young Birds KBDB 2021 (with Super Jan), the 3rd Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2021 with Albert as well as the 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance Yearlings KBDB 2019 (with Robin), and that is ignoring the national victories, the pile of 1st prizes, ace pigeon and successes at the national, zonal and provincial level. It could be said that this is the work of a national champion!

1st Nat Zone A2 Bourges 4.566 old birds

We did not have to wait long for the continuation of the success story of Philippe Dobbelaere. Week after week impressive victories

28-05-22 Bourges Nat Zone A2  - 4.566 Old Birds: 1-34-705-776-1118 (5/9)

28-05-22 Bourges  Nat Zone A2 – 2.996 YL:

51-56-59-71-83-140-151-194-243-307-354-359-408-425-512-608-742 (17/24)

The performances from the previous weeks to this zonal triumph speak volumes about the excellent shape the pigeons of Philippe Dobbelaere are currently in.

07-05-22  Fontenay  BC     1.153 YL                 

1-31-92-95-103-126-126-185-236-248-259 (12/16)

07-05-22  Fontenay  BC     2.457 Old Birds        

1-26-48-146-150-160-201-201-309-410-439-459-461-751-785 (15/23)

14-05-22 Orleans   BC        1.273 YL                 

4-8-18-19-30-46-47-64-87-95-96-167-201-239-366-367-387-410 (18/31)

14-05-22 Orleans BC         2.795 Old Birds        

1-5-7-12-20-33-33-36-37-54-77-79-116-165-183-184-262-349-421-467-508-569-739-836-839-888 (26/41)

28-05-22  Fontenay BC      929 YL:  1-39-61-120 (4/6)

28-05-22  Fontenay BC      1.552 Old Birds: 2-17-69-109-205 (5/8)

In the meantime, the young birds also made a lightning start, from the first race in which they participated from Clermont, with an overwhelming performance:

28-05-22 Clermont         230 Young Birds:

1-3-4-5-6-7-9-10-11-13-15-17-18-19-25-25-27-28-29-30-31-32-33… (42/73)

That looks promising!

Add to this another 10 x 1st prizes on a local level… then the total prize counter will already be at 15 x 1st prizes by the end of May 2022. Incredible!

Top hen Thiam: 1e N.Zone A2 Bourges 4.566 Old Birds, 1st Orleans 2.795 p.

A phenomenal class hen – the words are by no means an exaggeration – when we consider the achievements of the brand new zonal winner. Two weeks prior to her zonal victory, she also had her start in Orleans admired by all the participating pigeons in the grand competition (10 clubs) of Orleans. Philippe's hens were then basketed with a large youngster. When they returned home, they were put on widowhood. This hasn’t made any difference to Thiam, because now in her 2nd week of widowhood, she immediately takes the zonal victory from Bourges. Her impressive honours list:

-Thiam BE20-4126841

1. Nat Zone A2 Bourges - 4.566 Old Birds `22

1. Club Bourges 661 Old Birds - 9. Prov 7.663 p. - 70. Nat Bourges 33.410 Old Birds ‘22

1. Orleans Union 2.795 p. ’22 – 18. Prov 11.735 p. – 27. Intprov 21.087 p.

2. Sermaises 565 p. ’20

4. Prov Vierzon 885 p. ’21 – 1. Club Vierzon 34 p.

7. Nat Zone A2 Argenton 1.000 Old Birds ’21 – 113. Nat Argenton 9.851 p.

9. Prov La Souterraine  592 p. ’21 – 55. Nat 3.188 p.

45. Prov Blois-Montoire 3.196 p. ’20


Father: Gaby VDAB-cock BE17-2140512 (Herbots)

Superbreeder, inbred after 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Long-Distance KBDB: Super Romeo. Son of Trowon GVDAB BE15-3147811 (grandson of Super Romeo x Gloria, as well as Neptunus x Sister Tsunami, daughter Bliksem)  x Trowa GVDAB BE15-3147812 (nest sister of Trowon).

Mother: Sister Bella & Brit Brit BE13-4280921

Superbreeder, and next to Thiam also mother to, among others, the 12. Nat Ace Pigeon Smaller Middle Distance KBDB ‘17, 1e Fontenay , 1e Clermont, 3e Prov Orleans 6.380 p., etc… Daughter of Prins BE10-4073635 (full brother of golden stock pigeons Father Rocco, Cleo, the line of numerous 1st Prov. and 1st Nat winners and Ace Pigeons KBDB… from golden stock couple Father Cleo x Black Romulus) x stock hen Brigitte BE07-4022161 (2nd Olympic pigeon KBDB at Poznan etc..).

All in all a hen from the vein of success Philippe Dobbelaere.

Anyone who sets their eyes on the mighty series of top performances above, immediately knows that the competition will have a very formidable competitor in the form of the Philippe Dobbelaere pigeons in the coming weeks. The start of the middle distance season has already been spectacular. Now the pigeons have arrived at the chosen terrain of the great middle-distance and long-distance, this definitely leaves you longing for more. With Ph. Dobbelaere-pigeons performing as dominantly as they are, it's better to watch your back.