Philippe Dobbelaere (Olsene, BE) holds breeding gold in his hands with the Rocco dynasty

The golden Rocco line is the basis of 1st National victories, 1st Provincial and 1st National Ace pigeons KBDB from middle distance to long distance.

The Philippe Dobbelaere colony has stood as a perfect example of "top pigeon sport" in recent seasons. Seasoned with a 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB, 3 x 1st National victories, and a lot of other top prizes at the provincial and national level in the national races and rankings and Ace pigeon titles in the KBDB championships. The 2020 racing season ravaged by Covid-19 was no exception to this, in which the Philippe Dobbelaere pigeons won titles such as:

1. Prov Champion Small Middle Distance YL KBDB 2020
2. Nat Ace Pigeon Olympic Hope ‘Cat B’ Middle Distance KBDB 2020
3. Prov Ace Pigeon Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2020
4. Prov Champion Small Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB 2020

A leading role in all of this is reserved for the successful golden stock couple Father Cleo x Black Romulus, which is present in almost all racing and breeding toppers in the loft.

Golden ‘Dream pair’: Father Cleo x Black Romulus

Discovering a golden stock couple, or a dominant breeding pigeon, is almost always the basis for a very strong pigeon racing game. When the fancier understands the art of embedding this combination of top genes in his stock and making optimum use of it, he can lay the foundation for years of top pigeon racing. That's how it went with Philippe Dobbelaere, who has tapped into a true success story with the golden stock couple Father Cleo BE00-3155029 x Black Romulus BE05-4377735.

The term "golden stock couple" is really appropriate here. This pair is without a doubt one of the best breeding pairs ever in the world. Their descendants prove this in black and white. These top class pigeons flew a phenomenal and highly impressive honors list, winning:

-1e Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB 2019 (Robin)
-1e Nat Libourne 4.356 p. ’19 – fastest of 8.963 p. (Robin)
-1e Nat Chateauroux 17.984 p. ’14 (Two Time Brigitte)
-1e Nat Jarnac 3.904 p. ’16 (Greg)
-1e Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2019 (Gilliam)
-1e Best YL of Belgium – over 7 Nat. Races KBDB PIPA-Ranking (Evita)
-1e Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Youngsters KBDB 2017 (Camillo)
-2e World Best Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB-FCI 2019 (Gilliam)
-2e Nat Ace Pigeon Olympic Hope middle distance – Cat B of Belgium KBDB 2020 (Gilliam)


A breeding couple that can present such references among its direct descendants in a straight line is simply world class. Their immediate children have a lot of breeding talent. We can read the results of their inheritance on the results board. We list them for a moment, with their main descendants:

Father Rocco BE11-4264416

The founder of the very successful Rocco dynasty. Pigeons that easily win 1st prizes and achieve top results up to a national level… and on top of that possess the gift of dominantly inheriting their superior genes from their progeny. This Father Rocco is:

-father of super star Rocco BE16-4100307, 5. Nat Limoges 10.554 p… (performances: see photo)
-father of Robby BE17-4197527, the 7. Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2019
-father of Brother Rocco BE17-4197528… the father of wonder boy Robin BE18-4076071, winner:
1. Nat Ace Pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YL KBDB 2019, 1. Nat Libourne 4.356 p. (fastest of 8.963 p.), 5. Nat Limoges 10.789 p., 75. Nat Argenton 16.496 p…
-father of Rocky BE18-4076108: top racer with a prize list of 55. Nat Argenton 22.826 p., 70. Nat Souillac 6.668 p., 56. Prov Vierzon 7.838 p., 68. Nat Zone Chateauroux 6.645 p…

Keizer BE09-4107260

Keizer is the nest brother of base hen Cleo. Just like his nest sister, he is a fantastic breeding cock, and among other things:
-Grandfather of Father Gilliam BE14-4022230… father of the huge topper Gilliam BE18-4076038
-grandfather of Ivo BE14-4022308: 10. Nat Jarnac, 30. Nat Limoges...
-grandfather of Two Times Brigitte BE12-4218723, winner 1. Nat Chateauroux 17.984 p. in 2014
-grandfather of Father 1. Nat Jarnac BE12-4218820: in turn sire to Greg BE15-4158861, winner 1. Nat Jarnac 3.904 p. and 26. Nat Limoges 6.946 p. and of Jane BE19-4099242, winner 1. Sermaises 3.062 p. in 2020
-grandfather of Justine BE17-4197526: 32. Nat Argenton 19.859 p... and 6 x Top-100 on national, zone and/or provincial level
-grandfather of Daphne BE17-4197454: 12. Nat Ace Pigeon Small Middle Distance KBDB 2017
-grandfather of Walter BE17-4197461 (see photo below)

Cleo BE09-4107259

Herself 2. Intprov Ace Pigeon Brugse Championship 2009
-grandmother of Evita BE13-4063110,  1. Best YL of Belgium over 7 National races Great Middle Distance in 2014
Evita is in turn the mother of Camillo BE17-4197517, 1. Prov Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2017
-grandmother of Zonaalken BE13-4063109, winner 1. Nat Zone Issoudun 3.720 p.
Zonaalken is herself mother of Zorah BE15-4158915: 1. Bourges, 1. Argenton, 4. Nat Zone Bourges 6.466 p. – 11. Nat Bourges 23.155 p., 14. Nat Montluçon 10.753 p., 11. Nat Zone Argenton 975 p… (full results list see photo)… Zorah is herself the mother of super crack Gilliam BE18-4076038
Zonaalken is herself grandmother of Jane BE19-4099242, winner 1. Sermaises 3.062 p. in 2020 (photo 2020)


Breeding results Cleo BE09-4107259

Brother Cleo BE10-4073099

-father of Zorah BE15-4158915 (see photo for list of performances)
Zorah is in turn mother of current star racer Gilliam BE18-4076038: 1. Prov Ace Pigeon KBDB 2019, 2. World Best Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB-FCI 2019, 2. Nat Ace Pigeon Olympic Hope Middle Distance – Cat B of Belgium KBDB 2020

Prins BE10-4073635

-father of Britt BE14-4022201 (see photo for performances)
-father of Bella BE13-4063002, winner 1. Prov Bourges 1.062 p. etc...
-father of Nafi BE17-4197511: 8. Prov Vierzon 2.341 p., 31. Prov Orleans 5.307 p., 32. Prov Orleans 6.380 p...
-grandfather of Hoek BE17-4197510: 11. Nat Libourne 4.624 p., 51. Prov Blois 2.480 p… etc.

Checker Brother Cleo BE14-4022337

-father of Cato BE19-4099238: 2. Sermaises 1891 p., 5. Nat Argenton 23.260 p., 1. Club Orleans 679 p. and 1. Prov Orleans 6.154 p.

Brother Cleo BE11-4264416

-father of Roland BE15-4158883: 19. Nat Jarnac 3.904 p., 49. Nat La Souterraine 9.760 p... (performances see photo)

Winning 1st prizes in an easy way

Philippe Dobbelaere is firmly rooted in this powerful breeding line, and will bloom for years to come. With the children and descendants of his golden stock couple as producers of 1st National winners, 1st Provincial and National Ace pigeons KBDB and a lot of other prominent title wins. This, in addition to a mighty honors list with great performances. Philippe Dobbelaere built up his loft with real “artisans”, with superior 1st prize winners and phenomenal crack pigeons. Pigeons with which he turned into the "man to beat", up to the national level. An ideal combination of a top fancier with a loft of super pigeons, which together form the basis for gigantic success in the pigeon sport.