Philippe and Claude Dermience (Rochefort, BE) win the 1st semi-national Châteauroux of 6,245 olds

It’s not really a habit but this semi-national race from Châteauroux was won by a fancier who has maybe the worst geographic situation. With their superior pigeon called ‘L’éclair’, the Dermience father and son put themselves on the map of the Belgian pigeon sport.

Due to the fact that they were scheduled during a weekend on which no national heavy middle race was programmed, the semi-nationals from the center & east have always had a large amount of pigeons. These races were often successful to our fellow friends from the south of the country, if the wind gives them the possibility! This year, Châteauroux was the first race to be held.
The organizers of the 'Fond Club Wallonie' sent 14,339 pigeons there, so 3.000 pigeons less compared to the last edition. This is principally due to the fact that the race was directly programmed after the national of Châteauroux at the begining of June, on which the first pigeons flew around 1.100 m/min.
Released at 7AM, the crack of the Dermience was clocked at 11h42''10 over a distance of 451 kilometers, so an average speed of 1.601 m/min, more than 9m/min more from his closest opponent, the old of the combination Vanhove-Uytterhoeven from Putte at 1.592 m/min, followed by the 'Primo', the famous crack of Albert Derwa from Herent with a speed of 1.585 m/min, the top 5 was completed by Van Den Wijngaert & sons from Houtem (1.583 m/min) and Vervloesem & son from Rijmenam (1.581 m/min), who also won the two first place in the yearlings category. This victory is the triumph of a pigeon who flew 'alone against all'! The brand of the best!

The semi-national winners live in Rochefort, in the province of Namur. Let's face it, this city is mostly known for her trappist abbey and her ‘Trappiste de Rochefort’ (a strong Belgian beer) than for her pigeon friends. Her geographic situation (in the east and at the shortest point, close from the province of Luxembourg), her landscape (forest, rugged relief and predators) and therefore her number of pigeon fancier doesn’t make the practice of our sport so wonderful. We should congratulate our friends from there who hold on and who are entering their pigeons in a few national races, if not the whole program as is the case today, and this knowing that they've probably already lost from the beginning.

After having raced separately since 1989, the Dermience father & son decided to race together as a common front. The racing loft is situated in the garden of Claude, the father, and the breeding loft are in the house of Philippe, the son, who also lives in Rochefort. Due to the predators' attacks, Claude and Philippe are obliged to keep a large amount of pigeons, sometimes in the double. This year, there was 20 old widows, more than 30 yearlings, always raced single, and around 60 hens. Actually, these last ones were 33. Of course, there was a few lost but the predators don’t let this opportunity and they enjoyed as much meal as possible. More than a hundred of youngsters are ringed each year, also to prevail about the lack of numbers. The youngsters are only well trained on a few St Dizier or a few Troyes.
The Dermience colony is a true 'All-Round' colony, even if their geographic situation doesn't give them an advantage. Claude and Philippe are racing on all the flying line. For this, they bought a lot of different lines who has the same particularity: they are regularly producing winners. For the local origins, we find the Andrien from Sprimont, Yasse-Louis from Marche, Pierson-Bavay from Arlon, Guebs with the line of the 'Vison Pom', Guy Sanrée from Romsée, Jean Adnet from Dinant, Regnier from Presgaux, Michel Muller, Ramlot-Flamant from Vedrin. And, for the rest, the Wouters-Coremans, Toye from Otegem, Debiève JC from Hornu, Luc de Roeck from Manage, Poussart Olivier from Bourlers and finally, Emiel Denys from Tielt. Only terrific lines, with local strains adapted to the specificities of the area and selected from the famous 'Rhône line', completed by some 'renamed' strains. An ideal mix that allows Philippe to dispose of a maximum of quality housed in his loft, pigeons able to win head prizes from Troyes or from Marseille, pigeons that support the effort and who like to work. His selection is based on this sense: conditioning at the homecoming, feeling and of course results. A philosophy that allows him to be at the head of one of the best colony of the East of our country.

‘L’éclair’ (BE 09-8004657), Provincial Ace pigeon heavy middle distance 2010…1st semi-national Châteauroux 2011 !!

An exceptional pigeon who was crowned 1st Provincial Ace pigeon last year with:

Nevers 2/488, Auxerre 9/473, Moulins 11/354, Vierzon 1/181, 3/1.118 & 13/3.814 semi-nat, 
Montluçon 6/355 & 83/5.907 semi-nat.

His exploit on Châteauroux, 'L'éclair' was a close one too, but he doesn't realise it. In fact, at the begining of March, a period in which the pigeons are beginning to fly, he was stabbed and injured by a goshawk. Fortunately, he escaped from the attack but the aftermath was important: his tail was damaged, not to mention the trauma caused to this valiant who doesn't want to go outside anymore! 'L'éclair' was only raced during May. It's simple, before Châteauroux and his semi-national triumph, he was only raced twice! It can bluff anyone! What a class!

It's a trye crack pigeon who won that semi-national race. He ended up his career the best way possible.  Have a look to his pedigree :

Father: 'Jef 454/02', one of the best breeders of the colony, coming from a crossing Joseph Nibus x Theelen. He is the own nephew of the 1st national Perpignan '99 from the late Joseph Nibus.
Mother: '355/00' (ringed with an old ring), mother of the 104th international Marseille 10.333 p in '10, also 12th internationale hen and 3rd belgian.
Her father won the 1st interprovincial Bourges and her mother is an own sister of 'Libelle', 2nd national Libourne '09 (see later) and out of a crossing Wouters-Coremans x Guebs, with a sister of the 'Filou', 1st international Marseille '98 and coming out of the famous line of the 'Vison Pom' from Guebs, the best pigeons on the Rhône.

'Libelle', best yearling of Belgium in 2009.
Have a look :

Limoges interprovincial 5/303
Jarnac semi-national 10/4696, 3/905 Interprovincial & 2/438 Provincial
Montluçon semi-national 38/9370, 3/904 Interprovincial & 2/640 Provincial
Libourne national 2/8723, 1/595 Interprovincial & 1/297 Provincial 

Coincidence or not, one of her sisters became the grand-mother (on the mother side) of the 'L'éclair' !! Good blood doesn't lie.

After a 2nd national Libourne and a 10th semi-national Jarnac in '09 followed by a 5th semi-national Montluçon the following year, this semi-national victory is a logical thing. Next step, a national victory? We're crossing our fingers for you! Our congratulations!

Tops 100 of the colony over these last few years
2nd nat Libourne
10th semi-nat Jarnac
5th semi-nat Montluçon
12th interna Marseille femelle
7th semi-Nat.Magdebourg
17th nat.Bordeaux
22th Intern.Irun femelle
22th nat.limoges
10th Nat.bordeaux
32th semi-Nat.Chateauroux
51th semi-nat Magdebourg
51th semi-nat Jarnac
47th Nat La Souterainne
56th Nat.Irun femelles
56th nat Marseille
30th nat.Limoges
69th Nat.tulle
83th semi-nat Montluçon
88th Nat.Perpignan
24th Nat.Pau
98th Nat.La Souteraine
79th Int.pau
101th intern.Bordeaux
83th Nat.Bordeaux
96th Nat.Bordeaux
35th Nat.Jarnac
40th Nat.Jarnac
43th semi-nat Chateauroux
78th Nat.Marseille
79th semi-nat.Tulle
79th Nat.Perpignan