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Philip De Maeseneer (Denderwindeke, BE) wins 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB longer middle distance youngsters.

Last season Philip De Maeseneer achieved one of the most beautiful titles within the pigeon sport due to his wonder bird Finnman. This champion, mostly descended from the colony of Tom Van Gaver, was the best pigeon in the land on the massively popular nationals for youngsters.

The start of the success story

Philip started pigeon racing in 2009, predominantly on the sprint and shorter middle distance. Back then there was a series of successes thanks to pigeons purchased from Rene Sterckx from Begijnendijk. In 2011 the bar was raised by bringing in sixteen pigeons from the grandmaster from Dentergem: Gaby Vandenabeele. Additionally, in 2014 the decision was made to definitively choose for the great middle distance, partly due to reinforcements from Tom Van Gaver and Andre Roodhooft. These breeds are the red line throughout the colony, though the main share belongs to Tom Van Gaver's pigeons.

A successful racing system

The loft contains 24 widowers, 20 flying hens and 14 breeding couples, supplemented by 90 young pigeons. The widowers and hens play weekly on the longer middle distance with a few exceptions which play on the long distance. All of this according to the classic widowhood system. First, the youngsters are thoroughly trained and then fly 2 or 3 nationals. There is no illumination, however, the youngsters are darkened by the book; From the begin of March till the longest day of the year. During the basketting no partners are shown, this is also the case for the youngsters. The young couples are separated when the shorter middle distances races start. The feeding system during the racing season could be called extremely simple: A light mixture of food is given to the pigeons at the start of the sprint races. Once the middle-distance races start, they get a sporting mix supplied with peanuts, hempseed and peeled sunflower seeds. This last from homecoming till the next basketting.

Finnman : 1st National Ace Pigeon KDBD

Everyone knows that the national races for youngsters in Belgium have much more prestige both nationally and internationally. Then, to have the very best pigeon beneath the tiles after a tough season is the best proof of the present quality within the colony. Finnman (BE20-4075225) performed in a truly splendid manner during a season that was characterised by extreme heat and extraordinarily difficult flight conditions. His national title was more than deserved due to the following top achievements:

1st   Provincial Argenton 5.902 p.

4th   Provincial Chateauroux 3.525 p.

25th Provincial Bourges 6.538 p.

Besides that, this rare bird was the very fastest from Sermaise: 1st Provincial against more than 1.500 pigeons, and once again on a different occasion within the top five provincial against nearly 2.000 p. In short, this pigeon is one of a very rare breed.

Finnman : the 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB

The father of Finnman is "de 14" (BE12-4126914). This rascal is of the breed Vandenabeele, who also performed excellently during his racing career with awards from Tulle, Montlucon, Limoges,... The "14" has been on the breeding loft for 5 years now and has been passing on his genes wonderfully.

The mother of Finnman is Dochter Finn (BE17-4207290). She was bought on the advice of Tom during a total sale of PIPA at end of 2017. That this was a brilliant move of Philip should be clear. The breed Van Gaver pushed the level of the Maeseneer colony rapidly into the high heavens.

"De 14" father of the 1st national ace pigeon
Daughter Finn : mother of, amongst others, the 1st national ace pigeon

Daughter Magic Bart is another talent within the loft

It is not only Finnman and his parents that bring Philip joy and fame. Daughter Magic Bart (BE16-4246535) is also a pigeon of an extraordinary level. This price hen is responsible for producing a series of ace pigeons that know how to excel on the races that matter. Once again we are talking about a Tom Van Gaver pigeon who is making the dream come true for Philip de Maeseneer. Currently, she is already a mother and grandmother of a whole range of ace pigeons who consistently achieve feats that you would not believe.

Daughter Magic Bart : breeding mother of the highest order

The future looks promising

The journey to the top has clearly been set by Philip De Maeseneer and achieving the first national ace pigeon shall definitely not be the final chapter. The present quality in Denderwindeke, primarily the breed Van Gaver, will certainly achieve further exploits in the near future.

Regardless, PIPA wishes Philip many congratulations on achieving the 1st National ace pigeon KBDB grand middle distance young birds!