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The phenomenal “Aske” 06-3124707 from Rik Cools - Ruiselede (BE) won the 1st prov Bourges old birds in West-Flanders.

It was no surprise to anybody that grandmaster Rik Cools from Ruiselede achieved a provincial victory….because Cools has a great deal of good marchandise sitting in his racing and breeding lofts. A rich collection of Ace pigeons and provincial winners.


In the provincial doubles of the national Bourges his well-known “Aske” took the first prize against 595 opponents. What this pigeon has shaken out of his wings during his career is in the pigeon sport is of a particularly high standard. In 2007 he was, amongst other things, 1st provincial Ace pigeon KBDB W-Fl. in the category yearlings; This year (’09) he has already won the 1st Tours 119th and 4th prov. Tours 1495 pigeons.
1st prov. Bourges will now be added to his extensive honours list.


A short overview of his lineage!
Father: “Andy”: 3195008
Ace pigeon Long Distance yearlings
GF: “de Pol”: 3263296-08
Excellent breeding cock
GM: “the 008”: 3062008-97
Was 1st Acepigeon in ’98 and won amongst other things: 1st Limoges 551p , the 2nd Blois 426p, the 3rd Argenton 106p, etc…..
Mother: “Bonte”: 3056465-03
GF: “Father Bontje” 3290067/98
GM: “the 550/95”: 3185550/95

Rik entered 9 old birds for Bourges and achieved provincially against 595 old birds: 1 – 13 – 19 -24…..(6/9). He also basketted 60 youngsters and classified, amongst other things, against 3972 pigeons provincially as : 15-18-31-38-43-52-55-101-115-116-118-134….(44/60)

We congratulate the great champion from Ruiselede on his umpteenth provincial victory in a success story that has been going on for years.